Top Tips On How To Choose The Perfect Bar Stool

Hairpin Timber seat stoolWhether you’re redesigning your cafe interior or simply looking for some additional bar stools, then we’ve put together a few handy tips to help you find the stool that’s right for you. You may have even started your search and found that with so many options it can be quite overwhelming. The first place to start is by limiting your choice to stools which are described as ‘commercial’. These are manufactured especially for cafes, bars, and eateries and designed to withstand frequent daily use. So never be tempted to buy a stool that isn’t commercial, as it simply isn’t up to the job.

Complements the décor

When choosing your bar stools you should look for a style that fits in with your décor and adds visual appeal to the surroundings. For a rustic style of cafe you may want to choose wooden bar stools which are in keeping with the warmth of the environment. For an urban cafe, you could consider metal stools such as Tolix which give an industrial feel. For a cafe that is more traditional, then how about a stool which combines a metal frame with a timber seat, such as our hairpin stool in black? Don’t be afraid to be creative with your choice and play with colours and styles to create a visual appeal that will have customers coming back for more.


Are you looking to purchase stools for outside or are you looking to add them to the interior of your cafe? This is more significant than you might think, since if you’re buying a stool to use outdoors then it needs to be fit for the purpose so that it can withstand the harsh Australian climate. On the other hand, an indoor stool needs to be one that can withstand the daily rigours of a bustling environment, and the abuse that comes with it. If your stools are designed for a specific use and you don’t adhere to that, then you could invalidate your warranty, so be sure to heed the manufacturer’s guide lines.


That all important pop of colour is so important to bring your interior and exterior to life and to stamp your own personality on it. Stools are great for this purpose since you can choose metal stools which have been powder coated in any number of vibrant shades and hues, or you can use wooden stools with colourful vinyl seats. Playing with colour really can add visual interest.


Size is an all important factor when buying bar stools as they need to be proportionate to the size of your establishment. You might want to consider backless stools or stools with a small back which take up less space if you have a small venue. For larger venues, you could consider stools with a wider back or a fuller bucket style. It’s always a good idea to take measurements and map out a floor plan so you know just where you’re going to place your stools and how many you will need.

These are just a few considerations when buying bar stools for your establishment. Here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne we stock a wide range of bar stools in an assortment of styles, materials, sizes, and colours. We’re more than happy to offer advice on our stools and to give you more information on any of our products. Please call us on 03 9357 9688 and our friendly staff will be able to assist. Alternatively, call into our showroom in Campbellfield and check out our stools for yourself.

A Navy Chair To Suit Your Venue

Navy chair in brushed aluminiumOne of our favourite pastimes is visiting cafes; not just for a cup of coffee, but to check out the furniture and see what’s trending. One of the things that we have noticed in recent times is the amount of ‘classics’ gracing the premises of cafes and restaurants with chairs from designers such as Xavier Pauchard, Michael Thonet, Charles Eames and Harry Bertoia taking centre stage. One chair which is no stranger to the limelight is the ‘navy’ chair which we also stock, so we thought it might be interesting to shed some light on the history of this simplistic chair.

How the Navy chair evolved

The ‘Navy’ chair or ‘Emeco 1006’ which was its official name was first manufactured by Emeco in 1944 for use on World War 11 submarines. It was commissioned by the government who wanted a chair which, in their words, could withstand water, salt, and sailors. It needed to be lightweight, yet strong, and able to last a lifetime. The founder of Emeco, William C Dinges was in a position to utilise mass production and so used lightweight aluminium as their material of choice. The ductile nature of aluminium made it perfect for the job with which it was tasked and the conditions it was to face. To ensure stability on board, eye bolts were used beneath the seat so the chairs could be fastened to the deck with cables.

Production of these utilitarian chairs carried on after the war had ended as the chairs became popular in prisons, hospitals, and government offices because they were easy to clean and move around. Their popularity spread to restaurants throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s as their simplistic utilitarian looks gave a stylish look to any environment, and were immensely practical to boot. Typically the chair has a curved back with 3 vertical struts and slightly splayed back legs for stability.

Customise your ‘Navy’ Chair

Here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne not only have we lowered the price of our ‘Navy’ chair but in addition for just $20, we’ll powder coat it in the colour of your choice, so that you can benefit from a customised chair to match your café’s theme or décor. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, this practical chair makes the perfect addition to your cafe furniture and is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons.

If you need any further information on any of our products then just give us a call on 03 9357 9688 or pop into our showroom in Campbellfield to take a look first hand.

4 Reasons To Always Buy Commercial Furniture For Your Cafe

commercial cafe furnitureIf you’re in the midst of opening a new cafe then you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information and the level of planning that’s required to get your new venture up and running. There’s a million and one things to do including planning a menu, purchasing your equipment, and selecting the right furniture. What you may not realise is that there is a big difference between furniture for home use and furniture for establishments such as cafes and restaurants. This blog is about the importance of purchasing commercial furniture and 4 reasons why it makes sense to do so.


If you’re buying a new dining table and chairs for your home then the main criteria is usually whether it fits the space and whether it looks good. So surely that applies when purchasing furniture for your cafe? Well actually, no! Think about when you enter a cafe or restaurant and there are multiple sets of tables and chairs or bar stools. Although a single set may look great in your dining room at home, if used in multiple amounts in your cafe, they’re likely to look pretty awful. You see commercial furniture is designed in a different way to create an overall look that is good. Cafe chairs are generally lower than those that you’d use at home, so that you don’t see a mass of chair backs when you enter a venue. The width of chairs, height of tables, and style of table base, are all key elements that go into designing commercial furniture.


Typically, domestic furniture isn’t as sturdy as commercial furniture, and in most cases that’s fine. At most a domestic dining table and chairs is only going to be used two or three times a day, whereas commercial grade furniture may be used all day long by a variety of diners. Usually a home owner who has purchased a dining room table and chairs will take the trouble to clean and maintain it, whereas a busy cafe owner will prefer a dining table that needs minimal maintenance. So where a home patio set might be bolted together, a commercial patio set is likely to be welded together or in the case of polypropylene furniture, moulded all from one piece.


Home dining sets are likely to be produced with velvet covered seats or bold cotton prints, whereas neither of these would fair well in a commercial environment. Instead, vinyl is more commonly used as this can be wiped clean in an instance and is easy to maintain. Table tops are more likely to have a weatherproof coating and be UV protected as well as heat and stain resistant, whereas a home dining set wouldn’t necessarily have any of these features. Better materials are usually found in commercial furniture in order to prevent ongoing maintenance.


A homeowner often plans and saves for their furniture and consequently their budget and needs may differ widely from those of a cafe owner. A home owner’s main requirement is that their new dining set provides enough seating for a set amount of diners and suits their personal taste. A cafe owner on the other hand has to consider his target audience and his décor, and buy accordingly. He may also purchase different types of seating in order to cater for a broader section of the market. Not only will his new furniture need to complement the theme or décor of his cafe but it has to meet with the approval of his customers, or they may not be back. Commercial furniture may cost more than domestic furniture, but the cafe owner doesn’t want to be replacing it six months down the line.

Whether you’re opening a new cafe or looking to upgrade, at Cafe Furniture Melbourne we stock a wide range of commercial furniture to suit all tastes. We’re also holding an EOFY sale for the whole of June, so it’s a great time to grab yourself a bargain. If you need any advice or information on any of our products then don’t hesitate to give us a call on 03 9357 9688.

Discover The Appeal Of Wicker Cafe Furniture

Parisian chair in black and whiteWhen it comes to choosing new cafe furniture there are plenty of options with some of the most popular being wood, steel, and plastic. However, another option which makes a great choice is wicker. We thought we’d put together some interesting facts about wicker and why it could make a good choice for your venue.

About wicker

Many people mistakenly think that ‘wicker’ is a type of material where it is in fact the name given to the practice of weaving and the end woven product. Common materials used for the art of weaving include grasses, canes, rattan, willow, and paper fibre with rattan being a material that is far superior in terms of strength and durability to other natural reeds and fibres. Today you’ll find many cafe chairs or tables in a wicker style that are made from plastic or resin strands because they’re highly suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Wicker furniture production goes back a long way in history to around 4000 BC and if you do a Google search for ancient Egyptian wickerwork you’ll see that it is very sophisticated with techniques and construction not that different to modern day technologies.

Wicker for cafe furniture

There are many benefits to using wicker for commercial use:


Using wicker chairs and tables is an easy way to add a touch of classic flair to your cafe that never goes out of style. The pliable strips are woven onto steel or wooden frames which have been steam bent, resulting in a wide selection of shapes, sizes, and forms. Thanks to such a wide selection you can easily find the colour and design that fits in perfectly with your cafe’s décor or theme.


Although wicker is tough, because the strands are pliable whether they’re natural or synthetic, it makes for a comfortable firm seat. If you’re looking for something more plush or as a colour accent, then you can always add cushions. Because wicker seating is so comfortable it enhances the customer’s overall experience in your cafe.

Strength and durability

You can choose either natural or synthetic wicker and be assured of its strength and durability, which makes it an excellent choice for a bustling cafe. If you’re choosing a natural wicker then it helps to give it an additional waterproof coating to protect it from spills and rain (in the event that you’re using it outdoors). Plastic or resin wicker is equally as resilient as natural wicker and not only is it resistant to spills and moisture but also any discolouration caused by the sunlight.


Wicker furniture can be used indoor or out and is lightweight, meaning it can easily be moved and re-arranged as and when required. If you choose natural wicker then you’re also playing your part for the planet since wicker made from bamboo, reed, or rattan is sustainable and grows in many tropical areas.

We can help

If we’ve convinced you that wicker is the way to go then why not take a look at our stylish Parisian chairs which are available in black and white or chocolate and cream, and will add a touch of French flair to your venue. Other options include our aluminium chair with double legs in natural rattan which will make your seating area look modern and chic especially when grouped around aluminium or chrome tables. If you need any advice or information on any of the products on our website then just give us a call on 03 9357 9688 or visit our showroom in Campbellfield and take a look first hand. We’re currently running an EOFY sale too, so you can save yourself some money!

Outdoor Cafe Furniture – 5 Reasons To Choose Stainless Steel

Circular stainless steel table base

It goes without saying that the more customers you can cater for, the greater your takings are likely to be, which is why it makes sense to utilise every area of space that you possibly can to fit in additional tables and chairs.

Making use of your outdoor space is one such way that you can cater for more customers, and it’s also a way of advertising your cafe as it were, since it’s the first thing that passers by will notice. There are many different furniture options and materials for outdoor cafe furniture and naturally it needs to withstand the rigours of outdoor use, since you don’t want to be replacing it in six months time. With this in mind, we have no hesitation in recommending stainless steel, and here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Unlike some other metals stainless steel won’t rust when it’s exposed to moisture or water. Since your outdoor furniture is going to be exposed to the elements, come rain or come shine, this is an obvious benefit.

  1. Stainless steel always looks new since it isn’t affected by insects nor will it develop mould. In addition, it won’t bend out of shape, like wicker or wood furniture may do, or crack and split like some plastic furniture does.

  1. Another important feature of stainless steel in the hospitality industry especially, is the fact that it is anti-bacterial. This is hugely important because it make it easier to keep everything clean and sanitary.

  1. Another reason to choose stainless steel is because it can add an elegant and contemporary aesthetic to your patio. Paired with wicker seats or jet black glossy table tops, it’s a match made in heaven. It’s also relatively light in weight, so easy to move around from one place to another.

  1. Finally stainless steel is often the preferred choice over other materials because it is environmentally friendly. Stainless steel rarely goes to waste when its use as an item has reached its end. Instead, it’s systematically separated, recovered, and recycled once more. In fact today’s stainless steel is made up of only around 40% new raw materials with the balance coming from reclaimed scrap and industrial scrap.

We nearly forgot to mention that we currently have two new arrivals in the form of stainless steel circular table bases and these are being offered at a great sale price at the moment. We also have a wide range of other steel furniture, and with our EOFY sale throughout June, it’s a great time to invest in some new cafe furniture.

Take a look in our online store or pop into our showroom in Campbellfield to see our products first hand. Meanwhile if you need any advice or information on any of our products, don’t hesitate to call us on (03) 9088 4163.