A Quick But Comprehensive Guide To Booth Seating

booth seatingAs business owners, you’re probably already aware that the cafe floor/dining area is the main revenue producing element in your business. Therefore shouldn’t it be laid out with both efficiency and comfort in mind? One way to add both of these elements without it costing you the earth is through booth seating. It’ll save you considerable floor space meaning that you can offer more seating to more people therefore optimising your profit base. What’s not to like about that?

If you are considering booths however there’s a few important factors that you’ll need to know. Firstly there may be a lot of unfamiliar wording that you’ll need to get to grips with especially when it comes to the various types and sizes of booth seating and with terms like single, double split and deuce, it can become confusing. Let’s take a quick look.

Booths known as deuce booths are the smallest of the booths consisting of single seating in booth style where two people sit across the table facing each other. A single booth is used at each end of a row of booths and has just one back and one seat. Double booths are in effect two single booths built back to back. Finally split booths provide booth seating on one side of a table only so that the other side can be filled with chairs.

Secondly, each booth can come in a variety of different sizes and heights giving you lots of spacing possibilities.

A quick word about space planning…

It’s key to the whole concept. The good news is that even if you haven’t got the first clue about space planning there’s a multitude of information on the internet in good old plain jargon. In addition many sites also show some great examples of how it’s done. When it comes to it, it’s always best to draw out your plan visually, rather than simply keep it in your head. You might decide to use pen and paper, or if you’re a bit more technically minded, a desktop drawing program. If you’re still unsure you can always hire the services of a professional designer who will make sure that you’re fully optimising the space that you have and that it works for you.

Finally, once you’ve carried out all the ‘dirty work’ it’s time for the fun part…shopping! Try searching the internet looking for designs that fit in with the style you’re trying to create and then take your time finding the best price. Here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne we stock a wide range of quality commercial grade cafe furniture at great value-for-money prices, so if you’re looking for tables and chairs to compliment your booth seating then give us a call on 03 9357 9688 to see just what we have to offer.

5 Top Melbourne Cafe Trends You’d Be Foolish To Ignore

communal style cafe eatingThe City of Melbourne is regarded by many as the coffee capital of the world. In fact cafe culture is so ensconced here, you’d be a little foolish to ignore what was trending right now, especially if you were looking to either start a new venture or revamp your current one. With this in mind, here are 5 of the top Melbourne cafe trends that are bang on cue.

Keeping it simple

In a world where millions of other cafes are throwing everything into a venue to appeal to the widest customer demographic possible, many Melbourne cafes are going back to basics – paring it back if you like. Stylish marble tops and standing room only harp back to the days of the original Italian-style coffee houses, but it seems to be an up and coming theme that many Melburnians just love. Add to this a choice of just two or three types of top quality coffee and that’s all it takes to bring in the crowds.

Communal Tables

If there’s one thing that many Melbourne cafes have and that’s a real sense of community. What better way to add to this than with a selection of larger communal tables. If you’re looking to replicate the look then there are designers that make communal tables specifically for cafe use so it’s well worth trawling the internet for the best price. Complete the look with stylish vases, great looking flower arrangements and funky polypropylene chairs in bright colours.

Traceable coffee for discerning palates

It’s not just Melbourne cafe goers that are fanatical about their coffee. Coffee connoisseurs the world over understand that the best coffees are single origin and are worth paying that little bit more for. Whether it’s coffee from Honduras, Tanzania, or Ethiopia every type has its own distinctive flavour. However if you really want to impress, how about tying it down even further to identifiable estates within that country. That’s what the latest Melbourne coffee houses are doing. Just like wine, roasters are sourcing small batches of specific coffee types and are serving it up to their discerning customers who are more than happy to pay for a premium brand.

Coffee tasting sessions

Again carrying on with the wine theme and just like wine tasting, coffee houses at the forefront of the Melbourne cafe scene are offering their customers coffee tasting sessions. Here they can learn the subtleties and nuances of different coffee types. All of which is accompanied by a fully trained Barista to talk you through it.

One size fits all

There is a growing trend towards less of the larger types of milky coffee as the coffee purists state that, “the more milk, the less the flavour”. As a result some cutting edge establishments now only offer regular size coffee for maximum taste. Apparently, less milk and more coffee offers the best complexity of flavour. So if your coffee of choice is an extra large skinny latte then you might want to head to Starbucks instead.

If you’re about to open a Melbourne venue and are looking to set the standard then these 5 trends might just be key to your success. At Cafe Furniture Melbourne we pride ourselves on supplying a wide range of cafe furniture that mirrors what’s happening right now in the cafe capital of the world, so feel free to check out our website. Alternatively if you’re looking for a particular style, or simply need some help the contact us on 03 9357 9688 and talk to our friendly team.

What’s Trending In Cafe Furniture Right Now?

Parisian wicker look cafe chairAs cafe competition gets fierce it’s understandable that more and more cafe’s are looking to modernise their furniture. After all, it’s not just the great tasting coffee, but the latest contemporary look that can draw crowds into your venue. With this in mind, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at the type of cafe furniture that’s trending right now.

Wicker chairs

Wicker chairs offer a relaxed, earthy, colonial-style look which is bang on trend right now. Add some funky cushions and pair them with rich wooden tables and you have a cosy and inviting vibe that entices people to want to sit down.


There’s one look that’s head and shoulders above the rest and that’s the industrial feel. Nothing epitomises this more than sleek aluminium chairs and tables. That said, aluminium can also provide a sophisticated Mediterranean vibe when paired with light woods such as beech, pine or ash. Just imagine the sun glinting off contemporary aluminium furniture catching the eyes of passers by.


Yes that’s right, Plastic is making a come back! Except now it isn’t those horrible austere battleship-grey monstrosities we once associated with schools. Instead plastic (or polypropylene as it’s known) comes in many cool design patterns and funky colours. Lime green, deep purple, crimson red and sunburst yellow are found in chairs with great design features.


Although parquetry is as old as the hills it’s a classic choice that if done right is still as contemporary now as it has been for many years. From table tops to chairs, many companies who design commercial grade cafe furniture are embracing that parquetry look right now. Parquetry has the ability to add a certain quaintness and warmth to your cafe, restaurant, or bistro, yet if paired with iron and steel also makes for a great industrial look.

Tasteful retro

Finally, not so much of a type of furniture but an overall theme. Retro done tastefully is very much of the moment and as such is set to be one of the trends of the year. Try mixing some rich chocolate brown seating with darker wooden tables. Throw in accent colours of orange and sage green and hey presto…. back to the 70’s. Alternatively how about sleek aluminium chairs paired with red counter tops or tables in a nod to the 50’s Italian coffee bar.

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration for the type of furniture to choose in order to achieve that modern look but if you need any further advice or just want to know what’s out there, then why not speak to the professionals? At Cafe Furniture Melbourne we carry a wide range of stylish, commercial grade cafe furniture in stock at great prices. We invite you to check out our website at www.cafefurnituremelbourne.com/au or alternatively give us a call on 03 9357 9688 if you need further help.


How Purchasing Cafe Furniture Online Is the Savvy Way To Shop

shopping onlineWhen you’re in need of need of new cafe furniture you’ve got several choices open to you. Firstly you can get into your car, drive into town and visit the furniture showroom personally. The trouble is that showrooms only have a certain amount of floor space and more often than not, stock is limited. The other option is to purchase your cafe furniture by buying from a reputable company online.

It might seem a little strange purchasing furniture you haven’t seen, touched, or indeed sat on, however it may just be the savvy way to shop. Here’s why …

Greater choice

Most online furniture suppliers have a far larger selection of furniture than a traditional showroom would. It might be because they buy direct from the supplier who themselves have huge warehouses full of stock. Conversely it could be that they don’t hold any stock at all and instead use drop shipping techniques, meaning that they have the scope to advertise far more items.

Cheaper prices

A company that chooses to do its business online isn’t likely to have the overheads such as utility bills, premises rental, and staff costs that a bricks and mortar showroom has. As a result most online retailers can afford to reduce the prices of their furniture sometimes by as much as 50% and still make money. Not only this, some online retailers offer VIP programs to customers, so you get it even cheaper.

Time and convenience

Let’s just say your nearest physical showroom was down town. In order to get to it you’d probably have to fight your way through traffic to get there and even when you arrive at your destination you’ll need to find somewhere to park. But that’s not all, once inside, you’ll need to wait until a member of staff becomes available who can spend time helping you with your purchase. Conversely, let’s imagine that you’ve finished your day in your busy cafe and are now sat in the comfort of your own home. You open your laptop and start to browse. After a few minutes or so you find some furniture that you really like, you’ve read the reviews, and you settle on that particular design. You hit the buy button, present your credit card details and hey presto…job done. If you’re running a busy cafe then shopping online for your furniture allows you the freedom to do it when ever you want.

Here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne we give the customer the best of both worlds. Firstly as a customer you have all the benefits of purchasing online but in addition we have a fully stocked local warehouse where you can see, touch, and feel the furniture and in effect, try before you buy. Why not give us a call on 03 9357 9688 and let us help you pick the right the cafe furniture for you.