Cafe Furniture Plays A Key Role In Setting The Ambience For Your Cafe

ca-bl-tableIf you tend to frequent the same few cafes in Melbourne then chances are that it’s because of the warm welcome that you get and the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention they also do a great latte and an extra tasty savoury croissant.

However good as the vibe is, one important factor that also helped to create the ambience is the café furniture. Great looking café furniture plays an important role in creating the sort of ambience that makes you want to share the experience with friends by posting pictures of yourself at said café all over Facebook or posting a picture on Instagram of the delicious chocolate croissants that they’ve just started serving.

Would you sit on that chair?

When choosing café furniture it’s a good idea to place yourself in the customer’s shoes and take a long hard look at your furniture. Does it fit in with your theme or match the image that you’re trying to portray? Is it suitable for the age and type of clientele that you mostly serve? Imagine if you were to walk into your café and order a drink and a bite to eat would you really want to sit on that particular chair and eat at that table? Customers want to feel comfortable and you’ll be surprised at how customers can turn into regulars once they know that your furniture is attractive, well built and above all comfortable.

Invest wisely

Why are we ranting on so much about café furniture? Well it’s because we want to be sure that you invest your money wisely when buying café furniture. There’s no point in purchasing furniture which you might use in your home because unless it’s commercial furniture then it just won’t stand up to frequent use on a daily basis and you’ll find yourself needing to replace it within the first six months or be facing a lawsuit from a customer who hurt themselves when the chair they sat on collapsed beneath them.

Comfort is key

The second reason is because cafes are the place where friends gather to enjoy a drink together and catch up on their news and it’s also a place where many freelancers sit all day gathering inspiration from their surroundings. If these people are to linger for a while ordering another drink or perhaps some food, then it’s important that the furniture is comfortable, fits in with your theme, and enhances your customer’s experience.

Whether you’re just starting out in Melbourne with a new café or you’ve been around for a while, Cafe Furniture Melbourne has a wide range of commercial tables, chairs, and stools to suit all budgets and tastes. What’s more many of these products are AFRDI tested to they’re guaranteed to perform well even in the busiest of cafes. Whether your preference is modern and contemporary, industrial, sophisticated or retro, we offer comfortable furniture at prices you can afford. Why browse our online store or call into our Campbellfield warehouse to see our products up close. If you need any further information then please give us a call on (03) 9088 4163 and we’ll do all we can to assist you.

Embracing Orange – It Really Is The New Black!

orange Tolix chairFor many cafe owners they mightn’t think of orange as a colour they’d immediately go for when it comes to cafe furniture but according to a team of colour experts, orange is most definitely in. In fact some even went so far as to say that it’s the new black. So why is this? Let’s take a closer look.

It’s a seriously versatile colour

The bottom line is that black or white cafe furniture isn’t likely to offend anyone or their grandmother. It’s classic, it’s understated and it works! However Orange….well that’s a different story right? Well… not exactly. If you think about it orange cafe furniture is about as versatile as it gets. How about putting it with hues of yellow and gold for an uplifting enlightening cafe space. Alternatively why not mix and match it with shocking pinks and lime greens to give you a cohesive vibrant contemporary space. Finally you could even go retro by mixing orange furniture with dark wood tables for that 70’s look, or how about understated but classic by incorporating elements of black into the design. In fact whatever your style or design ideas there’s a place in there somewhere for orange furniture.

It’s a happy colour

Okay so it might be a little difficult to imagine that colour can impact on your emotions but in a recent survey of 100 cafe goers of all ages, when asked “What the best colour was in a cafe that could lift a mood?” the answer was orange. Make of that what you will but orange has the ability to create an upbeat appealing area of any restaurant space. It’s a fun-loving colour and what’s more, if this survey is anything to go by, customers love it.

It’s an eye catching colour?

Just imagine a large outside terrace on a hot sunny day filled with rows of bright orange seating set against jet black tables? Throw in some greenery in the form of box hedging and you’ve got an elegant but fun space that’s sure to turn the heads of passers-by. It really is one sure fire way to attract new customers to your venue and providing the seating and the food is up to scratch,it’s also one which they’ll be likely to repeat.

At Cafe Furniture Melbourne we’re embracing the new black by offering 10% of all stocks of orange chairs. This means that you can grab yourself a bargain in the process. For further information check out our website at or contact us directly on 03 9357 9688. We look forward to hearing from you.

Create A Great Atmosphere For Your Restaurant Using 3 Top Tips

restaurant ambienceHow many restaurants do you know that serve fabulous food but their décor or all round atmosphere leaves you feeling a little flat? You might even be a restaurant owner who faces this exact predicament, so what do you do? Here are 3 top tips to create a great atmosphere to match the food.

Define your concept

A confusing restaurant concept just might be enough to put diners off from coming back again. Whereby one with a clear concise story to tell is sure to make the the overall experience all that more memorable for the customer. For example if you’re championing local produce then why not put up past and present pictures of your area and build up a history in pictures. Alternatively if your passion is serving great rustic French food then you might want to make your interior typically French with Tolix chairs and chequered table cloths. Whatever your concept make sure your customers understand what you’re about.

Shed a little light

This is a tricky one to get right. Too much light and it ruins the ambience and mood but too dark and you can’t see what it is you’re eating. Okay so maybe in some restaurants that’s not a bad idea but on the whole the right amount of spotlighting and up-lighting is key. If you’re stuck for inspiration, then there are are a multitude of design websites that are dedicated to lighting so spend some time understanding what it is you need.

30 Minute seating

In the old days some restaurant furniture used to be known as 30 minute seating. This is because customers could just about sit on the hard surfaces for 30 minutes before they became completely numb. This was ideal for busy restaurants looking to turn tables quickly. Nowadays however a greater range of styles means that more focus is being placed on the right comfortable furniture. In these days of social media and restaurant reviews, you really don’t want to be known as the eatery with the rock-hard seating – so don’t be swayed by price or style alone. Instead it pays to try before you buy. Remember if it’s comfortable for you, then chances are it’s going to be comfortable for your customers too.

At Cafe Furniture Melbourne we stock a wide range of cafe furniture to help you create the right atmosphere you need. Check us out at or alternatively, give us a call on 03 9357 9688 and speak to our friendly staff who can help you find the right cafe furniture for your needs. Of course if you’re in the Campbellfield area, you can always pop into our showroom where you can see and try out the furniture first hand before you part with your hard earned cash. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you.

4 factors That Define The Industrial Style

blog01If the word ‘industrial’ brings to mind a picture of large scale factories with machinery, pipework, brick walls, and wood flooring all of which are on display, then you’re pretty close to understanding the essence of industrial décor. As the industrialised theme is huge in cafe, restaurant, and bistro circles right now, we thought that it would be a good idea to define 4 major factors that epitomise the industrial style. So here goes….

50 shades of grey

Industrial spaces can feel pretty cold and this is why interior designers use grey and lots of it! Grey comes in a wide range of subtle hues and is perfect for setting off exposed brickwork, stainless steel pipework, and wooden or granite flooring. However don’t be afraid to add minute splashes of colour in the form of table top vases, cushions, and picture frames to give a real element of warmth.

Naked construction

For years we’ve been trying to hide our pipe work, ducting, and ceiling beams but if you really want your cafe to embrace that industrial style then it needs to be fully exposed. A bare brick wall, a naked stainless steel beam, or an unclad ducting pipe is all part of the appeal, so strip it all back and enjoy the final look.

Think raw, think old

There’s something particularly appealing about furniture and old objects that are a little rough around the edges – well, at least to lovers of industrialism anyway. There’s no room for chintz or indeed anything too perfect either, so try looking for objects that are in their raw state. Part of the appeal of the Tolix stool or chair is because it looks a little rough around the edges. Anything with a little rust, flaking paint, or a somewhat worn look is music to an industrial lovers ears.

Bring in the art work

When we say art that’s fit for an industrial look we’re not talking a dreamy Monet scene or the feminine sensuality of a Renoir painting. Instead something that’s a bit edgy or even a little weird is perfect. How about a buckled rusting bicycle, or an old wooden panel with a rough painting or slogan? Alternatively what about a selection of old sign boards? In fact anything that’s a little rough around the edges and a little out of the ordinary is a great way to create a talking point in your industrial space.

At Cafe Furniture Melbourne we can’t promise you a constant supply of design tips but what we do have is a great collection of industrial style furniture designed to fit perfectly with this contemporary style. If you’d like to check it out, then visit our website at or for further inspiration contact us on 03 9357 9688. We look forward to hearing from you.