Tub Chairs – History and Comfort

Tub chair in black 01Tub chairs are commonplace and can be found in the home as well as in restaurants and cafes. You could indeed be forgiven for thinking that they are a modern piece of furniture but in fact there is evidence to suggest that they were around as far back as the 16th century when they were used for holding royal courts in both England and France.

As the name suggests, the traditional tub chair got its name from the American ‘tub’ or bath, only in the form of an armchair. The one thing that defines a tub chair is the way in which the chair curves around your body as you sit in it. In a traditional tub chair the arms are the same height as the back but modern styles use arms of all different shapes and sizes; although they all have the same thing in common (whether they’re made from leather or another fabric) and that is to hug the person seated.

Why tub chairs are so popular

This iconic chair is popular especially with restaurants and cafes, because it lends itself to relaxation. The shape of the chair provides enough space for the user to relax their entire body in comfort and the arms gives them somewhere to place their hands too. The whole concept of the tub chair is for the user to unwind in total comfort. You’ll find them in reception areas and informal meeting rooms and similar to the “little black dress” of the fashion world, the black leather tub chair will never go out of fashion. However, modern day designers have enhanced today’s tub chairs with the addition of chrome and steel.

In a modern cafe, tub chairs upholstered in PU leather or fabric lend a cosy relaxed area where friends can meet for a chat and informal business meetings can be conducted over a cup of coffee By opting for a commercial grade tub chair in PU you can be confident that these chairs will withstand regular daily use and retain their glowing good looks. The added benefit of a tub chair is that it takes up less room than a conventional arm chair or sofa would so it’s ideal for those with limited space.

If you’re looking to create a lounge area in your cafe then here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne we have a variety of tub chairs to choose from upholstered in easy care vinyl, PU leather, and charcoal fabric, all of which are commercial grade and come with an affordable pride tag. Why not take a look in our online store, or if you happen to be in the Campbellfield area of Victoria, then call in to our warehouse and try them out for yourself. If you’d like any further information on our tub chairs or any of our other furniture, then please don’t hesitate to give us a call on (03) 9088 4163.

A Thought Provoking Bar Stool

Ribbon StoolWe’ve blogged on numerous occasions about the usefulness of bar stools in cafes for maximising your floor space, creating varying heights, and being incredibly portable. But now we’ve got a new arrival which is set to provoke thought – the Ribbon stool.

Our Ribbon chairs have proved to be very popular with our customers and so we’re excited to now be able to offer a Ribbon stool. For those of you who’re not familiar with the Ribbon design, it’s actually a replica of Phillipe Stark’s Masters Chair. This thought provoking chair cleverly combines three iconic chairs by well known 20th century designers Charles Eames, Eero Saarinen, and Arne Jacobsen and is a fine example of the quirky designs and innovative construction that people have come to expect from Phillipe Stark.

Surprising twist to your interior

The Ribbon stool is truly eye-catching and sure to be a talking point in your cafe. Moulded from extremely strong polypropylene this unique design flows sensuously without any awkward angles or uncomfortable screws. It’s also UV treated which means that it’s suitable for indoor or outdoor use, making for a very versatile piece of furniture which is sure to be a great addition to your cafe, bar, or restaurant.

The back offers good support for the person seated and the height of the stool gives them a great vantage point of their surroundings. The seat has a generous size to it and there’s also an integrated foot rest so that legs aren’t left dangling, making for a comfortable stool on which to enjoy a latte and chocolate muffin.

Strong and robust, the stool is also light enough to be moved around with ease and when not in use, is designed to be stacked for convenient storage.

Shown here in black, the ribbon stool is a statement piece which will also add a surprising twist to your dining space.

Just imagine how stunning these Ribbon stools would look lined up beneath a gleaming black counter with a stainless steel backsplash and crisp white walls. Or for a more cosy intimate experience for two, try placing these delightful bar stools around our 600mm black replica Tolix tables with a timber top.

There’s no better way of attracting new customers than with a few key pieces of interesting furniture, so why not give our ribbons stools your consideration. If these aren’t really your thing then we’ve got a wide range of bar stools to suit all tastes and budgets. Why not take a closer look in our online store or, if you happen to be in the Campbellfield area of Victoria, then please feel free to drop into our warehouse and try them out for yourself. If you need any more information then don’t hesitate to call us on 03 9357 9688.

The Ladder-Back Chair – Rustic Charm Or A Piece Of Furniture History?

oak cushion ladder back chairYou might look at a ladder-back chair and think that it’s nothing special, it is after all just a simple wooden chair, and maybe you’d be right. However the fact that they’re still used by café’s, bistro’s, and restaurants throughout the world, plus they still remain a staple piece of furniture in countless homes is a testament to its design. But what makes the ladder-back chair so special?


Did you know that ladder-back chairs have been around in one form or another since the 12th century and have been widespread in the UK since the 17th century? Here fashionable furniture makers of the time enhanced the design by utilising expensive woods such as maple and walnut instead of sycamore to appeal more to the upper classes. Throughout the eighteenth, nineteenth, and 20th centuries the chair remained very much ‘en vogue’ and even to this day is still the mainstay of many cafe owners looking to embrace that rustic style.

Simple design

With the ladder-back chair, what you see is what you get! There are no intricacies or ornate carving here. Instead it consists of a series of gentle curves and straight lines which come together to make a simple, but surprisingly robust and comfortable chair. In fact because of its simplistic design the ladder-back chair became the world’s first mass produced chair of a sort, as local craftsmen could turn out a chair in a matter of hours rather than weeks. Even now its simplistic non-fussy design fits in with a wide array of cafe styles, themes, and designs making it the perfect accompaniment.

Lightweight yet robust

Because the ladder-back chair consists of a collection of horizontal spindles set between two uprights, plus a seat and four legs it’s surprisingly lightweight. As a result it makes for the perfect cafe chair because it can easily be moved around as and when the needs of the business dictates. Moreover, its compact design means that it doesn’t take up a lot of space. When making the best use of your space can be the difference between running at a profit or a loss, it’s easy to see why the ladder-back chair is proving popular even now. Finally it’s surprisingly robust and commercial grade varieties in particular are built with a busy service in mind.

Having read this, I’ll bet you won’t look at a ladder-back chair in the same way and might even want to embrace it’s rustic charm. If you’re considering ladder-back chairs for your cafe, restaurant, or bistro, then you’re in luck. Here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne we stock a wide variety of commercial grade cafe furniture including the ladder-back chair. In fact we have some new varieties that are just in. Why not take a closer look by visiting www.cafefurnituremelbourne.com.au. Alternatively if you need help or are after something specific, then give our friendly but experienced team a ring on 03 9357 9688. We look forward to helping you.

What Are You Looking For When You Buy Cafe Tables?

Tolix-bartable-whiteSimply do a search for cafe tables on the internet and it returns something like 13,500,000 results. While it’s true that not all of these searches are offering commercial grade cafe furniture for sale many of them are and that means one thing – that’s one heck of a lot of furniture to take your pick from. With this in mind just what should you be looking for when searching for new or replacement cafe tables for your venue?

Quality vs budget

If you have a particular budget in mind some people might tell you to buy the highest quality you can afford. The issue is that quality and cost aren’t always inextricably linked. You could for instance spend a fortune on some top of the range cafe tables that won’t last five minutes in a busy venue with high levels of customer turnover. Likewise you could go down the cheaper route and equally end up with the same disastrous results. So what should you do? Look for furniture that has been approved by the AFRDI (Australasian Furnishing Research and Development Institute). In essence any cafe furniture that has their seal of approval has been through rigorous testing and is therefore built to last.

Size and shape

You may decide to vary the size of your cafe tables to maximise the potential profit of your floor space. For instance if you have awkward areas or small recesses you might want to consider placing a round table for two for a cosy intimate feel. After all that’s potentially one more table than you may not have thought that you could fit in. Alternatively if you have a small pavement area, then you might want to think about smaller square bistro-style tables. In essence look to plan for a variety of table sizes and buy accordingly.

Do you have a theme, style or design?

If you have a particular theme, style, or design in mind then look to purchase cafe tables that fit directly in with this. For example, if you’re going for a contemporary industrial theme then you might want to opt for industrial style galvanised tables. Alternatively if you’re going for a 70’s retro theme then you might want to think about darker wood or composite tables. Finally how about crisp white marble style Isotop tables with chrome bases for that minimalist fresh feel. Whatever you decide, if you have an idea of your theme, style, or design, you can narrow your search down considerably.


Okay so not all tables are created equal! You can for instance use outdoor cafe furniture inside if you wish, but you couldn’t expect to use indoor furniture on your outside terrace area. Well you could, but because it’s likely to be open to the elements for prolonged periods an untreated table probably won’t last very long. With this in mind make sure you buy cafe tables for the right purpose.

If you feel that finding the right cafe tables for your needs is really hard work then why not check out our online store. In just a few clicks of the mouse you can have access to a wide variety of cafe tables available in a multitude of styles, materials, shapes and sizes. If you need any assistance or would like to talk to someone regarding an order you can also speak to our friendly team on 03 9357 9688. Go on start browsing today, we’re confident that you can find everything you need right here.