Bring A Touch Of Italian Chic To Your Cafe With The Drop Chair

drop chairIf you’re looking for contemporary furniture with a strong design ethos to compliment your cafe theme, style or décor then let me introduce the stylish drop chair. Made in Italy the home of all things ‘alla moda’ this chair will certainly turn heads for all the right reasons.

Great Design quality

Modelled on the original Arne Jacobsen design which inspired the Raddison Blue collection in 1958, this chair is designed to represent the fluidity of water, hence the name. Made from moulded polypropylene it’s as strong and durable as it is comfortable. It’s lightweight, scratch resistant, and easily stackable, making it the perfect chair for a busy establishment experiencing high levels of customer footfall. The chair itself is cleverly created out of just 1 piece of plastic which is skilfully curved into place creating both the seat and back support. It’s then seamlessly mounted on 4 metal legs in the same sandy colour as the seating. This gives it a simplistic but flawless design look. Finally there’s a sizeable hole built into the seat which doubles as a carrying handle and drainage area, so it’s as practical as it is beautiful to look.

Flexible styling

The drop chair would be the perfect accompaniment for anyone seeking a stylish retro design. They’d be the perfect accompaniment set against retro style light pine tables with chrome legs. Or how about going for something more funky and setting them against polypropylene tables in vibrant colours for that real wow factor. Finally, the simplistic nature and light sandy colour of the drop chair would work perfectly with crisp white walls and splashes of colour for that minimalistic look.

The good news is that if you’re looking to get your hands on this fabulous Italian designed chair then here a Cafe Furniture Melbourne, we’re offering it at a hugely discounted price. Instead of $165.00. The price of his chair is just $99.00 and that includes GST.

Why not take a look at this or any of the other styles of commercial grade cafe furniture we have to offer by logging into Alternatively if you can’t find what you’re looking for or simply need some cafe furniture advice, why not speak to our dedicated team on 03 9357 9688 for help. Finally if you’re in the Campbellfield area of Melbourne, why not pop into our showroom and take a look at what we have to offer first hand.

Buying Cafe Furniture Using 7 Great Tips

ribbon-newgreenWhether you’re starting up a cafe business or having a furniture overhaul, it’s important to get the job of buying cafe furniture right. Surprisingly aside from the quality of food and drink that you offer, your cafe furniture can make or break your business. To avoid a total furniture calamity, here are 7 great tips to finding your perfect furniture match.

Usable floor space

The amount of floorspace that you have is ultimately going to dictate the type of furniture that you buy. For example, larger sofas and booth seating may look great but if you’ve only got a small space, then you may be better off with smaller tables and chairs seating two and four. Likewise. you’ll want to make sure that there’s sufficient space so that waiting staff can move freely around your furniture easily.

The perfect match

Although many café’s do, you don’t have to opt for a specific theme or design. That said you do want to make sure that your furniture matches the décor in some way so that it blends in seamlessly. If it’s somewhat mismatched (and not in a good way) then it could put potential customers off. If you’re unsure yourself, then you might want to get a second opinion.

Make sure your seating is comfortable

Nowadays comfortable cafe furniture is right up there with great food and great coffee when it comes to customer retention, so it needs to be right. How do you know if the furniture you buy is going to be comfortable? Easy, try it yourself. Even if you order online, it pays to check out the equivalent piece of furniture in a bricks and mortar shop first before you place an order online. Chances are if it’s comfortable for you then your customers will find it comfortable too.

Does it do the job it’s supposed to do?

You’re likely to be spending a hefty whack of your budget on cafe furniture so at the very least it needs to do the job it’s supposed to do. For example, if your have a large outside terrace, then it needs to be waterproof, heat resistant, and generally fit for outdoor purposes. Alternatively if it’s for use indoors, or in a (hopefully) busy environment then it needs to be strong enough to take the rigours of a busy cafe with high levels of customer footfall.

Easy maintenance

You really don’t want to be spending hours and money having to apply special oils, polishes, and waxes to keep your furniture in tip top condition. Instead opt for furniture that’s low maintenance and can be kept looking like new with the simple wipe of a damp cloth. You’ll thank yourself for going down this route in the long run.

The perfect colour

Okay so this is a personal choice and the colour of furniture you choose may be reflected in your décor. However did you know that certain colours can have a psychological affect on people. For example cold colours like blue may turn people away. Alternatively warmer colours like red and orange are social inviting colours which encourage interaction. Read into this what you will and indeed, take it with a pinch of salt, but you might want to pay it some lip service when making your final choice.

Cheap vs Expensive

In the cafe furniture world you kind of get what you pay for, so don’t expect to get long lasting furniture if you only pay a few dollars for it. Conversely you may end up paying a lot of money for branded furniture. The best piece of advice about how much to pay is to spend as much as your budget will allow and buy quality. You’ll know if it’s quality because you’ll already have sat on it and tested it out (see point number 3). If the branded pieces you like are out of your price range, then you might want to look at good quality replica pieces with a more affordable price tag.

At Cafe Furniture Melbourne we stock quality commercial grade cafe furniture at great value for money. If you’re in the Campbellfield area, then why not come and visit our showroom where you can see our furniture first hand. If you need assistance then you can also contact us on 03 9357 9688 where our friendly and experienced staff are on hand to help. Finally to see a full range of the items we have in stock, then visit our website at


Facts To Consider When Choosing Pavement Style Cafe Furniture

outdoor cafe seatingIf you’ve got room to move part of your business to a pavement or terrace then it makes sense to do so. There’s nothing people like better than to sit in the sun with a thirst quenching drink and just watch the world go by. With very little effort and minimum outlay, savvy cafe and restaurant owners can quickly and easily maximise their profits.

Outside eating space dining space is popular with councils as clearly it gives people from all walks of life a chance to engage with one another and what’s more it creates a real buzz which a passer by can’t help but want to join in with.

Every council has slightly different regulations and ways of processing applications so it’s a good idea to find out just what’s involved before searching for outdoor furniture. Councils will often supply a guideline as to the type of outdoor furniture that’s permissible but before making any purchases always check with your local council first.

We’ve put together some of the main points that your local council may request, but always check first before making any impulsive purchases.

  • Cafe tables, chairs, umbrellas and screens all need to be temporary. This in effect means that you may be required to fold and store away your items when the weather is bad or outside of trading hours.

  • Your outdoor furniture should be an extension of your indoor furniture – this means keeping it fairly consistent in design.

  • Cafe furniture mustn’t cause damage to the pavement so needs to have feet or caps which aren’t sharp.

  • Some councils require the use of a specific colour for shades and umbrellas.

  • Furniture may need to integrate with the street environment or at least contribute in a positive way.

  • It’s best to choose non reflective table tops to avoid glare.

  • To minimise deterioration it’s preferable not to choose white tables and chairs.

  • There needs to be sufficient space for people with pushchairs or mobility aids to pass each other on the pavement

  • No fencing can be erected which defines a ‘private place’ but you can break up your seating with some colourful planters.

Our outdoor cafe furniture is designed with the guidelines above and the majority of it is lightweight, stackable, and available in a multitude of attractive shades and finishes. You can choose from polypropylene which is best suited to the outdoors or rattan and steel work well too. If you need some help in choosing cafe furniture for your outdoor space, then please don’t hesitate to give our experienced staff a call on 03 9357 6988. Meanwhile why not browse our online store for inspiration or call into our warehouse at Campbellfield, Victoria to take a closer look.

Bringing Your Cafe Into The 21st Century Using 3 Simple Techniques That Won’t Break The Bank

ribbon-stool-black02If there’s one thing that can prove costly and that’s updating the look and feel of your cafe space. The issue is that if you don’t, it can become stale and chances are you won’t be enticing many new customers through the door. So with trendy looking cafe spaces being more important than ever, just how do you update the look and feel of your cafe, without it costing you the earth? Let’s take a closer look.


Subtle small changes can make a huge uplifting difference to your décor so what better way to bring it right into 2016 than to accessorise. Natural materials are all the rage right now so stone, copper, and natural woods are very en vogue. How about a centre-piece picture with a copper or wooden frame? Or how about some stylish natural stone lamps to adorn your tables?

Artisan goods are also in so crochet, macramé, pottery, and Moroccan rugs or pouffes don’t have to cost the earth but will modernise your space perfectly. Finally ‘outside is the new inside’ (apparently) so to achieve his look why not bring in an abundance of shrubbery and make it a statement piece. How about a kumquat tree complete with it’s lovely bright orange fruit, or why not create a wall of lush hanging plants?

High dining

I know what you’re thinking…”I’m a cafe, so I don’t really want to be serving posh or expensive food”. Actually the term isn’t about the food at all, it’s actually about the furniture. Believe it or not high dining is a concept that’s becoming increasingly popular amongst trendy bars, restaurants and cafe’s and is literally dining at height. Extra high tables and chairs are surprisingly easy to come by and don’t have to be overly expensive (especially if you scour the list of recently closed cafe’s in your area, or attend specialist cafe sales).What’s more, you only need a few to add variety to your existing seating to create a truly unique look.

Changing your table tops

You might be surprised that you can make a whole heap of difference to your existing cafe, simply by changing your table tops. It’s usually cheaper than replacing the whole table and what’s more they come in an infinite number of colours, shapes, and materials. Add a lick of paint to the walls to freshen them up and bingo, you’ve got a brand new contemporary look for not very much cash.

As well as dishing out great design ideas we also supply quality, commercial-grade cafe furniture. Why not take a look at our website at Alternatively, if you’re fresh out of ideas then give us a call on 03 9357 9688 and talk to our experienced team who are more than happy to assist. Finally, we also have a showroom based in the Campbellfield area of Melbourne, so if you’re in the vicinity why not take a closer look and see what we have to offer first hand. We’re confident that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.