Exploring 3 Great Benefits Of Isotop Tables

isotop tablesThere are several considerations you need to think about when purchasing commercial-grade cafe furniture. Firstly you want it to be both rugged and durable. In other words, to withstand the rigours of a busy establishment. Secondly, there’s a strong chance that you’re going to be investing good money in new furniture, so at the very least you want it to last; and finally, you want to be able to choose from a wide range of furniture that fits in with your theme, style, or design. With this in mind, you really should consider Isotop tables. Here’s why!

The company have longevity

Isotop as a company have been manufacturing commercial grade tables and table tops for well over twenty years. As such they’ve established many customers throughout the world. They also have a good supply network of retailers too. What this means is that if you ever need a spare part or replacement you stand a much better chance of getting one, as opposed to a newer start-up company that might go out of business.

Table tops are strong, durable, and built to last

Isotop tables are made using an original process pioneered in Germany. Using multiple thin layers of composite material, they’re bound together using a fast-working resin. To aid the bonding process they’re hard-pressed and kiln-fired, culminating in a super strong table that won’t easily scratch or mark. In addition they’re designed to be heat-proof so hot dishes straight from the oven are no problem. Finally they’re UV treated and waterproof so they won’t fade, crack, warp, or rot when used either outdoors or inside.

Huge variety of styles and designs

Probably the best thing about Isotop tables and table tops is that they come in a wide variety of styles, designs, and table sizes. From marble look tables for that classic style, to stunning wood patterns for that contemporary Mediterranean feel. Or how about vibrant colours for that funky modern design? Isotop tables have something for everyone. What’s more they come in a wide variety of table sizes and designs, from small square tables-for-two, ideal for recesses and/or smaller spaces, through to large oval-shaped tables seating 8-10 people, perfect for weddings and banquets.

If after reading this you’re considering switching to Isotop, then visit our website at www.cafefurnituremelbourne.com.au. We’re a virtual store with a local bricks and mortar warehouse selling all types of commercial grade tables and chairs. This means that you can purchase with confidence. We have a wide range of Isotop tables and table tops in stock so we invite you to come along to our Campbellfield warehouse and take a a look. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website then contact us on 03 9357 9688. Our friendly and experienced team are only too glad to help.

Just How Versatile Is A Modern Wooden Barstool Anyhow?

In these days of contemporary design and unusual materials you’d be forgiven for thinking that the good old fashioned wooden bar stool is a little ‘old hat’ particularly when any new cafe restaurant or bar ideally wants to stand out from the crowd. However what you might not know is that a modern-day bar stool is not only a thing of beauty, but is also incredibly versatile too. For this reason it’s best not to discount it just yet. Let’s take a closer look at what the wooden bar stool can bring to a modern-day establishment.

Strength and durability

There’s a common misconception that wooden bar stools are far less hard-wearing than their metal or polypropylene cousins, however this couldn’t be further from the truth. Quality modern day bar stools are made from hard-wearing woods such as oak, maple, cherry, teak and mahogany and are designed specifically to withstand the tests of time.

Easily revamped

Another great aspect of a wooden bar stool is that if you’re going for a stylistic change in your venue and your existing wooden stools no longer suit then you could always paint them. Clearly this is something that you can’t do with a aluminium bar stool.

Fits in with many styles

From rustic through to modern classic, from boho chic through to fun and funky, wooden bar stools come in a variety of shapes and designs which make them an easy fit for a wide variety of styles. What’s more their non-fussy styling makes them the perfect hosts for adornments such as stylish cushions and coverings to take them to another level.

Some get better with age

When you purchase a quality wooden bar stool you’re purchasing a piece of furniture that looks rugged, sturdy and most importantly well built. What’s more over time some stools, particularly those made from cherry wood only improve with age as they develop a richer, darker sheen to them. This is in contrast to other types of stool in different materials that have a tendency to fade or loose their shine over the same period of time.

So there you have it, the true versatility of the wooden bar stool! Here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne, we like to combine the old and the new and as such have a wide variety of bar stools on offer, all at great value-for money prices. From ultra sleek modern stools through to classic varieties, come and see what we have to offer. Alternatively if you’re in the Campbellfield area of Melbourne and would like to pop into our showroom to view our items personally, then you can do so Monday to Friday or for a Saturday visit, call us on 0401 487 295 to arrange an appointment.

How To Add Colour Effectively To Your Cafe Space

adding colour to yiour cafe space using chairsThere’s nothing better than when creating a good first impression and one way to do this is through your cafe décor. After all it’s the first thing a new customer is going to see, so get it right and you’re on to a winner, but get it wrong and it could send them running for the hills, even before they’ve tasted your great coffee and delicious home made cakes.

Of course one way to create a good first impression is to say it with colour. That said, make it too garish and more often than not it’s just as bad as having a room full of hardly any colour all. So just how should you make the most effective use of colour to enhance your cafe space? Let’s take a closer look.

Be bold but apply it sparingly

There’s nothing wrong with vibrant splashes of colour especially when used sparingly, so why not create a feature wall to make a statement. In its simplest form it can be painted, or how about adorning it with colourful artwork or a large statement piece. Either way it’s likely to draw the diner’s eye to it and at the very least even if it isn’t their bag, should spark some kind of debate.


Aside from paint why not match differing colours through texture. For example, how about mixing rich chocolate brown seating with burnt orange or sage green cushions or scatter rugs to give a sophisticated 1970’s feel. Alternatively crisp white furniture with cool green planting in the form of pots and box hedging gives a great Mediterranean look that’s bang on trend.

Make your furniture the stand out pieces

Instead of adding your furniture and then thinking about adding art-work, textiles, etc why not make your furniture the colourful focal pint you need. Polypropylene chairs for example are a far cry from the battleship grey type that every child was forced to sit on when at school. Nowadays they come in a wide range of gloriously garish colours and designs. Try seating 4 or 6 chairs all with differing colours round a crisp white table. You’ll be amazed at the look that they produce.

Remember colour doesn’t just have to be about adding paint and by creating splashes of colour with your furniture, textile,s and a few selected fittings you can create a fabulous space that really does have that wow factor.

At Cafe Furniture Melbourne we supply a wealth of commercial grade cafe furniture many of which contain striking colours and designs. We invite you to browse our website to find out more. Alternatively if you’re after a particular colour or style and can’t find what you’re looking for, then our friendly and experienced team would love to help you source exactly what you need. Contact us today on 1800 657 327 and start the ball rolling towards a brighter, better cafe interior.

A Short But Interesting History Of The Adjustable Drafting Stool

You don’t have to look very hard to find modern takes on the original adjustable drafting stool. In fact their rugged design fits right in with the contemporary industrialised styling that seems to be flooding cafe’s, restaurants and bistro’s up and down the country right now. As such they’re incredibly popular. Surprisingly though this contemporary looking stool wasn’t designed to become an icon of the furniture world and instead, it had far more humble beginnings.

Uhl Cycle Emporium

Originally known as the Toledo Drafting Stool it was invented in 1905 by Clement Uhl who at the time was co-founder of the Toledo Metal Company. But just before this in 1898 the company started off life as Uhl Cycle Emporium where they designed and manufactured a wide range of bicycles. By 1904 bikes were on the decline as motorised transport began to take over. In order to supplement their declining work the company also started to experiment in designing and manufacturing rugged practical furniture for the industrial or commercial market. As the company began acquiring more and more orders for their bespoke furniture they decided to change their area of focus. As such in 1905 the Toledo Metal Company was born.

Icon of the machine age

That same year a large Ohio drafting company contacted them when they were in need of a fully adjustable but rugged stool that could be positioned and repositioned easily. Uhl set to work and a short while later he came up with the Toledo adjustable drafting stool. The stool proved to be such a big hit that within a brief period of time they could be found in schools, offices and telephone exchanges as well as large scale industrial factories.

Great replica models for sale

With a fully adjustable wooden seat and a pivoting base the heavy steel frame was designed to withstand some serious use and because of this you can still find many original stools around today. Although it’s fair to say that you might need to pay a large amount of money for a fully restored version. The good news is that if you’re looking for a Toledo Drafting stool to create a modern day industrial or rustic theme for your venue then you don’t have to try and hunt down an original. Instead there are some extremely good replica models on the market that function just as the original would have done. What’s more they’re a fraction of the price! Here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne for example we stock a fabulous looking Detroit adjustable stool with ash seating which not only looks the part, it’s built to last too.

Why not contact us on 03 9357 9688 to find out more.

Why Lighting Is Such An Important Aspect Of Your Cafe To Get Right

types of lightingNo matter what style or size your café or restaurant, one of the most important aspects of planning your décor is to get the lighting right. All too often lighting is regarded as an after thought whereas in terms of ambience and food, nothing sets or kills the mood faster than the style and placement of your lights.

Nowadays it’s easy to find a plethora of creative lighting solutions in all types of colours, materials, shapes, and sizes which can provide a warm and intimate environment or a touch of drama, depending on the mood you’re looking to create. Regardless of the type of atmosphere you’re trying to create there are a few key points to consider, so let’s take a look.

Top dark or too bright?

One of the main priorities when considering café or restaurant lighting is to make sure that your customers can see the food and drink that is placed on the table in front of them. If they’re having to fumble around in the dark, they’re not going to be impressed. Leave dimly lit corners for nightclubs.

On the other hand, if the lighting is to bright then it will make the environment appear harsh and won’t create a favourable setting in which to relax over a coffee or glass of wine. Since lighting plays an important role in how your customers perceive your décor and colour scheme, then why not invest in some dimmer switches so you can adjust your lighting at different times of the day.

Use your lighting to help customer flow

Lighting can be used to direct your customers to where they need to be and to help with the flow of their movements. For example, if you operate a buffet where customers help themselves, then the buffet area needs to be well lit so they can see where to go. Similarly lighting can be used to highlight where the toilets are located. Additionally, some cafes and restaurants use lighting strategically placed to highlight special offers of the day, or to show off their finest wines. In this way lighting can be used to influence the purchasing behaviour of your customers.

Don’t commit to just one style of lighting

Cafes and restaurants face a lot of competition so as well as updating their menus on a regular basis they also need to refresh their interior design occasionally to give it an exciting new look. Because of this it’s wise not to install lighting which may restrict you changing your interior. Instead consider LED lights which are very flexible and don’t produce a light which is too intense. These also come in a range of colours which can give you even more control of the ambience of your café, and since they’re energy efficient, will keep your costs down too.

Don’t forget outside

Making good use of your exterior lighting is as important as getting it right inside. Well placed exterior lighting can entice customers to come inside as well as showing them that you’re open for business. It also provides security to the business and prevents anyone from tripping in the dark. Think about your customer demographic and choose lighting accordingly. For example younger customers will be lured by modern designs or low levels of lighting which suggest chic or fashionable. Older clientele will be more inclined to enter if your lighting is more on the traditional side.

To match your lighting Cafe Furniture Melbourne offers a wide range of commercial furniture in a plethora of modern and traditional styles. So why not browse our online store or contact us direct on (03) 9088 4163. Or if you happen to be passing Campbellfield, Victoria then why not call into our warehouse and see our products for yourself.