Buying Cafe Furniture? – Here Are 3 Things You Really Need To Avoid

cafe furniturePicking out café furniture might seem like a relatively easy task. After all, you simply have to find something that fits in with you design, style or theme and buy it right? The reality is that it isn’t always that straight forward. Get your furniture choice wrong and you’ll have customers getting up to leave even before you’ve had the chance to serve them the best cup of coffee this side of the equator. With this in mind, here are 3 things you really need to avoid doing if you’re looking to keep customers firmly seated and happy.

Buying furniture that fails that practicality test

Let’s say you’ve found your ideal chair that not only stands out but would fit in perfectly with your design. Happy days right? Well not quite….The problem is that firstly it might look the part but it’s extremely uncomfortable to use. Secondly it might also be completely impractical. For instance a chair that’s relatively slim in stature isn’t going to make a larger person feel welcome. Likewise, you know how annoying those very high bar stools are to climb on to, especially without a foot rest. Well it’s going to be even more of a challenge for shorter people and might even put some people off. In essence it’s all about balancing style with practicality. Fail to do this and you’ll alienate half your potential customers before you’ve had a chance to sell them your great food.

Purchasing the wrong material for your climate

The composite you use should reflect the climate in your area. Aluminium chairs for example can appear pretty cold in the winter and in summer, leather chairs can leave you feeling clammy and uncomfortable. The material should also be durable. Spills and stains are an occupational hazard and even more so if you have a high customer turnover. What you really need are chairs and tables that are easily cleaned and can be protected from those annoying hot drink rings that are the curse of so many great looking but totally impractical tables.

Avoid bespoke/specialist furniture

I know it’s great to have a unique design for your café/bistro/restaurant but what about when that piece of furniture gets damaged and has to be replaced? Are you likely to find an exact match? If not your existing furniture could soon become shabby (and not in the chic way either) leaving you with an establishment that looks both unloved and uncared for. This is why it’s far better to opt for a design that balances both form and function and is easily replaced.

At Cafe Furniture Melbourne we offer a wide range of practical, yet stylish furniture that’s perfect for your establishment. From vibrant polypropylene to brushed steel, or laminated wood that looks just like the real thing, we have a multitude of composites, styles and designs to choose from. Come and pay us a visit at our Campbellfield showroom or alternatively visit our website at to see our full range. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

5 Top Tips For Buying Great Looking Cafe Furniture Online

cafe furnitureWhether you’re looking to design your café interior from start-up or simply decided that it was high time your establishment had a much needed make-over, then you might want to look online. Aside from the fact that you can browse a plethora of designs, styles and composites without ever leaving your chair, most online café furniture websites also allow you to narrow down your search by applying filters. This could be to do with colour, budget, materials or styles, all of which can help to find the type of furniture you’re after that much quicker. That said, there are some valuable tips that you should follow that will make your life easier, as well as giving you the exact furniture you want, at the right price. Let’s take a look!

Examine the photos carefully

Most online café furniture websites will have photos of their stock, many of which allow the browser to zoom in and out to take a closer look at them from all angles. This being the case, then it’s well worth making full use of this facility so that you have a pretty good idea of what it will look like in your café/restaurant or bistro.

Always read the descriptions

By reading through descriptions thoroughly rather than simply scanning through them, you’re less likely to miss important factors such as composition. Veneer or composite woods can look very much like solid wood, so you need to know exactly what you’re buying. In addition it might give you other important factors such as cleaning instructions and even best use ideas. All of which are very helpful when making sure you have the right furniture to suit your needs.

Double-check the measurements

There’s nothing worse than ordering a boat-load of café furniture only to find that it’s too big or small when it arrives. For this reason it really pays to check and re-check all measurements carefully.

Making sure you get the exact colour you want

In some cases online pictures might not be all that clear when it comes to exacting furniture colours. As such you could be ordering what you believe to be powder blue café furniture only for it to arrive looking distinctly like a darker shade of navy. It pays to check more than one website for colour matching as one picture might be completely different from another. If they match, then you can be reasonably certain that you’ve got the right colour. However if they don’t then it might be best to drop the website a line asking them to verify the colour before you make any commitment to buy.

Be price aware

Much of the café furniture you’ll see when you browse will also be on multiple sites and for this reason, any kind of price comparison is a breeze. In addition look out for special deals and other incentives such as VIP programs, free shipping and even price matches. A great tool to help in your quest to find the best price is Google picture search.

At Cafe Furniture Melbourne we offer a multitude of café and restaurant furniture in a wide range of styles, designs, colours and composites, all of which are at seriously competitive prices, so why not give us a call on (03) 9088 4163, or browse our website to see just what we can do for you.


3 Great Reasons Why You Should Enhance Your Cafe With A Replica Alternative

ribbon chair in blueIf you’ve got a love of all things designer and really want to create a wow factor by changing your seating then you just might need to be selling an awful lot of skinny lattes to pay for it. However if you find no shame in rocking the ‘knock-off’ look, then you really should consider replica alternatives. If you’re not entirely convinced then here are three great reasons that just might change your mind.

They look just as good as the real deal

It’s true they really do! If you purchase a good replica from a specialised café furniture company many of them are classed as ‘design inspired’. This means that they aren’t set out to be exact copies but what you will have is a unique chair that looks and feels expensive, and after all, ‘unique’ is what’s going to create that all important wow factor right! Take the Masters Chair for example. Originally designed by Phillipe Starck it combines the outlines of 3 different chairs, the Arne Jacobsen Series 7 Chair, Eero Saarinen’s fabulous Tulip Chair and Charles Eames’ Eiffel Chair and undoubtedly, it’s a chair that’s going to turn heads. Equally though, replica alternatives such as the Starck inspired Ribbon chair, or the Tolix inspired café chair are also just as impressive to look at.

More commercial friendly

Although the Phillipe Starck original is pretty spectacular it probably wouldn’t last very long in a bustling café with high levels of customer footfall. Conversely, many replica alternatives are designed specifically for commercial use. This means that most of them are robust, lightweight, water proof, weatherproof, UV proof and any other kind of protection that’s needed. In addition to this, many of them are designed to be stackable, meaning you can conveniently store them away when not in use.

They’re great value for money

Whilst it’s true you might be selling an awful lot of coffee to pay for a designer original, replica alternatives represent great value for money. Here’s an example. Let’s take the good old Master’s chair from Phillipe Starck! An original will set you back around $270 AUD, so if you multiplied that by 20 or 30 seats or more then it’s easy to see how costs soon stack up. Conversely a replica alternative Ribbon Chair will cost a little under $60.00. That’s under four times the price of the original! What’s more, if you buy from a café furniture specialist, then you can get all sorts of added discounts such as special VIP programs and free delivery to save even more.

At Cafe Furniture Melbourne we have a wide range of replica alternatives at fantastic prices, including Ribbon Chairs and Tolix Stools so why not check out our website at to see our varied selection. Alternatively come and pay us a visit in person at our show room in Preston, Victoria.

3 Top Tips To Help You Arrange Your Cafe Furniture To Suit Your Needs

Cafe furnitureSo you’ve got yourself a new café and can’t wait to get started. However before you do, there’s a few fundamentals that you need to get right, namely your café furniture. The problem is that there are so many styles, designs and sizes it’s enough to make your head spin. So how do you know what’s the best fit for your café and more importantly how should you arrange it when you decide? Let’s take a look.

Start with an idea

The first thing you need to do is to start with an idea. This could be a certain style type, a design idea or even a theme. This way you’ll have an idea of the type of furniture that best fits your plans. It may be a certain colour scheme or indeed an era (think retro!) but this way it’s far easier to narrow down your selections.

Really look at your space!

Now you have your theme, style, or design, you might want to take a close look at your space. The bottom line is that more tables means more customers and ultimately this equates to more money in your pocket! Therefore look to maximise as much of your space as possible. However you need to do it in such a way that your customers won’t feel uncomfortable and overcrowded. If for example you have awkward shaped alcoves then look at putting in bar stools and smaller round tables and create a cosy snug area. Likewise furniture closest to the door is more likely to get the most use so you might want to consider opting for something more durable. Finally, don’t forget your outside space! Even if you’ve only got a small pavement area, then there are a multitude of smaller bistro tables and chairs to choose from which will fit perfectly..

Consider purpose

How you arrange your room ultimately depends on what purpose you intend your café to be for. Okay, yes it’s going to be for eating and drinking but what about if you have a café in a great location with a fabulous view? It stands to reason that you’d want to take advantage of it. This being the case then you might prefer to set up two larger chairs with a coffee table in the centre. Conversely, if you’ve got a large open space with plenty of electrical outlets and lamps (all of which are conducive to working) then you might want to set up a larger rectangular table with multiple chairs.

At Cafe Furniture Melbourne we have a wide variety of café furniture to suit all tastes and budgets. Why not check out our website at or visit our showroom to see what we have to offer.

5 Bizarre Facts About Bentwood Chairs You Might Not Know

Bentwood chair No. 14The Bentwood chair is considered the classic amongst chairs and has stood the test of time since it was first produced back in 1859. It’s graced the premises of many a café from Beijing to Bengal and 150 years later it’s still as popular today as it was back then. To celebrate the popularity of this iconic piece of furniture we thought we’d have a bit of fun and offer up some bizarre facts about Bentwood chairs you might not know.

Fact 1
Over 80 million Bentwood chairs have been manufactured and sold (50 million prior to 1930) and famous people to have owned Bentwood chairs include Albert Einstein, Joseph Stalin, Pablo Picasso and the pint-sized French impressionist painter Henri de Talouse Lautrec. In fact in his painting ‘At the Moulin Rouge’ Lautrec featured not one but two Bentwood chairs.

Fact 2
Despite the fact that the later success of the Bentwood chair rested on their simple design which utilised no binding compound (glue) whatsoever, the inventor Michael Thonet (pronounced Tho-Ney) was so adamant that binding his chairs with glue was the way to go he decided to buy his very own glue factory in 1837 to in order to produce his own glue for his chairs. Needless to say in 1856 that all changed with the invention of the world’s first glueless chair (Chair no 1).

Fact 3
In 1889 the Thonet Company used the World Fair held in Paris to portray one of the earliest forms of shock advertising. They threw their chair No. 14 (known as the Quitay or Vienna chair) from the top of the newly built Eiffel Tower to demonstrate it’s strength. It may have smashed into tiny pieces below but it brought the attention of the chair to the world and surprisingly, sales went through the roof.

Fact 4
The first mass-produced chair ever was thought to be Thonet’s Chair No 14. It consisted of only six component pieces, plus a couple of nuts and screws (note the absence of glue!). It was designed to be pieced together by the purchaser and even came with simple instructions. It does make you wonder where a certain Swedish company got their inspiration from?

Fact 5
Even though over 80 million Bentwood chairs have been manufactured to date, no two are exactly the same. As the chairs are made from solid timber they are like like finger prints and no one piece of timber is the same. The next time you see two Bentwood chairs together, take a closer look at them and spot the difference.

If you love the style of the Bentwood chair but can’t quite stretch to the real thing then here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne we have a wide range of quality replica furniture from Tolix stools to Bentwood chairs and much more besides. Why not call in to our warehouse or alternatively check out our website to see what we have to offer.