Discover The Benefits Of Our Parisian Cafe Chairs

With customers becoming more discerning than ever it’s even more important to stand your cafe out from the crowd by way of comfortable, stylish furniture. We’ve got just the solution with our beautiful range of Parisian cafe chairs.

Paris is renown for its terrace culture and if you ever visit, you’ll find the pavements crammed with small bistro tables and wicker chairs, which have come to be known as Parisian cafe chairs. Authentic Parisian chairs have always been made from wicker which to be perfectly honest, requires a little more pampering than other types of chairs, to keep them looking their best. Fortunately our Parisian chairs are a modern twist on these ‘golden oldies’ and as such are a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor cafe dining. They offer several key benefits too, so let’s dive in and take a look.

Benefits of modern-day Parisian chairs

  • Strong and durable – Today’s Parisian chairs have stepped away from traditional wicker and instead use a welded aluminium frame, finished to look like cane, together with a strong nylon ‘wicker’ seat and back. The obvious advantage of this type of material combo is that these chairs can withstand the harsh Australian climate without drying out or rotting as they might have otherwise done. Designed for commercial use, all of our Parisian chairs are able to withstand the daily rigours of the busiest establishment.

  • Light weight and stackable – Our Parisian chairs are lightweight and easy to move around to suit the needs of your business. What’s more, they can be stacked 12+ high which is ideal if you need to store them away and your space is limited. Stackable chairs make clearing away at the end of a busy day seem like a walk in the park since they can quickly and easily be moved undercover and locked up, once the day is over.

  • Easy to cleanSince the wicker-look seats and backs are manufactured from tough nylon fabric, these chairs are easy to clean with little more than a damp cloth and mild cleanser. At the start of the season, it’s easy to line up all your chairs and simply hose them down with cold water, leaving them to dry naturally in the sunshine.

  • Comfortable – Comfort is key if you want your customers to stay for longer and to come again and our Parisian chairs fit the bill perfectly. Available with or without arms, the chair seats are also elaticated beneath to give that extra bit of bounce and comfort when seated.

  • Stylish and versatile – Offered in a choice of colours and patterns, these chairs will easily fit into most decors and look great sat around any of our Isotop tables. Perfect for creating a Mediterranean ambience, these chairs are sure to attract admiring glances.

The Enduring Appeal Of Tolix

If you’re a regular visit to our website you may have noticed that we’re currently running a sale of our entire range of Tolix cafe furniture which is kinda why this post is about the enduring appeal of Tolix. So read on and find out more ……

It all started in the 1930’s with a design classic that’s been delighting us ever since – the Model A chair from Tolix which is as versatile and stylish today as it was back then.

The Model a chair, sometimes referred to as the Marais A chair, was the work of Frenchman, Xavier Pauchard who designed it in 1934 having trademarked the name ‘Tolix’ for his manufacturing business as far back as 1927. Made from sheet metal, the Tolix Chair, as most of us refer to it, became an instant hit and is still one of the most popular designs in a number of chairs, stools, and armchairs that Pauchard made.

84 years later and we’re all still madly in love with the Tolix chair and it’s not hard to see why. Sturdy and stackable for saving space, lightweight yet solid, this chair is a perfect marriage of shapely good looks and practicality. While being the quintessential cafe chair it works just as well indoors or out and fits in effortlessly in a variety of design styles from rustic to industrial and modern to country.

It’s available in its raw galvanised form or a range of beautiful colours and works really well as part of a layered texture scheme, from rattan to recycled timber, or even as the star of the show in a pared back minimalist décor.

Cafe owners never tire of this great little chair for the simple fact that it is incredibly versatile and practical. It’s a must have for any industrial theme and just looks so familiar, as if it’s always been there. Try pairing it with rustic timber benches or sit a variety of different coloured Tolix chairs around a communal dining table to lend an area of casual relaxation, which surely is what communal dining is all about.

By choosing a timeless classic to furnish your cafe with, you have the reassurance that it will never go out of fashion and to ring the changes you can simply play around with the colours on your wall or add some funky lighting. Another great benefit of Tolix chairs is they’re one of the few items of furniture which actually look better with age. Who cares if your chairs are a little dented or scratched – it all adds to the charm.

At Cafe Furniture we have a wide range of tolix chairs and stools, plus a couple of meeting tables. So why not take a look and find out what all the fuss is about?

Discover The Many Benefits Of Tolix Chairs

You’re probably familiar with Tolix chairs since they’re extremely popular in cafes, bars, and restaurants worldwide. Considering their history dates back to 1939 when they were first designed by Frenchman, Xavier Pauchard, it’s true to say that he hit on a real winner with the design and the material used for the chairs.

In fact Xavier Pauchard used galvanised steel in the production of these chairs for the simple fact that it didn’t rust. At first they were mostly used as utilitarian furniture and could be found in schools and hospitals, before being adopted by bistros and cafes. They were intended for outdoor use and had holes on the seats which were to allow the rainwater to drain quickly off them. Nowadays, however, they’re also a popular choice of indoor chair.

So why are Tolix chairs so popular? What are their benefits?

Strong and stackable

These quirky chairs are made from steel which is lightweight yet strong and allows you to move them around with ease whenever the needs of your business dicate. They’re also stackable which makes for convenient storage, especially if you want to use your floor space for other purposes.

Easy maintenance

Any thriving business requires chairs that can be maintained with very little effort and this is certainly true of Tolix chairs. It’s not often that you can say that a dent or scratch adds to the appearance of your furniture, but in the case of Tolix, it really does add character. Not only that, these chairs can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild cleansing agent to remove any spills ro food debris.


What we love most about these chairs is the range of colours available. With a rainbow of vibant colours including red, yellow, blue, and green and gorgeous metallic sheens, as well as black and white, it’s a doddle finding a colour to match your theme or décor.

Our replica Tolix chairs are also available with timber seats which makes it easier to team them with timber tables too. If you’re wanting bar stools to match, then you’ll also find that our Tolix stools come in three different heights and again, a wide variety of colours enabling you to mix and match to your heart’s content.

Accent pieces

Finally Tolix chairs with their vibrant colours nake perfect accent pieces if you have a neutral palette. Just imagine bright red Tolix chairs sat around white tables for a real pop of colour? Or how about alternating colours sat around communal timber dining tables – beautiful!

Here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne we stock a wide range of cafe furniture in a variety of materials, designs, and colours. Why not browse our online store, download our latest furniture catalogue, or visit our showrooms to see our products first hand. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

5 Things To Consider When Buying Cafe Chairs


Cafe chairs are arguably some of the most important pieces of furniture for your cafe and not only do they affect the appearance of your cafe or bar but ultimately they can determine whether customers return again.

With so many different styles of chairs to choose from, how do you go about making the right choice for your establishment. Well….. we’ve put together a few tips to help you.

  • Durability – It goes without saying that your cafe chairs need to be durable and long lasting, after all you don’t want to be replacing them a few months down the line. It’s always best to buy commercial furniture since this is designed to be used frequently on a daily basis and can withstand the rigours of the busiest environment.

  • Material – To narrow down your search, it helps if you have an idea of the type of material that you’d like your chairs to be made from. One thing to consider is whether your chairs are for interior use only or if you want to be able to use them outdoors too. Chairs that can be utilised both indoors and out include those made from rattan, aluminium, treated metal, polypropylene and you’ll find a wide range of styles and colours within these categories.

  • Modern, traditional or vintage – While searching for new cafe chairs you also need to consider your décor and theme. If for example, you’re rocking an industrial look then metal chairs such as Tolix are an obvious choice as are chairs and stools which combine wooden seats and backrests with metal frames. If your establishment is more traditional then you might want to consider classic styles such as ladder back chairs or bentwood cabaret chairs. Alternatively you might favour the sleek lines and curves of modern styles such as our Loft chair which features a roomy polypropylene seat with steel legs with a timber look coating.

  • Comfort – However great your cafe chairs look if they aren’t comfortable then customers are unlikely to return. Always try out a chair yourself for comfort before placing an order, after all if you find it uncomfortable to sit on, then it’s likely your customers will too. You might want to choose chairs with padded seats for extra comfort, and this being the case, it’s a good idea to opt for chairs with removable covers that you can wash or those that are covered with easy to wipe clean vinyl.

  • Movability – Finally, consider the weight of your chairs. If they’re too heavy then staff and customers alike are going to find them difficult to move when they want to get in and out from the table. Lightweight doesn’t mean that a chair isn’t strong and reliable. More and more manufacturers are using timber coating on tubular steel frames as this gives the rich warm feel of wood, only it’s lighter in weight and more easily maintained.

On reflection you may it best to choose an assortment of chairs for different areas of your cafe. Customers like to have options and different styles of chairs can also be used to zone your cafe. Tub chairs or sofas for example, indicate that customers can expect to relax and stay a while longer whereas bar stools would suggest that a customer is just going to grab a drink and leave. Upright chairs such as ladderback and bentwood also suggest a more formal area for customers to enjoy food and drink sat around tables.

At Cafe Furniture Melbourne we stock a wide range of cafe chairs with prices and styles to suit everyone. Why not browse our online store, download our furniture catalogue, or drop by our showroom to try out the chairs for yourself.

What Exactly Is Single Injection Moulding?

Nicole chair in Mocha

For anyone who has bothered to look at the specifications of many of our polypropylene chairs they’ll have noticed that they’re manufactured using a process known as a single injection mould. So what is this and what are the benefits of this process. Let’s take a look below.

Injection moulded goods are all around us and include plastic chairs, toys, and containers for electrical goods. In simple terms, the procedure works by turning the polymer to liquid by heating it up before injecting it into a mould. This is then compressed and left to cool resulting in the finished product.

The process is quick and easy consisting of the following steps:

  1. The mould for the shape of the chair is made and split into two halves
  2. The moulding machine uses a clamp to hold both pieces tightly together at the start of the manufacturing process
  3. A hopper is loaded with plastic pellets which feeds them into a heater that turns them into molten plastic
  4. This liquid plastic is then injected into the mould completely filling it, after which it’s left to cool down into a solid form
  5. The clamps are removed and the finished product is ejected from the mould.

Benefits of injection moulding

Injection moulding is one of the most popular manufacturing processes in the world today and has many benefits, including:

  • Fast production – one of the main benefits of injection moulding is that it can be carried out at speed, with barely any human intervention, to make even the most intricate of products.
  • Low manufacturing costs – Since this is an automated procedure the manufacturing costs of injection moulding are relatively low. This makes it an ideal manufacturing method in a market where costs need to be kept to a minimum to be competitive
  • Economical – This form of manufacturing results in very little waste and, where there is any waste plastic this can usually be recycled. Products made in this way are an ideal choice for companies/customers looking for environmentally friendly solutions
  • High strength – You may think that high speeds and low costs equate to a product which is not particularly strong. However this is far from the truth. During the manufacturing process fillers can be added as required both to enhance and make the product more durable
  • Flexible – Another benefit of injection moulding is that the process is very flexible. It’s easy to produce variations of the product by injecting different materials into the mould and it’s even possible to inject a variety of materials at the same time to create a variety of effects.

Single injected moulded plastic chairs offer our customers many benefits with the main one being their cost which is considerably less than for metal or wooden chairs. In addition, there is a huge variety of styles and colours to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that takes your fancy.

One of our new arrivals is the Nicole chair which is available in black, latte, and mocha to give a subtle, refined look to your dining space. Why not check this out and others in our online store, by downloading our latest furniture catalogue, or by visiting our showrooms.

Ladder Back Chairs – A Little Piece Of History

Ladder back chairs get their name from the horizontal spindles or slats that make up the back rest and look similar to rungs of a ladder. They date back to the middle ages when they could be found in homes all over Europe and by the 17th century they were the most common type of chair that could be found in England. In Australia they became prevalent around the 1870’s and although they weren’t as pretty as some of the other chairs being produced at that time, they were probably the sturdiest.

Quick to make and practical

The ladder back chair evolved at a time when timber was plentiful while machinery for woodworking purposes was limited. At the time that these chairs were made, practicality was the name of the game, with less attention paid to the finish as it would have been for higher grade furniture. In fact, many of the chairs were simply sanded down and left whereas others were given a quick coat of varnish.


The construction of ladder back chairs was simple and they weren’t intended to stand out from other furniture. As such they were used for a variety of purposes including sitting on, stepping on, standing on, and even to hang newly made candles. They were handy little chairs to have around the house and took up very little space because of their small seats. Another advantage was that they could be easily carried around simply by tucking the back under an arm and holding on to one of the lower rungs. Due to their design, very little wood was needed to make several chairs, so they were cost effective too. One of the most popular designs was the ladder back rocking chair and this was nearly always featured in the movies of the time.

Collector pieces

Although they are simplistic, ladder back chairs are good looking in their own right and kind of comforting as it is a style most of us are familiar with. They’re still being produced today whereas the older ones have become highly collectable with some antique ones being sold for a tidy sum of money.

Modern day ladder back chairs


Today ladder back chairs are just as popular in cafes and bars as they have ever been and at Cafe Furniture Melbourne we have a good selection to choose from. Manufactured with either an oak or dark walnut frame they’re upholstered with a soft vinyl seat cushion in black, chocolate, charcoal and caramel, to give more flexibility when styling them with existing furniture and decor. Priced at under $90 they’re a real steal. Durable and long lasting, they’ll serve you well for many years and also come with a 12 month warranty. Why not take a look in our online store, download our latest furniture catalogue, or even drop by our Melbourne showroom. You’re guaranteed a warm welcome.

Reasons To Love Our Parisian Cafe Chairs

As our regular customers will know we’re constantly adding new and exciting products to our inventory of cafe furniture and one of our latest arrivals is the Parisian chair with its bold V pattern. If you’re in the market for new cafe chairs then this one deserves a place in your cafe. Below we’ve listed some of the reasons to love our fabulous range of Parisian chairs.

Capture your own little corner of Paris

These stunning bistro style chairs let you easily create the allure of a Parisian sidewalk cafe which for this time of the year will be rammed with customers enjoying the feel of warm sunshine on their faces.

Stronger than rattan

The welded aluminium frame has been cleverly finished to give the appearance of rattan and yet is much stronger and resistant to the harshest Australian weather. The ‘rattan’ wicker features a bold chevron pattern which is sure to turn heads and is also resistant to the effects of sun, wind, and rain.

Lightweight and low maintenance

What you’ll also appreciate about these Parisian bistro chairs is the fact that they’re incredibly strong yet lightweight and easy to move around as the needs of your business demand. Low in maintenance, any spills or debris can be wiped off with little else but a damp cloth and a non abrasive cleaning agent.


These fantastic chairs can be stacked 12+ high which is ideal if you’re lacking storage space and also helps to make clean-up at the end of the day an absolute breeze.

Indoor/outdoor use

When buying cafe chairs it makes sense to buy those which can be used indoor and outside since this lets you create a seamless flow from one area to another, and also lets you ‘borrow’ from one or other area at your busiest times, without having odd chairs.


It’s imperative that your customers should feel comfortable when seated as this is likely to encourage them to stay longer, order more food and drinks, and return again. With their generous sized seat, and supportive back rest this side chair is very comfortable, and due to the lack of arms, it also allows you to place more chairs around a large table without overcrowding your guests.

Stylish appeal

This Parisian chair oozes style and because of its neutral colouring will fit effortlessly into most decors. It’s also easy to match with a variety of tables although we think it looks best with a marble table or one with a gleaming black granite top.

12 month warranty

Finally, our Parisian chairs all come with a 12 month warranty for that added peace of mind.

Here at Cafe Furniture we’ve got a wide range of cafe chairs so why not browse our on line store or drop by our Campbellfield showroom to try them out for yourself. With affordable prices, high quality products, and outstanding customer service, you can buy from us with confidence. If you need any further information on any of our cafe furniture and equipment then please just give us a call on (03) 9088 4163.

3 Reasons To Love The Belle Chair

Meet Belle – 3 Reasons Why We Love This Modern Cafe Chair

One of the latest additions to our store, Belle has quickly become a firm favourite of ours. Adopting a minimal approach to design and functionality, Belle balances a sleek contemporary aesthetic with a classic influence.

Beautiful inside and out

Belle is manufactured from just one piece of polypropylene for added strength and with its elegant design looks a million miles away from the chunky plastic chairs of yesteryear. The thoughtful design includes a generous sized seat, slatted back rest to support the user’s back, and arms for added comfort, offset by slim tapering legs which look so incredibly stylish.

Best of all, unlike some plastic chairs, this one looks great indoors and out, and can be easily styled with other materials and textures to create a warm and inviting ambience.

Classic colours

Some people love bright neon colours but we’re a little more conservative and have to say that we’re really pleased that this chair is presented in just 4 understated colours, namely black, white, charcoal, and red. Each colour works well on its own and will slot into most decors; and if you wanted to use all 4 colours together, perhaps around some communal tables, that would look great too.

In fact one of the trends for outdoor furniture this summer is white, which is loved for its crisp, fresh look. If you’re considering revamping your outdoor dining area then the Belle white chair has to be a serious contender. Paired with white tables, pastel coloured parasols, and plenty of green foliage dotted around, you could create a cool oasis that customers would love to relax in over a glass of something long and chilled.

A hardworking chair

Your investment in cafe chairs needs to last you more than just a couple of years which is why Belle is such a great choice. Manufactured from an extremely durable material and all in one piece with no joints to weaken or split, she also comes with a 2 year warranty against any damage caused from manufacturing defects.

Weatherproof and UV resistant, Belle can also withstand the harsh Australian climate and won’t crack, split, or fade in the sun or rust or rot in wet weather. What’s more Belle can be stacked at the end of a busy day, for convenient storage. Now that is a big deal!

So if you’re in need of new cafe chairs this spring and summer, why not consider Belle. At Cafe furniture we’ve got a wide range of cafe chairs and tables to choose from all at extremely affordable prices, so why not take a look. You can also visit our showroom in Campbellfield to see and try it first hand. If you’ve got any questions for us, then please just give us a call on (03) 9088 4163.

3 Ways To Mix and Match Cafe Chairs Successfully

If you’re looking to give your cafe an exciting or edgy new look then how about mixing and matching your chairs. Although most of us have been conditioned to think that the chairs in a cafe or restaurant need to be the same, in reality there’s nothing to say that this is indeed the case.

Mixing and marching chairs is a quick way of injecting personality into your cafe’s interior and means you don’t have to spend hours hunting down the exact same chair, when one needs replacing. In fact, thanks to our label sale which is running for the whole of July, you can pick up an assortment of chairs at discounted prices. Now that’s got to be a good incentive, right?

It’s easy to style mix and match chairs – just use your imagination. Who says you can’t throw in the odd brightly coloured chair around your white dining sets? Or why not scatter around some colourful stacking stools which you can bring out when you have a rush of customers through your doors. If you can’t decide between vintage or industrial, then why not have both?

Same design – different colours

The basic rule of mis matched chairs is to have a common theme which brings them altogether. For example in this instance you could choose one of our chair ranges which has lots of different colours to choose from, such as our replica Tolix metal chairs or our resin premium cafe chairs. This works well with communal dining tables since you can select one main colour for your chairs, say white, and then add a couple of different colours at each end of the table or place them in random spots. You wouldn’t expect it to work but somehow it just does.

Same material – different design

Another look which is easy to pull off is to choose the same material for all of your chairs, say metal or wood, but opt for varying designs. If you’ve chosen wood then you can even raise your game with an assortment of shades of wood from dark oak through to palest ash. Or if using metallic chairs try using gleaming bronzes interspersed with a more moody dark copper tone. You get the picture?

Different style – same colour

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous then how about combining a variety of styles all in the same colour. The trick here is to keep your colour consistent, ie. black or fire engine red, but vary the styles, height, and shape to create a look that is bold and eye-catching.

To be successful with mis matched chairs try to keep your décor relatively simple and allow the chairs to do the talking. Adding a fussy background will completely mess up the look you’re trying to create. Why not browse our online store for inspiration or take a trip to our Campbellfield showroom to see our seating first hand. If you need any further information on any of our products please just give us a call on 03 9357 9688 and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

Reasons To Take Another Look At Wicker Furniture

If you’re considering updating your cafe seating then you might want to take a look at wicker furniture. It’s an option that’s often overlooked and yet it’s a material which works really well in the hospitality industry because resin wicker, in particular, can be used indoors and outside, adding to its versatility.

What is wicker furniture?

It’s often thought that the term ‘wicker’ relates to the type of material that the furniture is made from, whereas it is actually the name given to the process of weaving and the end result. Traditionally wicker furniture has been made from natural materials such as willow, cane, reeds, and rattan which has great elasticity that makes it easy to work with when creating different shapes for chairs. But ever more popular is furniture known as resin wicker which is in fact made from a synthetic material, notably polyurethene, with the end result intended to look like wicker.

There are many advantages to using wicker furniture in a commercial setting, such as a cafe or bar, so let’s take a look:


Wicker is a great way of achieving that dreamy French cafe look and never really seems to go out of fashion. Resin wicker is often woven onto cane or aluminium frames which can be easily made into a variety of shapes, sizes, and forms to create a chair that is light weight and portable. Made in a variety of colours and styles, it’s easy to find furniture to match your décor and meet your needs.


Although wicker chairs can feel firm and hard to the touch they are surprising comfortable because of the elasticity within the weave which offers good support as you sit down on it. You can also add seat cushions if you want to make your chairs look and feel more cosy, especially with the winter months setting in.


Resin wicker is particularly strong and durable since it is UV treated and won’t crack or split when it’s outside. It’s especially suited to bustling cafe life because of the fact that it is resistant to spills and moisture.


As mentioned earlier wicker furniture can be used indoors and outside meaning you can buy in bulk and save money by using this same furniture throughout your venue. Since it’s lightweight it means it can be easily re-arranged to meet your business demands too. If you choose wicker chairs made from natural materials then you’re also doing your bit for the planet since bamboo, cane, and rattan is sustainable and readily available in tropical countries.

We’ve got some great Parisian side chairs and armchairs in a variety of colours and styles which will add the certain “je ne sais quoi” to your establishment, so why not browse our online store or visit our showroom in Campbellfield where you can try them out. If you need any further information on any of our products then please don’t hesitate to contact us on (03) 9088 4163 where our knowledgeable staff will be able to help you.