A Quick And Easy Way To Prevent Wobbly Tables

In the cafe business we’re well aware that there are a myriad of things which need to be right to ensure a great dining experience. You’ve got enough on your mind without having to worry about wobbly tables which annoy your customers and take up your staffs’ time. More importantly, on a bigger scale, unstable tables can tarnish your reputation and impact on your business as a whole.

The good news is that you don’t have to go to the expense of replacing all of your tables. Instead the situation can be solved with FLAT Equalizers.

Okay, so what are these and how do they work?

They’re actually part of an innovative hydraulic stabilisation technology and come in the form of reinforced plastic table feet. They’re fitted with a stainless steel thread which compresses down when the table top is given a gentle tap. The compression activates the technology and ‘magically’ takes the wobble out of the table. Pretty impressive stuff, right!

Are they complicated to fit?

Certainly not. In fact you don’t need any tools at all and installation takes just seconds.

Benefits of FLAT Equalisers

  • Stabilises your table with just a press of the table top

  • Stability is improved with an internal lock

  • Allows you to align adjoining table tops with ease

  • Highly durable and exceed international standards

  • Speedy installation

  • Improves customer experience while saving you time, money, and frustration

So how do the equalisers work to align tables?

Traditionally pushing table tops together to seat a large party is fraught with problems. The task is time consuming, meaning a member of staff is out action for some while, and invariably there is always a ledge where the table tops are not precisely aligned. This means that setting the table and placing glasses down safely is also problematic.

Equalisers take away the hassle because they align the table tops seamlessly. All you need do is tilt or raise one of the misaligned tables to match the table next to it and the feet will adjust automatically, creating a seamless join.

The Equalisers are available in a variety of sizes and fit practically any table that has screw in feet. They’re completely sealed so there’s no danger of food particles, dirt, or grime entering inside the feet, and they also protect against any form of impact or corrosion.

So if wobbly tables are dragging you and your business down, isn’t it time you did something about it?

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Considering Opening A New Cafe? Check Out These Tips

Melbourne is arguably home to the world’s best coffee and with hundreds of cafes scattered throughout the city some might consider it crazy to be considering opening yet another one. However, with independent coffee shops ruling the roast, in our opinion there’s always room for another, but the trick is getting customers through your doors. So with that in mind, just how do you attract customers to your brand new cafe and be successful?

Be different

It seems that being different from other generic cafes really does pay off. We heard of a pop up cafe in London that opened in January named “run for your bun”. The concept was that customers got their lunch in exchange for doing a work out at the cafe. Apparently the idea generated lots of media attention just because it was something different.

With so many cafes for customers to go, it’s important to stand out from the crowd by being unique or having a speciality. You could choose a décor that’s unique or you could devise a speciality theme for your menu or a speciality coffee.

Attractive exterior

A lot of people make their decision on which cafe to visit based purely on how it looks from the outside. It stands to reason that there’s not much else they can base their selection on when there are so many cafes to choose from. That is unless they’ve visited every cafe in the area and made their choice based on their experience at each one. To gain the attention of those who are uncertain where to go, then your cafe needs to look warm and inviting.

High quality coffee

Australians are a nation of coffee connoisseurs so well made coffee is a must – lukewarm instant coffee is just not acceptable. Coffee is the main reason a person visits a cafe and your customers won’t come back again if it doesn’t live up to expectation. Variety and quality is a must and your barista needs to be good at serving delicious coffee.

It’s not just about coffee

Naturally coffee is important but you can’t rely on just that for your income. You need to be pushing sales of delicious pastries, cakes, and muffins. If you have the space, then try and offer enticing hot and cold food options too.

Loyalty cards

Loyalty cards are one of the best and cheapest ways to gain more customers. Provided your offer is attractive and rewards the customer, then they do work. To give a new customer even more incentive to return, why not stamp his or her card twice on their first visit?

A variety of seating areas

Cafes are still viewed as a place to be social and to meet up with friends simply for a chat. Be sure to offer a variety of different seating areas, some with sofas and larger tables for group booking, as well as areas for freelancers to work, and even an area for young mums and their children.

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Reasons To Take Another Look At Wicker Furniture

If you’re considering updating your cafe seating then you might want to take a look at wicker furniture. It’s an option that’s often overlooked and yet it’s a material which works really well in the hospitality industry because resin wicker, in particular, can be used indoors and outside, adding to its versatility.

What is wicker furniture?

It’s often thought that the term ‘wicker’ relates to the type of material that the furniture is made from, whereas it is actually the name given to the process of weaving and the end result. Traditionally wicker furniture has been made from natural materials such as willow, cane, reeds, and rattan which has great elasticity that makes it easy to work with when creating different shapes for chairs. But ever more popular is furniture known as resin wicker which is in fact made from a synthetic material, notably polyurethene, with the end result intended to look like wicker.

There are many advantages to using wicker furniture in a commercial setting, such as a cafe or bar, so let’s take a look:


Wicker is a great way of achieving that dreamy French cafe look and never really seems to go out of fashion. Resin wicker is often woven onto cane or aluminium frames which can be easily made into a variety of shapes, sizes, and forms to create a chair that is light weight and portable. Made in a variety of colours and styles, it’s easy to find furniture to match your décor and meet your needs.


Although wicker chairs can feel firm and hard to the touch they are surprising comfortable because of the elasticity within the weave which offers good support as you sit down on it. You can also add seat cushions if you want to make your chairs look and feel more cosy, especially with the winter months setting in.


Resin wicker is particularly strong and durable since it is UV treated and won’t crack or split when it’s outside. It’s especially suited to bustling cafe life because of the fact that it is resistant to spills and moisture.


As mentioned earlier wicker furniture can be used indoors and outside meaning you can buy in bulk and save money by using this same furniture throughout your venue. Since it’s lightweight it means it can be easily re-arranged to meet your business demands too. If you choose wicker chairs made from natural materials then you’re also doing your bit for the planet since bamboo, cane, and rattan is sustainable and readily available in tropical countries.

We’ve got some great Parisian side chairs and armchairs in a variety of colours and styles which will add the certain “je ne sais quoi” to your establishment, so why not browse our online store or visit our showroom in Campbellfield where you can try them out. If you need any further information on any of our products then please don’t hesitate to contact us on (03) 9088 4163 where our knowledgeable staff will be able to help you.