Reasons To Love Our Parisian Cafe Chairs

As our regular customers will know we’re constantly adding new and exciting products to our inventory of cafe furniture and one of our latest arrivals is the Parisian chair with its bold V pattern. If you’re in the market for new cafe chairs then this one deserves a place in your cafe. Below we’ve listed some of the reasons to love our fabulous range of Parisian chairs.

Capture your own little corner of Paris

These stunning bistro style chairs let you easily create the allure of a Parisian sidewalk cafe which for this time of the year will be rammed with customers enjoying the feel of warm sunshine on their faces.

Stronger than rattan

The welded aluminium frame has been cleverly finished to give the appearance of rattan and yet is much stronger and resistant to the harshest Australian weather. The ‘rattan’ wicker features a bold chevron pattern which is sure to turn heads and is also resistant to the effects of sun, wind, and rain.

Lightweight and low maintenance

What you’ll also appreciate about these Parisian bistro chairs is the fact that they’re incredibly strong yet lightweight and easy to move around as the needs of your business demand. Low in maintenance, any spills or debris can be wiped off with little else but a damp cloth and a non abrasive cleaning agent.


These fantastic chairs can be stacked 12+ high which is ideal if you’re lacking storage space and also helps to make clean-up at the end of the day an absolute breeze.

Indoor/outdoor use

When buying cafe chairs it makes sense to buy those which can be used indoor and outside since this lets you create a seamless flow from one area to another, and also lets you ‘borrow’ from one or other area at your busiest times, without having odd chairs.


It’s imperative that your customers should feel comfortable when seated as this is likely to encourage them to stay longer, order more food and drinks, and return again. With their generous sized seat, and supportive back rest this side chair is very comfortable, and due to the lack of arms, it also allows you to place more chairs around a large table without overcrowding your guests.

Stylish appeal

This Parisian chair oozes style and because of its neutral colouring will fit effortlessly into most decors. It’s also easy to match with a variety of tables although we think it looks best with a marble table or one with a gleaming black granite top.

12 month warranty

Finally, our Parisian chairs all come with a 12 month warranty for that added peace of mind.

Here at Cafe Furniture we’ve got a wide range of cafe chairs so why not browse our on line store or drop by our Campbellfield showroom to try them out for yourself. With affordable prices, high quality products, and outstanding customer service, you can buy from us with confidence. If you need any further information on any of our cafe furniture and equipment then please just give us a call on (03) 9088 4163.

Top Tips For Buying Outdoor Cafe Furniture

With summer in full swing here in Melbourne outdoor terraces and spaces beckon so if you don’t have one then you’re really missing a trick. Setting up an outdoor dining space for your cafe doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg and the rise in sales should soon offset this initial cost.

People love to dine al fresco or even just sit with a drink watching the world go by, and provided it’s a clean and comfortable space it doesn’t matter when it’s just a pavement area, a small courtyard, or an expansive terrace. Buying outdoor cafe furniture is pretty much the same as when buying for the interior but there are a few different points to consider. We’ve put together some of our top tips to help you set up your outdoor dining area.

Consider your weather

Melbourne weather is known to be fickle and it’s not uncommon to experience all of its seasons in one day meaning it can be pouring with rain one moment and warm and sunny the next. When buying furniture for outdoors your choice of material is important. For example wood can splinter and crack in hot dry conditions and high winds can send aluminium chairs flying. High moisture can also play havoc with wicker. One of the best choices in our opinion for Melbourne weather has to be polypropylene which can withstand practically anything the weather throws at it. Nowadays this type of plastic furniture comes in all sorts of fun and stylish designs and in all colours of the rainbow, so you’re sure to find something that takes your fancy. It’s weatherproof, stackable, and easy to wipe clean so perfect for outdoor dining.

Measure your space

The size and shape of your space is likely to determine the size of your furniture and deciding how much you need can be worked out pretty much the same way as for indoors. Be sure to allow sufficient room for people to move their chairs out without bumping into another customer and for any staff to be able to move freely in between tables. Bar tables work well in spaces which are small and narrow and bar stools also take up less space than chairs. Alternatively you may want to consider small 600mm tables which can be squeezed into tight corners and small spaces without cramping your customers.

Provide shade

If your outdoor dining space is in an uncovered area then be sure to have parasols in place or erect an overhead canopy or awning to keep the sun off your customers when the sun is beaming down on them.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Finally ensure your customers are sitting comfortably as this will encourage them to stay longer and order more drinks (hopefully). In any event it goes a long way to making their experience a good one and could turn them into repeat customers. Nothing is worse than sitting on a hard uncomfortable chair so make use of seat cushions which can be easily tied on and removed for washing when necessary.

At Cafe Furniture Melbourne we have an extensive range of affordably priced outdoor chairs and tables for your cafe dining space. Some are suitable for indoor/outdoor use which makes for an even more cost effective solution. Why not browse our online store or drop by our showroom in Campbellfield to try it out for yourself.