3 Things To Consider Before Buying New Cafe Furniture

Starting up a new cafe is hectic to say the least. What with staffing, menus, suppliers, and inspections, plus an ever growing ‘to do’ list, it can be easy to lose track of all that needs doing. Even with the logistics to figure out, it’s vital that you keep your cafe design in mind along with your budget. The look of your cafe’s interior space is one that will make the first impression on your customers, so combine that with delicious coffee and a tasty menu, and it can turn a customer experience from good to fantastic!

We’ve put together 3 tips to consider before rushing out and buying the first items of cafe furniture that take you eye.

1. Design and theme

When it comes to your cafe design consistency is the name of the game otherwise your customers will fail to get your brand and be confused about what it is you’re offering. When choosing your new furniture bear in mind your overall theme and consider such things as the type of clientele you are expecting to attract, the sort of food you’re serving, the perceived length of stay, pricing, uniforms etc. If you’re not that clued up on interior design, it’s OK to keep things neutral and pick out one or two accent colours which define your brand. Keeping all things coherent and consistent will help to build your brand.

2. Sitting comfortably

In order for your customers to have a good experience they need to be sitting comfortably. Comfort can be measured by the length of stay and this can determine your choice of seating. If your cafe is busiest on the take-away side, then you can probably get away with metal or plastic chairs which allow for a quick-serve style without impacting too much on customer comfort. If you’re more of an upmarket cafe, then not providing upholstered chairs could prevent customers from staying longer and ordering another round of drinks or slice of cake with their coffee.

Do also bear in mind the layout and functionality of your dining space. While understandably you want to maximise your floor space to accommodate more customers, too many booths or tables can make a space feel cramped and noisy. Families are likely to appreciate more room for high chairs and pushchairs whereas younger customers would prefer functioning technology at their table.

3. Durability and maintenance

You may be tempted to buy cheaper furniture and put your savings into other areas of business but this is likely to cost you more money in the long run. Commercial furniture is the only type to consider for hospitality ventures and while it costs more than residential furniture, it’s more durable and easy to maintain. Also bear in mind the upkeep that your furniture may require. While upholstered cushions may look pretty, they’re not that practical since you have to remove and wash them on a regular basis. Instead seek out cafe furniture with vinyl upholstery which can be left insitu and easily wiped down if a spillage occurs. Also think about table tops that are heat, scratch, and stain resistant thus avoiding the need for table cloths which will need regular laundering.

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