Choosing The Perfect Cafe Table Base – An Easy Guide

So you’ve finally found those cafe table tops you’ve been searching for, and now all you have to do is find the right table bases to match. Sounds simple enough, but surprisingly, one of the main questions we get asked here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne is “How do I know which table base should accompany them?” The answer can be both surprisingly straight forward and difficult at the same time, because there are many different variables such as budgets, personal taste, and location which can and should affect the type of base you buy. Let’s take a closer look.

Firstly location….

Location should always be the first consideration when buying cafe table bases and this will play a big part in what you buy. For instance most table bases are constructed using aluminium, brushed or powder coated steel, or cast iron. If you’re considering using your table bases outdoors on a patio or terrace area for instance and you reside in a coastal area with high levels of salt in the air, then the best choice is probably aluminium because it provides the best protection against rust. If high levels of salinity aren’t an issue in your area, then you should be free to choose from any of the other materials.

Table size and shape

Aside from location, the shape and size of your table should always be the biggest factor in the type of bases you go for. I’m sure you’ve been to a restaurant and leaned on a table only to find it starting to tip over. That’s because it isn’t properly supported by the base. This happens more so with rectangular or larger heavier tables. While putting a single table base on a large 8-12 person table mightn’t be such a problem if the table top is made from lightweight laminate or plywood, it will cause all sorts of problems for heavier wood or resin type table tops. With this in mind we would recommend having two bases (one at each end). This should apply to larger square and rectangular tables equally.

Base weight

A good rule of thumb is the heavier your table top, the heavier your base. Lightweight tables such as melamine, aluminium, and laminates go best with lighter X-style table bases. Conversely, heavier table tops such as solid wood and resin are better suited to heavier plate and disc style bases.

There are also considerations with regard to weight. For instance are you using a large umbrella on an outside table? This may have a bearing on the style of base you need. Alternatively, perhaps you regularly host events and need to move tables and their bases frequently. This being the case, you might want to go with a lighter base that won’t put your back out every time you try to move it.

Style and décor

Finally, if you get the basics right your thoughts might turn to style and décor. It’s no use buying old cast iron table bases if your décor is sleek and modern. Likewise shiny stainless steel table bases would probably look out of place in a cafe interior that oozes shabby chic. While square bases give a more industrial look and feel, ‘T’-style or cantilever table bases take up far less space, so are ideal for a minimalist look or for cosier venues where space is at a premium.

Unfortunately there is no “one size fits all” method when choosing the right table bases, but if you follow these guidelines, we guarantee that you won’t go far wrong.

At Cafe furniture Melbourne, we have a wide variety of table bases available for you to browse and buy, so why not log on and take a closer look. Alternatively call us on 03 9357 9688 for further help.

Got Booth Seating In Your Cafe? If Not, Here’s 5 Reasons Why You Might Be Missing A Trick

You might think that booth seating is purely the preserve of a selection of well-known fast food restaurants but you’d be wrong. On the contrary, booth seating is becoming more and more popular in cafe’s throughout the country and not without good reason. Customers simply love it! To prove a point, here are 5 strong reasons why you might be doing yourself a disservice by not installing booth seating.

Better accommodation for larger groups of friends

Often when large groups of diners say 8 or more enter your cafe, restaurant, or bistro, seating them can be problematic and time consuming. Normally you’ll either have to put two or more tables together, or if it’s not possible, the group will have to be split and seated on separate adjacent tables. Either way it’s inconvenient for either the visiting group or the venue owner. Conversely with booth seating you don’t have this problem. Larger parties can be seated in seconds and all together.


Booth seating creates an air of privacy like no other tables can. If you’ve ever sat in a booth you’ll no doubt feel an air of exclusivity, yet because the seating is wrapped around the table and is high backed, it blocks out many other sounds and conversations making it feel quite private at the same time. This is why it’s perfect for groups of friends or family looking to enjoy a drink and a catch up.

Increases the bottom line

From a financial point of view, booth seating is perfect for increasing the amount of customers without utilising more space. Booths are perfect for corners and snugs where regular seating might not be able to fit. In this instance, 6-8 people can happily be seated in a space that may otherwise only have accommodated 2-4 chairs. In other words…double the footfall in the same amount of space. It really is a win/win situation.

Improves customer flow

Smaller venues especially have to think very carefully about customer flow. A cafe goer who is sat by an entrance way for example, may find that they have to continually move their coat or bag to make way for those people entering and leaving the venue. Whereas with booth seating customers can be seated in a space out of the way.

Booth seating is roomy

Normal cafe tables can get pretty cramped especially if you carry lots of belongings such as coats, bags, and laptops. That’s even before the customer orders their extra large cappuccino and slice of home-made cake. The question is…where are they going to put it all? Chances are they’ll probably end up either putting items on the floor which may block entrance-ways (see above) or they’ll have to do a balancing act and hope that they don’t spill their cup of coffee. Conversely booth seating can accommodate all of this and much more besides, meaning the customer can sit or work without feeling that they’re being over-run with stuff!

As you can see booth seating has many advantages and this is why customers love them. Here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne, we have an extensive range of commercial-grade cafe furniture for sale including booth seating. To find out more, log on and check out our website for details or contact us directly on 03 9357 9688.