Are You Embracing The Wonders Of Plastic in Your Cafe Styling

blue ribbon chairPlastic (or rather polypropylene) is probably not something that you’d immediately associate with café furniture. In fact it undoubtedly brings back memories of those uncomfortable dull grey chairs that we all sat on at school. That said, plastic is having a bit of a renaissance at the moment and as a result many café’s, restaurants and bistro’s are embracing it with open arms. Here’s why.

Polypropylene seating comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, designs and colours

According to the laws of physics, you can do amazing things with polypropylene that you just can’t do with wood and the results can be pretty spectacular. As a result if you’re looking for a specific style, or design, no matter how whacky, there’s going to be a plastic chair out there that suits. For example, polypropylene ribbon chairs are a great way to add a wow factor for a price that won’t break the bank. In addition they come in all sorts of funky colours from burnt orange and sage green giving you a retro 70’s look, through to shocking pink or crimson red. In fact if you’ve got a colour in mind, there’s a strong chance that there’s a polypropylene chair with your name on it!

Built to last

If you’re running a bustling café then you need furniture that’s not going to fade, warp, crack or buckle. Needles to say modern day polypropylene chairs fit the bill exactly and aside from this, they’re stain proof, lightweight and easily stackable. Therefore they really are a practical and sensible option, but without coming across as boring.


Ah yes, now we’re getting down to the nitty gritty! If you’re having to design your café interior from scratch, or need to redesign or upgrade your existing interior then you’ll almost certainly have a budget. This being the case then you really can’t go wrong with polypropylene seating. At a fraction of the cost of solid wood or stainless steel furniture it’s the ideal cost-effective solution without looking cheap, so you can get a lot of chair for your buck.


Obviously in a commercial environment, safety has to be at the forefront of every business. For this reason plastic chairs and bar stools are ideal. Because they’re moulded they don’t contain any sharp edges that any overly inquisitive child could hurt themselves on.

Hopefully this has given you some inspiration to go out there and embrace the versatility of plastic! To see a wide selection of some of the finest polypropylene seating then look no further than Cafe Furniture Melbourne. Visit our website at where you can view and order online. Alternatively, if you’re in the local area then why not pay a visit to our well-stocked Melbourne warehouse



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