Discover The Many Benefits Of Low Bar Stools

When you’re looking for casual cafe furniture that is easily portable, then there’s nothing better than low stools. These handy items of furniture have many benefits, both permanent and temporary, and are likely to become your ‘go to’ choice for many impromptu needs. Not convinced? Well let’s dive in and take a closer look at how low bar stools could benefit you.

Subtle presence

It goes without saying that low stools take up less space than a dining chair, so if your space is limited then low stools are a great choice for you. A small room will appear dominated by tables and chairs, giving a cluttered look. Instead, try replacing chairs with low stools and you’ll notice how much lighter and airier your space looks. Not just this, but because they tuck beneath the table when not in use, it’s easier for your customers and waiting staff to move between tables. Low stools have a subtle presence yet still manage to fill a variety of needs. They’re lightweight and versatile, and can be used anywhere in your cafe.


Low stools are relatively inexpensive and will fit into most budgets without you breaking the bank and the advantage they have over chairs, for example, is that they can be used both for seating and as small, additional tables, depending of course, on what they’re made from and how much weight they can handle. Our low replica Tolix stools, for example, are fashioned from steel, which makes them lightweight and easy to move around, but in addition they’re incredibly strong and can easily be used as a small table on which to place food or drinks when placed next to a tub chair or sofa.


Another key benefit of low stools is that they can be stacked when not in use, which is a huge benefit when space is tight. Because they take up such a small area, you could even stack them beneath your serving counter or in a corridor, and bring them out at your busiest times of the day.


Low stools come in so many colours, materials, and styles, that they’re a quick and easy way of adding character to your venue. We’re great fans of rustic stools with wooden seats and metal legs such as our Hairpin and Phil stools which are bursting with personality. They’re ideal for traditional spaces but also fit into an industrial theme with ease.

If your interior colour palette is neutral then customers may be a little put off with what could be perceived as a bland look. One way to solve this problem is to use some of our more colourful Tolix low stools to add a pop of colour and bring your dining space to life.


Small can be beautiful and it pays to choose your low stools with as much care as you would your larger items of furniture to get the most out of your investment, whatever your budget. Wear and tear on a stool is unlikely to be equal to that of a sofa, so you can feel comfortable investing in small stools which not only look gorgeous but are totally functional too. The chances are that these tiny space savers will age more gracefully than some of your larger pieces of furniture.

At Cafe Furniture Melbourne we stock a wide range of stools in a variety of sizes, so why not take a look and get inspired. As well as our online stores, you can also download our latest furniture catalogue or visit our showrooms to try out some stools first hand.

3 Things To Consider When Choosing Bar Stools

If you’re looking to purchase bar stools then you may be wondering how to choose from the huge selection that’s available. Perhaps it’s not quite such an easy task as you first thought. Bar stools are an important item of furniture in most cafes and restaurants and because they offer customers an alternative type of seating, they’re very popular too.

Bar stools come in a wide range of colours, materials, styles, and heights which means that no matter where you’re looking to use your bar stools, there’s sure to be one that suits your needs. Typically stools come in 3 heights, 46cm (small) , 66cm(medium) and 76cm (tall). As a rule of thumb, the small stools are for use with standard cafe tables, the medium are for use with bar counters, and the large stools are for use with poseur or dry bar tables. So now you know what size you’re looking for, let’s take a look at 3 other things you need to consider before diving in and buying the first stools that catch your eye.


It’s important to get the style of stool right so that it complements your theme and décor and fits in with your other furniture. Furniture and furnishings that complement each other are far more pleasing aesthetically and will make your customers want to return. If your cafe has a traditional interior then choose a classic style of stool such as a ladderback or bentwood style. If your cafe has a more modern vibe then why not take a look at our funky Latte stools which are made from polypropylene and can be used inside and outdoors. They feature a removable lid which means you can use their interior for handy storage. If your décor is industrial inspired then Tolix is an obvious choice, or other metal and wood stool combinations such as the Hairpin and Detroit stools would work well too.


Colour is another important feature when buying your new stools as they need to comlement your existing décor or serve as a total contrast or accent colour if you have a fairly neutral palette. If you’re buying wooden stools then try and match the shade of wood to other wood furniture you may have. Dark and light wood don’t look right together. If you’re wanting to add a feeling of warmth, then bright red or deep orange chairs or seat cushions will do the job. A top tip is to keep it simple and don’t use too many colours or it will be off putting to your customers.


Naturally you want to get the best value for money so be sure to invest in commercial furniture which is way stronger than residential furniture and designed to be used many times a day. Powder coated steel is a great choice because it’s lightweight yet very strong and in the case of our replica Tolix stools they age well too. Materials such as rattan and polypropylene are great choices if you’re looking to create a seamless flow from one area of your cafe to another, since they’re intended for indoor/outfdoor use. In addition, take a look at our AFRDI furniture. This has passed numerous tests for strength, workmanship, durability, and design to give you even more peace of mind that it won’t let you down.

Here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne we have a wide range of bar stools to choose from so why not browse our online store or come and visit our showroom to see them first hand. With many years of experience in the industry we can offer you expert advice and guidance to make sure you get the right furniture for your requirements. If you need more information on any of our products just give us a call on (03) 9088 4163 and we’ll be delighted to assist.

Tips For Choosing Bar Stools For Your Venue

Bar stools are an essential part of cafe life and choosing the right ones can be crucial to running a successful business that thrives and grows. Why is this? Well the reason bar stools can impact on the success of your cafe is that if your customers are sitting comfortably they’re more likely to enjoy their drink and stay longer for some food. You obviously want your customers to stay and order more food and drinks in order to increase your revenue and turn a larger profit. Customers that are comfortable are also more likely to return with friends, or post a picture of themselves enjoying a drink or a meal on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, spreading the word about your cafe or bar.

Narrow down your options

There are lots of styles of stools to choose from so it’s best to narrow down your requirements before making any purchase. First of all decide on your budget, then look at the space you have for stools and the style that matches or complements your décor and/or theme. Once you’ve got this in mind, you’re ready to start your search. It’s important to consider the amount of usage that your stools are likely to get. Stools for use outside will need to be weather resistant, and stools for your interior need to be suitable for continual use.

Choose your material

The price of your stools will vary depending on their size and what they’re made from. Polypropylene is perfect for outdoor use and is extremely affordable. They also come in a wide range of colours. Stools made from aluminium are also excellent choices for outdoors, are lightweight and easy to move around, and very often stack for convenient storage. If you’re looking for an outdoor wooden bar stool then you might want to consider those made with a combination of aluminium and ash which give a sleek modern aesthetic, or take a look at teak for something a little more traditional.

Consider seat cushions

If your stools are for inside use then there is a much greater choice and you may want to opt for traditional wooden styles such as bentwood, or if you have an industrial theme, then there are plenty of metal stools and wooden stools with metal frames such as Tolix, and our cargo, Helen, and hairpin stools. You’ll also need to consider whether your stools need to have backs, which do offer more support for your customers but due to their style take up more room. A padded seat is another option, especially if your customers are sitting for a long period of time. Consider stools which are upholstered with a vinyl as opposed to fabric since this is easy to wipe clean insitu, or if you’re purchasing Tolix stools, then you can always buy vinyl seat cushions as an add on.

The only way you can go wrong when buying bar stools is to invest in stools which are not designed for commercial use, cost you more than your original budget, or simply look out of place. If you stick to your budget and consider your décor, then your cafe or bar will look amazing with the addition of brand new bar stools.

Take a look

Here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne we stock a wide selection of bar stools in differing heights. Why not browse our online store or call into our new showroom at Dandenong to see for yourselves. With so many options there’s sure to be a stool that meets your requirements. If you need any further information on any of our products then please don’t hesitate to call us on 03 9088 4163.

Get More Bums On Seats With Our Cargo Stools

cargo-stool-in-dark-timberThe hospitality sector is all about getting bums on seats and thanks to our attractive Cargo Stools you’ll soon be enjoying maximum occupancy. Measuring 760mm in height, it’s perfect for placing beneath any counter, high table, or bar table.

We’re excited to introduce yet another new bar stool to our collection of commercial stools and this is the Cargo Stool. Featuring a warm moulded seat in light or dark timber it offers both a natural and modern aesthetic to your cafe, bar, or kitchen. The black powder coated steel frame lends strength to the stool while the moulded timber seat provides both warmth and comfort. This attractive counter stool feels and looks equally at home in industrial themed cafes as it does a modern minimalist cafe or bar.

Boasting elements of vintage modern combined with a refined natural quality, the Cargo stool has a timeless quality which means that as new trends come and go, it will still fit into most environments.

Finding the right bar stool can be a challenge since there are many things to consider.

  • Comfort – The cargo stool is designed for inside use only and with its generous moulded seat and handy footrest is ideal for those customers wishing to sit at the counter and engage easily with those seated around them.

  • Durability – The cargo stool is a commercial grade stool which means that it can withstand the daily rigours of a bustling cafe. Fashioned from steel, it’s lightweight yet strong, and easy to move from one area to another.

  • Design – When choosing a stool it’s important that the design matches your theme and décor and the cargo stool does this easily since it’s made from both wood for a traditional appearance and steel, for a more contemporary aesthetic.

  • Space saving – Stools offer the perfect solution in areas where space is tight and you want to provide additional seating to attract more customers and boost your revenue. The cargo stool is compact in its design and will easily slot into awkward corners and recesses, and when not in use will slide effortlessly beneath a counter or bar table.

  • Easy to care for – Bar stools take one heck of a bashing so it’s important that they are easy to care for. The cargo stool requires little more than a wipe down with a damp cloth and mild cleansing fluid to remove any stains or spills, followed by a quick buff with a dry cloth.

So if you’re looking to maximise your space then why not test drive our cargo stools. You’re welcome to drop by our showroom in Campbellfield to see them first hand or order them from our online store. Meanwhile if you need any more information on any of our products don’t hesitate to call us on (03) 9088 4163 and we’ll be happy to assist.

How To Choose The Right Height Stool

ladder-back-cafe-stoolsStools are one of the hardest working pieces of furniture in your cafe and although it can be tempting to buy them purely based on their looks, it’s also important to ensure that you get the right height, look, and feel thats appropriate for your cafe space. Thanks to this easy guide that we’ve put together, buying the right stool has never been easier.

Our stools are divided into 3 main categories: short, medium, and tall but there may be slight variations in individual heights, so it’s always agood idea to check out the specifications before placing an order. The most important thing, however, when choosing a stool is to consider the height of the table or counter that you’re placing them around to make sure there is room for the sitter’s legs.

Short stools

Short stools are one of the most useful types of stool you can have in your cafe since they can be brought out to act as impromptu additional seating as well as being transformed into stunning side tables too.

  • Typically these measure 44-46cm in height

  • Stackable are useful if storage space is limited

  • Can also be used as side tables

Medium stools

These are also classed as counter stalls and as their name suggests are designed to sit beneath cafe counters

  • Typically these measure 62-66cm in height

  • Usually the same height as your cafe counters

  • Some are available as stackable designs

  • Some are designed to swivel

Tall stools

These are used for bar counters and bar tables and give an elegant look to your cafe space

  • Usually they measure 75-76 cm in height

  • Come with or without backs

  • Some styles swivel

Adjustable stools

If you’re still not sure of the exact height of stool that you need then our Detroit stalls which adjust are designed to come to your rescue. They’re a good idea in any cafe setting since they enable people of varying heights to sit on them without hitting their knees on the counter.

Key stool styles

Industrial – These have more of a rough and ready appearance with the most popular brand being Tolix. Also keep a lookout for other simple designs which combine metal and wood such as our Detroit stool and Helen stools.

Colourful – Coloured stools enable you to go a little bit wild with colours and finishes to transform a plain area with ease. Our replica Tolix stools come in a spectrum of colours, making it easy to fit them into your décor. You might also like our funky latte stools.

Rustic stools – These are timeless classics which have more of a simplistic elegance about them. We’re referring to our Bentwood stools which come in a variety of backless designs as well as with backs.


Should we use our stools outside?

Metal stools should definitely be used outside but it’s always wise to bring them in at night as they can corrode in the harsh climate. Short stools are best for these, such as our short replia tolix stools.

Should we mix and match stools?

Yes, definitely. One of the best things about stools is that they tend to be more affordable than chairs which allows you to experiment with them. While it’s not advisable to position different heights around a table it is fun to use lots of different colours to create an eclectic vibe.

What are the best stools for children?

We’d suggest stools with backs since children tire easily and can sit back safely if the stool has a back to it.

Here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne we stock a wide range of commercial stools in a selection of styles, materials, colours, and sizes so you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for. Why nor browse our online store or pop into our showroom to see them for yourse

Top Tips On How To Choose The Perfect Bar Stool

Hairpin Timber seat stoolWhether you’re redesigning your cafe interior or simply looking for some additional bar stools, then we’ve put together a few handy tips to help you find the stool that’s right for you. You may have even started your search and found that with so many options it can be quite overwhelming. The first place to start is by limiting your choice to stools which are described as ‘commercial’. These are manufactured especially for cafes, bars, and eateries and designed to withstand frequent daily use. So never be tempted to buy a stool that isn’t commercial, as it simply isn’t up to the job.

Complements the décor

When choosing your bar stools you should look for a style that fits in with your décor and adds visual appeal to the surroundings. For a rustic style of cafe you may want to choose wooden bar stools which are in keeping with the warmth of the environment. For an urban cafe, you could consider metal stools such as Tolix which give an industrial feel. For a cafe that is more traditional, then how about a stool which combines a metal frame with a timber seat, such as our hairpin stool in black? Don’t be afraid to be creative with your choice and play with colours and styles to create a visual appeal that will have customers coming back for more.


Are you looking to purchase stools for outside or are you looking to add them to the interior of your cafe? This is more significant than you might think, since if you’re buying a stool to use outdoors then it needs to be fit for the purpose so that it can withstand the harsh Australian climate. On the other hand, an indoor stool needs to be one that can withstand the daily rigours of a bustling environment, and the abuse that comes with it. If your stools are designed for a specific use and you don’t adhere to that, then you could invalidate your warranty, so be sure to heed the manufacturer’s guide lines.


That all important pop of colour is so important to bring your interior and exterior to life and to stamp your own personality on it. Stools are great for this purpose since you can choose metal stools which have been powder coated in any number of vibrant shades and hues, or you can use wooden stools with colourful vinyl seats. Playing with colour really can add visual interest.


Size is an all important factor when buying bar stools as they need to be proportionate to the size of your establishment. You might want to consider backless stools or stools with a small back which take up less space if you have a small venue. For larger venues, you could consider stools with a wider back or a fuller bucket style. It’s always a good idea to take measurements and map out a floor plan so you know just where you’re going to place your stools and how many you will need.

These are just a few considerations when buying bar stools for your establishment. Here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne we stock a wide range of bar stools in an assortment of styles, materials, sizes, and colours. We’re more than happy to offer advice on our stools and to give you more information on any of our products. Please call us on 03 9357 9688 and our friendly staff will be able to assist. Alternatively, call into our showroom in Campbellfield and check out our stools for yourself.

How To Use Your Competitors When Choosing Your Bar Stools

tolix bar stoolsBefore diving straight in and purchasing some bar stools for your cafe or bar, it might just be an idea to visit a few of your competitors and take a look at how their barstools are being used. Just by observing, you can see some things you might want to copy and some things which might be best avoided. Below are 8 things to ask yourself when checking out your competitor’s bar stools.

Do the customers look comfortable?

Customers should look comfortable on their bar stools with their feet resting on a bar to take away any pressure from dangling legs. Seat size should be adequate to fit most sizes too, and the stools should be at the right height for the bar so that customers aren’t looming over the bar or sitting way too low beneath it.

Do the bar stools wobble?

It’s natural for there to be a little wobble since all floors are not constructed level neither are bar stool legs. However, if there appears to be significant wobbling, then avoid these types of stool. Another thing to observe is whether there’s any wobble between the seat and the base where the seat rests.

How easy are the stools to move around?

See if customers are able to move the bar stools if they need to or if they’re too heavy. Strangely enough it’s often the lightweight stools which not only are easier to move but are better constructed, so don’t be tempted to buy the heaviest stools.

Do the bar stools look worn?

Quality materials are the key to the longevity of a bar stool. Cheap fabric can soon wear out and lacquer can become grimy with use. Tolix metal stools are a great choice because they age well and look full of character even with a few dents and scratches.

Do the bar stools match the architecture?

It’s a good idea when observing the competition to take note of the style that is most appropriate for your venue. A single stool in a picture may look great but sometimes when there are several grouped together, they can look totally different.

Do the bar stools have backs?

A lot of consideration needs to go into whether to choose stools with or without backs. Take a look at a cafe which uses both for example, to see which location they place each type in. Sometimes a mixture of both adds more customer comfort, but if you decide backless is appropriate then you’ll save yourself a few dollars in the process.

Do the stools swivel?

Swivel stools require more maintenance than those which are non-swivel so you might want to consider the cost of maintenance weighed against the additional customer comfort, and decide if it’s really worth the extra expense. What do your competitors mostly have?

Are there enough stools?

How do your competitors use their bar stools in any given space. Are there too many, too few, or have they got it just right? Some cafe owners buy too many stools which makes it difficult for customers to get on and off. Others don’t buy enough, which means they’re missing out on extra drinks/food which they could have sold. Take a look to see if your competitors seem to be crowding their customers, or have wasted space, and this may give you an indication of how many stools you need to buy.

Visiting a few competitors need cost you little more than your time and a few cups of coffee, but what you learn from it could be invaluable, giving you ideas and helping you avoid any pitfalls.

Here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne we sell a wide range of bars stools in an assortment of style, sizes, colours, and materials. Take a look in our online store or visit our showroom in Campbellfield to see them first hand. Meanwhile if you have any questions or need some advice about any of our products, just pick up the phone and give us a call on 03 9357 9688

Bringing Your Cafe Into The 21st Century Using 3 Simple Techniques That Won’t Break The Bank

ribbon-stool-black02If there’s one thing that can prove costly and that’s updating the look and feel of your cafe space. The issue is that if you don’t, it can become stale and chances are you won’t be enticing many new customers through the door. So with trendy looking cafe spaces being more important than ever, just how do you update the look and feel of your cafe, without it costing you the earth? Let’s take a closer look.


Subtle small changes can make a huge uplifting difference to your décor so what better way to bring it right into 2016 than to accessorise. Natural materials are all the rage right now so stone, copper, and natural woods are very en vogue. How about a centre-piece picture with a copper or wooden frame? Or how about some stylish natural stone lamps to adorn your tables?

Artisan goods are also in so crochet, macramé, pottery, and Moroccan rugs or pouffes don’t have to cost the earth but will modernise your space perfectly. Finally ‘outside is the new inside’ (apparently) so to achieve his look why not bring in an abundance of shrubbery and make it a statement piece. How about a kumquat tree complete with it’s lovely bright orange fruit, or why not create a wall of lush hanging plants?

High dining

I know what you’re thinking…”I’m a cafe, so I don’t really want to be serving posh or expensive food”. Actually the term isn’t about the food at all, it’s actually about the furniture. Believe it or not high dining is a concept that’s becoming increasingly popular amongst trendy bars, restaurants and cafe’s and is literally dining at height. Extra high tables and chairs are surprisingly easy to come by and don’t have to be overly expensive (especially if you scour the list of recently closed cafe’s in your area, or attend specialist cafe sales).What’s more, you only need a few to add variety to your existing seating to create a truly unique look.

Changing your table tops

You might be surprised that you can make a whole heap of difference to your existing cafe, simply by changing your table tops. It’s usually cheaper than replacing the whole table and what’s more they come in an infinite number of colours, shapes, and materials. Add a lick of paint to the walls to freshen them up and bingo, you’ve got a brand new contemporary look for not very much cash.

As well as dishing out great design ideas we also supply quality, commercial-grade cafe furniture. Why not take a look at our website at Alternatively, if you’re fresh out of ideas then give us a call on 03 9357 9688 and talk to our experienced team who are more than happy to assist. Finally, we also have a showroom based in the Campbellfield area of Melbourne, so if you’re in the vicinity why not take a closer look and see what we have to offer first hand. We’re confident that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

A Thought Provoking Bar Stool

Ribbon StoolWe’ve blogged on numerous occasions about the usefulness of bar stools in cafes for maximising your floor space, creating varying heights, and being incredibly portable. But now we’ve got a new arrival which is set to provoke thought – the Ribbon stool.

Our Ribbon chairs have proved to be very popular with our customers and so we’re excited to now be able to offer a Ribbon stool. For those of you who’re not familiar with the Ribbon design, it’s actually a replica of Phillipe Stark’s Masters Chair. This thought provoking chair cleverly combines three iconic chairs by well known 20th century designers Charles Eames, Eero Saarinen, and Arne Jacobsen and is a fine example of the quirky designs and innovative construction that people have come to expect from Phillipe Stark.

Surprising twist to your interior

The Ribbon stool is truly eye-catching and sure to be a talking point in your cafe. Moulded from extremely strong polypropylene this unique design flows sensuously without any awkward angles or uncomfortable screws. It’s also UV treated which means that it’s suitable for indoor or outdoor use, making for a very versatile piece of furniture which is sure to be a great addition to your cafe, bar, or restaurant.

The back offers good support for the person seated and the height of the stool gives them a great vantage point of their surroundings. The seat has a generous size to it and there’s also an integrated foot rest so that legs aren’t left dangling, making for a comfortable stool on which to enjoy a latte and chocolate muffin.

Strong and robust, the stool is also light enough to be moved around with ease and when not in use, is designed to be stacked for convenient storage.

Shown here in black, the ribbon stool is a statement piece which will also add a surprising twist to your dining space.

Just imagine how stunning these Ribbon stools would look lined up beneath a gleaming black counter with a stainless steel backsplash and crisp white walls. Or for a more cosy intimate experience for two, try placing these delightful bar stools around our 600mm black replica Tolix tables with a timber top.

There’s no better way of attracting new customers than with a few key pieces of interesting furniture, so why not give our ribbons stools your consideration. If these aren’t really your thing then we’ve got a wide range of bar stools to suit all tastes and budgets. Why not take a closer look in our online store or, if you happen to be in the Campbellfield area of Victoria, then please feel free to drop into our warehouse and try them out for yourself. If you need any more information then don’t hesitate to call us on 03 9357 9688.

Introducing Our Matte Replica Tolix Bar Stools

46-round-blackA successful company always takes heeds of what its customers are saying which is why we’re pleased to announce the arrival of our matte Tolix bar stools. As much as many of our customers are huge fans of our replica Tolix stools with their glossy finish, there were many also said that for them, a matte finish stool would work much better in their venue. Well voilà, now you can find them here in all their glory.

So what makes Tolix bar stools so popular?


Made from powder coated steel these retro style stools are strong and robust and yet light enough to be moved with ease from one place to another. The best thing about Tolix stools is that if they get a little dented or scratched, they actually look better since it adds to their character. You can’t say that about many modern furniture designs. The rectangular cut out in the seat isn’t just a design whim or an easy way of picking up the stool as some people may think, but was actually intended to be a drain hole as cafe owners used to leave their stools out in all weathers.


Another great reason for buying Tolix stools is their versatility. They first became synonymous with French cafe culture in the 1930’s when they were originally made in gun metal grey and could be found in all of the bars and cafes in Paris. However, these stools have the ability to look good in all types of designs, whether it be an industrial theme, French country farmhouse, or a contemporary kitchen, and if you use copies, then you can save yourself a packet.

Retro design

People just love the retro design of these stools with their clean lines, integral foot rests, and legs that protrude at a sight angle. The fact that they can slot into all sorts of spaces to maximise your floor space and be stacked away for storage, all adds to their appeal.

Great range of colours

Finally, our replica Tolix stools are available in three different sizes and a great variety of colours. Whether you’re looking for black or white, metallic hues, or vibrant purple, orange, red, yellow, green, plus lots more, there’s a colour to suit all designs and décor. Although our matte replica stools are intended for indoor use, you can pay an extra $20 to have them upgraded for external use, in any colour of your choice.

How long will their popularity last? It’s difficult to say but based on durability and stunning good looks, not to mention the affordable price of replicas, it’s our guess that bums will be sitting on these stools for many years in the foreseeable future.

To find out more about our stools or any of our other products please don’t hesitate to call us on 03 9357 9688. Meanwhile if you happen to be in the Campbellfield area of Melbourne, then why not pop into our warehouse where you can see these stools for yourself.