3 Reasons To Love The Belle Chair

Meet Belle – 3 Reasons Why We Love This Modern Cafe Chair

One of the latest additions to our store, Belle has quickly become a firm favourite of ours. Adopting a minimal approach to design and functionality, Belle balances a sleek contemporary aesthetic with a classic influence.

Beautiful inside and out

Belle is manufactured from just one piece of polypropylene for added strength and with its elegant design looks a million miles away from the chunky plastic chairs of yesteryear. The thoughtful design includes a generous sized seat, slatted back rest to support the user’s back, and arms for added comfort, offset by slim tapering legs which look so incredibly stylish.

Best of all, unlike some plastic chairs, this one looks great indoors and out, and can be easily styled with other materials and textures to create a warm and inviting ambience.

Classic colours

Some people love bright neon colours but we’re a little more conservative and have to say that we’re really pleased that this chair is presented in just 4 understated colours, namely black, white, charcoal, and red. Each colour works well on its own and will slot into most decors; and if you wanted to use all 4 colours together, perhaps around some communal tables, that would look great too.

In fact one of the trends for outdoor furniture this summer is white, which is loved for its crisp, fresh look. If you’re considering revamping your outdoor dining area then the Belle white chair has to be a serious contender. Paired with white tables, pastel coloured parasols, and plenty of green foliage dotted around, you could create a cool oasis that customers would love to relax in over a glass of something long and chilled.

A hardworking chair

Your investment in cafe chairs needs to last you more than just a couple of years which is why Belle is such a great choice. Manufactured from an extremely durable material and all in one piece with no joints to weaken or split, she also comes with a 2 year warranty against any damage caused from manufacturing defects.

Weatherproof and UV resistant, Belle can also withstand the harsh Australian climate and won’t crack, split, or fade in the sun or rust or rot in wet weather. What’s more Belle can be stacked at the end of a busy day, for convenient storage. Now that is a big deal!

So if you’re in need of new cafe chairs this spring and summer, why not consider Belle. At Cafe furniture we’ve got a wide range of cafe chairs and tables to choose from all at extremely affordable prices, so why not take a look. You can also visit our showroom in Campbellfield to see and try it first hand. If you’ve got any questions for us, then please just give us a call on (03) 9088 4163.

3 Things To Consider When Choosing Bar Stools

If you’re looking to purchase bar stools then you may be wondering how to choose from the huge selection that’s available. Perhaps it’s not quite such an easy task as you first thought. Bar stools are an important item of furniture in most cafes and restaurants and because they offer customers an alternative type of seating, they’re very popular too.

Bar stools come in a wide range of colours, materials, styles, and heights which means that no matter where you’re looking to use your bar stools, there’s sure to be one that suits your needs. Typically stools come in 3 heights, 46cm (small) , 66cm(medium) and 76cm (tall). As a rule of thumb, the small stools are for use with standard cafe tables, the medium are for use with bar counters, and the large stools are for use with poseur or dry bar tables. So now you know what size you’re looking for, let’s take a look at 3 other things you need to consider before diving in and buying the first stools that catch your eye.


It’s important to get the style of stool right so that it complements your theme and décor and fits in with your other furniture. Furniture and furnishings that complement each other are far more pleasing aesthetically and will make your customers want to return. If your cafe has a traditional interior then choose a classic style of stool such as a ladderback or bentwood style. If your cafe has a more modern vibe then why not take a look at our funky Latte stools which are made from polypropylene and can be used inside and outdoors. They feature a removable lid which means you can use their interior for handy storage. If your décor is industrial inspired then Tolix is an obvious choice, or other metal and wood stool combinations such as the Hairpin and Detroit stools would work well too.


Colour is another important feature when buying your new stools as they need to comlement your existing décor or serve as a total contrast or accent colour if you have a fairly neutral palette. If you’re buying wooden stools then try and match the shade of wood to other wood furniture you may have. Dark and light wood don’t look right together. If you’re wanting to add a feeling of warmth, then bright red or deep orange chairs or seat cushions will do the job. A top tip is to keep it simple and don’t use too many colours or it will be off putting to your customers.


Naturally you want to get the best value for money so be sure to invest in commercial furniture which is way stronger than residential furniture and designed to be used many times a day. Powder coated steel is a great choice because it’s lightweight yet very strong and in the case of our replica Tolix stools they age well too. Materials such as rattan and polypropylene are great choices if you’re looking to create a seamless flow from one area of your cafe to another, since they’re intended for indoor/outfdoor use. In addition, take a look at our AFRDI furniture. This has passed numerous tests for strength, workmanship, durability, and design to give you even more peace of mind that it won’t let you down.

Here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne we have a wide range of bar stools to choose from so why not browse our online store or come and visit our showroom to see them first hand. With many years of experience in the industry we can offer you expert advice and guidance to make sure you get the right furniture for your requirements. If you need more information on any of our products just give us a call on (03) 9088 4163 and we’ll be delighted to assist.

What does that symbol mean?

You may have noticed the FSC logo on some of our products and be wondering what it means?
The Forest Stewardship Council is an international association of members consisting of a diverse group of representatives from environmental and social groups, the timber trade and the forestry profession, indigenous people’s organisations, responsible corporations, community forestry groups and forest product certification organisations from around the world.

But why should you care?

It is important to us that the timber that we sell is sourced in the most responsible way possible, not only because its better for the environment but also because you as the customer have the right to know where your purchases are coming from.

FSC has a global forest certification system to provide a guarantee that forest products come from responsibly managed sources. The system has two key components:

• Forest Management (FM) certification shows that forest managers or owners are managing their forests in a responsible way. forest management certification is a guarantee your processes and operations meet FSC standards;
• Chain of Custody (CoC) certification provides a guarantee about the production and source of FSC-certified products. it is for for businesses manufacturing or trading forest products. Chain of Custody certification verifies that products are handled correctly at every stage of production – from forest to shelf.

We have made many changes to our sourcing processes to ensure we are in accordance with FSC principles and criteria. This means following exact social and environmental guidelines, and often requires adaptation and evolution to our existing management and operational practices.

What To Look For In A Cafe Table

The cooler months of winter are a good time to consider any updates to your cafe furniture, before the rush of Christmas is upon us. Cafe tables are one of the first things that customers see when they visit your cafe for the simple reason that they take up most of the space, so it’s important that these make a good first impression.

So with this in mind what should you be looking for in a cafe table? We’ve put together a few top tips for you to consider.

Only buy commercial furniture

Perhaps you’ve seen a great looking dining table set in your local furniture store and are tempted to invest in a few of these for your cafe. The trouble is that residential furniture is not designed for the amount of use that cafe furniture has to handle. I mean, how many times do you and your family actually sit together at the dining table? I’m guessing maybe once a week. Compare that to the amount of times that a cafe table gets used during the day and you can see where I’m coming from.

Commercial furniture is designed to be able to withstand frequent, regular use. It’s also more versatile to buy because often tops and bases are sold separately, allowing you to create a custom table. If you’re working on a tight budget then table packages might be your best option. In addition a cafe table top needs to be able with withstand high temperatures and have a resistance to stains and scratches, so that they keep their good looks for longer.

Indoor or outdoor

Your choice of cafe tables also depends on where you’re going to be using them. Outdoor tables need to be fit for purpose and should be weatherproof and UV stabilised so that they don’t fade, crack, or split in the harsh Australian climate. Some of the strongest table tops we’ve come across are manufactured by Isotop and are suitable for interior and external use.

Easy maintenance

Cafe tables also need to be durable and low maintenance. Isotop table tops can be wiped down with little more than a damp cloth and mild cleanser to remove any stains and food debris, making it quick and easy to turn around your tables between customers. If you’re tired of staff having to deal with that well-known problem of wobbly cafe tables, then we also sell FLAT technology table bases and equalisers which eliminate wobbly tables for good.

Size matters

You might want to consider investing in a few different table sizes to, in order to maximise your floor space and give customers a choice. Our 600 mm tables for example are great for squeezing into corners and recesses and accommodate solo diners or couples. 700mm and 800mm will accommodate 4 people comfortably and allow plenty of space for large plates and drinks. You might even want to consider a couple of communal dining tables which could sit along one edge of your dining space. These sit large groups and are perfect for parties.

Here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne we’ve got a large range of tables for you to choose from in all shapes, sizes, finishes, and colours. We’re also offering 15% off all cafe table tops for the whole of August, so you can save some money too.  You can browse our online store or visit our showroom to see them first hand. If you need any further information about any of our cafe furniture then just give us a call on 03 9357 9688 and our staff will be happy to assist.