2 Great Reasons To Choose Tolix Stools and Chairs

You might be under the impression that Tolix stools or chairs are a little antiquated especially if you’re looking for cafe furniture that fits in with a modern, contemporary theme. You might even choose to ignore them completely in favour of something more cutting edge. However, despite the fact that Tolix bar stools and chairs have been around since the 1930’s, you may be surprised to learn that they’re still very much as popular today as they were when they were first brought to the market over 80 years ago. If you’re still not convinced, then here are 2 other reasons why you really shouldn’t discount Tolix furniture for your venue.

They’re built to last

Okay, okay, so you hear this phrase all the time but trust me – when it comes to commercial grade cafe furniture Tolix stools and chairs really do stand in a class of their own. Xavier Pauchard the designer of the original Tolix chair originally owned a galvanised metal factory and he started life manufacturing hard wearing steel products. In 1934 he turned his attention to furniture and in that same year the world’s first all-weather chair was born. To this day that very same chair is being made and still contains drain holes in the seat for the rain to escape from. Altogether the Tolix stool is made from galvanised, factory-welded steel and is completely weatherproof, scratch resistant and heat proof. They’re strong and sturdy and yes you’ve guessed it – built to last.

They’re fabulously versatile

You’ve only got to look at a Tolix bar stool or chair to know just how contemporary they still are. That whole industrialised stainless steel ethos fits right in with the same cutting edge theme seen in many bars and café’s around the world. Place a couple of galvanised steel Tolix chairs underneath a copper coloured table complete with surrounding exposed brickwork and pipes and you’ve instantly re-created the industrial look in a nutshell.

Okay, so industrial is good but what if you want to go modern-funky or even rustic? Why not try funking up a Tolix chair with some brightly coloured cushions, or purchasing a variety of them in varying shades of brightness (yes they come in a rainbow of differing colours). Then pair them up for a cacophony of brightness that would make even a Jackson Pollock painting seem dull by comparison.

Finally, if it’s rusticity you’re after then it doesn’t come more rustic than a copper coloured Tolix stool sat behind a dark wooden bar. Rustic, funky, or just plain raw-industrial, the Tolix chair is about as versatile as a piece of commercial furniture can be.

So there you have it. Now you know just how good the Tolix stool can be you’ll probably never look at one in the same way again.

Here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne we supply high quality replica Tolix furniture at great value-for-money prices, Why not check out our website at www.cafefurnituremelbourne.com.au or contact us on 03 9357 9688 today. Trust us when we say that you’ll be glad that you did!

Purchasing Cafe Tables? Here Are Three Factors You Really Should Consider

Cafe tables probably aren’t the first thing you consider when opening a new cafe venue however they’re an important aspect of your whole ambience, so you need to make sure that you get it right. Let’s face it, they provide a place where your customers can enjoy the food and drink you have on offer so the tables you choose have the ability to leave a good (or bad) lasting impression. In order to help you make a wise decision here are three factors you really need to consider.

Size and shape

Tables come in all shapes and sizes which is good news for you because you should be looking to get the most out of your inside/outside space in terms of profitability. This means utilising different table sizes to fit into recesses, larger areas, and outside spaces such as pavement areas. Small round tables for instance provide an intimate cosy feel which are ideal for slotting into small nooks and crannies where are larger table wouldn’t go. Alternatively if you decide on booth seating to maximise your customer capacity then you’re going to need a larger table to match. For more expansive outside terrace areas you might decide to opt for square tables that seat three or four people, or how about large oval tables or long rectangular function tables for weddings. In order to get it right it’s always best to draw the area on a piece of paper first and then play around with it until you get the right combination of space to move around, and sufficient seating to maximise your profitability.

What’s your material of choice?

Commercial grade cafe tables come in a wide variety of materials ranging from the downright expensive including solid wood and marble, through to the cheaper end of the scale including pressed composite and polypropylene. If you prefer something contemporary then lightweight aluminium just might do the trick. Whatever you decide, think about the pros and the cons. Solid wood or marble for example may look opulent, but aside from being incredibly pricey, you wouldn’t want to be moving them around because they’d weight a ton. Alternatively pressed wood laminates are cheaper and lighter than real solid oak or pine and come in a wide variety of shades and tones. However if authenticity is important to you, then you’ll know that they aren’t the real thing. Take a look through some websites and examine all the pros and cons of each type carefully before you decide.

Style or theme

If you’ve got a particular style or theme in mind then you’ll want a table that matches in perfectly with this. For example if it’s modern Mediterranean or industrial styling then an aluminium chrome table might be the right choice. If it’s a more rustic theme that you’re after then you might want to go for wood or wood laminate. If it’s modern funky, then there’s nothing wrong with a bit of polypropylene. Whatever your needs choose a style first and then match your tables to it.

At Cafe Furniture Melbourne we have a wide range of commercial grade cafe furniture in stock all at great value-for-money prices, so feel free to check out our website at www.cafefurnituremelbourne.com.au. Alternatively if you’re stuck for inspiration, don’t hesitate to contact us on 03 9357 9688 and speak to our friendly, experienced team for advice.

Bring Out Your Wacky Side With Our Stunning Premium Cafe Chairs

If your café’s looking a little ‘same old, same old‘ and needs a real kick up the back side then what better way to do it than with a kaleidoscope of colour. If it’s colour you’re after then you need to look at our range of premium cafe chairs. At just $59.40 each they’re a cost effective way to totally transform your venue into a whole new world of colour.

Bursting with vibrant shades of lemon crush, candy pink, electric blue, pillar-box red and many more besides, premium cafe chairs are a fantastic way of turning dull and boring into wow! Just imagine varying colours of these chairs set against a minimalist white background. Alternatively why not consider one great accent colour to add depth and flair to your design, or how about setting them against rows of white laminate tables on a large patio area to catch the heads of passers-by? Whatever you decide these chairs really will turn heads.

They’re functional too

The premier chair isn’t just designed to look great, they’re made with functionality in mind too. Fashioned from moulded PVA plastic they’re comfortable to sit on as the back and arms are well supported, but in addition they’ve been weather proofed and UV treated. This means that the premier chair is perfect for outdoor use withstanding even the harshest of weather without fading, warping, or cracking. In addition, because they’re moulded there’s no rough edges or seams to catch customer’s clothing on, just a perfectly smooth, comfortable seat. Being made from PVA, they’re also light so they can be moved around easily to suit the needs of your business and what’s more, they’re designed to be stacked (up to 10 high) so storage space shouldn’t be an issue. Finally any sticky marks or spills can easily and quickly be wiped away using a damp cloth.

Whether you’re after a soft feminine design, a warming Mediterranean feel, a 70’s retro style, or a funky vibe, the premier chair is the perfect accompaniment to fit in with that style. In fact with so many possibilities, the only limits are your imagination.

If you’re looking to get inspired and want to find out more about these stunning premier chairs then check out our website at www.cafefurnituremelbourne.com.au. If there’s a particular colour or style you’re after or are simply stuck for ideas then speak to our experienced team on 03 9357 9688 who can help. Alternatively if you’re in the Campbellfield area and would like to see them first hand, then come on down to our warehouse between Monday and Friday 9am -5pm.

Want Your Coffee Shop To Succeed? Here Are 3 Essential Tips

succeeding in businessThere’s no doubting that coffee shops are in the ascendancy right now and with a 7% increase in new venues opening year upon year across Australia, there’s certainly a demand. That said, before you go and rush out to secure your prime location it’s worth knowing that for every coffee shop that opens its doors, two close. In order to avoid being part of the statistic, here are three essential tips that you really should follow.

Aside from the obvious factors like managing cash flow, paying taxes, serving quality coffee and hiring great people, we’re going to talk about the stuff that nobody tells you. The stuff that makes a difference between running a ‘so-so’ cafe and running a great one. So without further ado, let’s kick it off…

Don’t get too sucked in by trends

The cafe industry is awash with latest trends. From newfangled grinding and roasting techniques to designer ‘must have’ cafe furniture. If you’ve got deep pockets then by all means purchase the latest $15,000 brewing machines or the latest bespoke cafe furniture. In fact if you want to make a statement then it’s a great way to do so.

The trouble is that many of these fads and trends are being fuelled by people who have a business interest in doing so and are not always necessarily what your customers want. Sure you can advertise ‘Coffee like you’ve never tasted before‘ but you have to ask yourself ‘does it really make it more delicious?’ The thing is that you do need to stand out from the competition, but not at the expense of alienating your clientele and that’s what many of these trends often do. Our advice therefore would be to be mindful of trends but don’t get too suckered in by them.

Be that knowledgeable coffee guy (or girl)

As the owner of your venue you really need to be the head barista. By truly understanding what makes a great cup of coffee you can set the standards and because of this you can drive the business forwards. Sure you can hire a top barista, but if you’re not up to scratch on knowing what makes the holy grail of coffee and instead rely heavily on someone else, how do you know if it’s right or wrong for your customers? It’s raw talent and hard work that delivers good results and inevitably that has to stem from you.

Building a ‘taking care of people’ culture

Let’s face it, presenting someone with food and drink that we’ve produced is one of the most intimate and caring of human interactions that we possess. If you truly care about your customers then you should strive to make the best coffee you can make. If you really want to make the best coffee, then you have to know what you’re doing and this involves continual evolution in your skills as a top barista. When you realise that for your customers, a cup of coffee is a savouring taste experience, one that becomes a daily ritual, one that fuels their day, and one that they hanker after, then that’s a big responsibility, If you can look at it like this, then you’ll have a thriving business that you’ll be proud of.

At Cafe Furniture Melbourne, as well as handing out sound business advice we also offer some great deals on commercial grade cafe furniture. Check out out website at www.cafefunrituremelbourne.com.au to see our amazing deals. Alternatively if you can’t find just what you’re looking for then contact us directly on (03) 9088 4163 and talk to our experienced team. We’re only too glad to assist.

5 Amazing Facts About Ladder Back Chairs You Can Use To Impress Your Friends

Wooden Chair Ladder Back
Ladder Back

We’ve all seen them and chances are that we’ve all sat on them, but like them or not, ladder back chairs are having somewhat of a renaissance of late. They maybe under-rated as a stylish piece of furniture design, but the cold hard fact is that cafe’s, restaurants, and bistros across the world simply can’t get enough of them. For this reason we thought we’d ‘big up’ this humble wooden chair and give you 5 (nearly) amazing facts about Ladder back chairs you can use to impress your friends.

Fact 1 – Ladder-back chairs are as old as civilisation itself!

Well, not quite, but you can see where I’m coming from. Ladder-back chairs are believed to be the oldest wooden chair still in production today. Some reports say that Ladder-backs were first being sat on by 12th century royalty. Everyone else had to make do with sitting on the floor presumably! By the 16th century the English diarist Samuel Pepys and Queen Elizabeth the first each had their favourite comfortable ladder-backs. In the 18th century as the UK began to expand it’s empire, ladder-backs began to be exported globally to India, America, and beyond.

Fact 2 – It’s got a twin!

Yes it’s true the ladder-back has an alias. Also known as the Slat-back chair and when you see one you can easily see why. The back is made up of 4-6 pieces of wood (slats) contained within a frame. Hence the alternate name. That said, die hard fans of the chair will always refer to it as a ladder-back

Fact 3 – It costs a small fortune to buy one

Again not quite, in fact you can pick up a modern ladder-back chair for well under $100. However old versions in top condition are some of the most expensive chairs to ever sell at auction. For instance, a fairly utilitarian example made by the designer Charles Remie Mackintosh in around 1920, sold for £24,000 at auction in the UK. If you think that’s an eye-watering amount of money for a basic wooden chair then how about this…A much older ladder-back chair believed to be made in Pennsylvania in 1790 recently sold for just shy of $50,000 USD.

Fact 4 – Millions of them were produced

In their heyday around the turn of the 20th century millions of them were produced. Advancements in technology meant that they were quick and easy to make and used fewer component parts. That said earlier versions were made using thicker struts making them more durable, this is why some of the finest examples of older chairs have stood the test of time.

Fact 5 – Nothings’ changed

Funnily enough over the last 100 years or so we’ve seen the most amazing technology, manned flight, space rockets, the internet, yet the ladder-back chairs still in production today are produced in exactly the same way as they were many years before. That’s a testament to the original design and build quality of those early chair-making pioneers.

If you’re loving the ladder-back revolution and are looking to acquire some for your cafe, restaurant or bistro en look no further than Cafe Furniture Melbourne. We sell a wide variety of commercial grade cafe furniture including Ladder-back chairs all at great value-for-money prices. Give us a call on 03 9357 9688 today to find out more.