Advantages of Stainless Steel in the Kitchen

If you’re looking to revamp your café’s kitchen then why not consider using stainless steel. Here at Café Furniture Melbourne we stock a wide range of stainless-steel kitchen equipment including benches, shelving solutions and sinks.

Stainless steel appliances have been popular in kitchens for many years now and if you want a kitchen that is timeless and modern, then stainless steel is the way to go. Naturally, there’s a reason for stainless steel’s popularity and that is that it’s clean, attractive, and long lasting. Read on to discover even more reasons for considering stainless steel in your commercial kitchen.

Durable and timeless

Following trends is all well and good but as you know, trends come and go, and there will come a time when your once modern kitchen looks dated and old, and you’ll need to replace it.

Stainless steel doesn’t rust, discolour, or fade and as such it will be pleasing to look at for many years to come which is why it’s the perfect choice for kitchen stoves, sinks and appliances.

Easy to clean

Stainless steel is also a good choice in the kitchen because it doesn’t absorb stains or smells. Unlike a vinyl surface which is porous, stainless steel resists absorption, making it easy to clean and sanitise. With the minimum of maintenance, stainless steel will retain its sleek, shiny looks for many years and doesn’t show signs of wear and tear.

Kitchen safe

Stainless steel is ideal for the hospitality sector for the simple fact that it doesn’t absorb germs and bacteria, which is so important in areas where food is being prepared.

Aesthetically pleasing

One of the best reasons for choosing stainless steel for any kitchen is that it fits in with most decors and looks stunning in any kitchen design. Why not try adding a few other textures into the mix such as a granite worktop or wooden cabinets to balance things out and make your kitchen appear even more stylish?

Made from 304 stainless steel our benches, shelving and sinks are all heavy duty and perfect for both commercial and home use and are supplied with a 12-month warranty. Our shelving systems are coated with black epoxy to protect again moisture too. Open shelving works well in commercial kitchens because it’s easy to spot items without delving into dark cupboards, and because they’re open and the contents are visible, it makes sense to keep them tidy all of the time too.

Make your café’s kitchen a better environment to be in with our Supremely Stainless range. We’re currently offering 25% discount on the whole range, so you can save yourself some money too.






4 Things to Consider Before Buying New Cafe Furniture

Launching a new cafe is a hectic time, and what with staffing, menus, suppliers and more things on your to-do list, it’s easy to lose track of all that you’ve yet to do. Even with the logistics to work out, it’s crucial to bear in mind the design of your cafe and your budget. The appearance of your interior space is one of the first impressions customers get of your cafe and combining great coffee and snacks with a welcoming environment, can turn their experience from OK to amazing.

We’ve put together 4 things to consider when looking for your cafe furniture.

  1. Cafe Design – When it comes to design and aesthetics, consistency is key. Try and keep every aspect of your cafe in mind when choosing a theme for your furniture – food, price, estimated duration of stay, staff uniforms etc. If you’re not too sure of the ins and outs of interior design then it’s fine to play it safe and stick with neutral shades such as black, grey, silver, white, or tan. Choose just one accent colour to liven things up and keep your wood tones uniform throughout. Keeping things consistent throughout will help build your brand and create a good experience that will encourage people to come back for more.

  1. Customer Comfort – If customers are going to enjoy drinking and eating at your cafe they need to feel comfortable. The level of comfort depends on the style of cafe you have and how long you intend for customers to stay. For instance, if you want a quick turnaround of tables, then don’t install lots of sofas or tub chairs as these naturally invite people to stay longer. Instead opt for more upright chairs made from metal or wood which are comfortable for shorter periods of time. In addition, take into account the amount of floor you have and be careful not to order so many chairs or tables that your customers feel cramped. If space is limited, you might want to consider back to back booth seating as this takes up less room than a table and 4 chairs. Consider the type of clientele you’re looking to attract too. For example, a younger clientele will appreciate technology at the table whereas older customers will appreciate space for high chairs, wheelchairs, and walkers.

  1. Durability and maintenance – Don’t be tempted to settle for the cheapest furniture you see, if the price seems too good to be true, then usually it is. Ensure that you only buy commercial furniture as this is designed to withstand regular, frequent use without showing signs of wear and tear. It’s an investment which will save you money over time. In addition, consider the maintenance needed to keep your furniture looking good. Heat resistant table tops are a great choice if you don’t want to bother with tablecloths, and can just be wiped down with a cloth and mild cleanser. Vinyl upholstery is also easier to wipe down and clean than more delicate fabrics.

  1. Business values – While you might not have considered this, the type of furniture you choose can say a lot about your business values. Many businesses are choosing furniture manufactured from sustainable sources using chemical-free processes. Furniture made in Australia also makes a statement about your commitment to supporting local businesses.

Choosing your cafe furniture may be just one more thing to do on your list, but trust us, when we say that it’s a critical aspect of your business which you need to pay particular attention to.

Advantages of Pendant Lights In Cafes and Restaurants

Investment in lighting is important for any hospitality business after all your guests want to be able to see what they’re eating but, on the other hand, they don’t want to dine in an area where the light is artificially bright and overpowering. So, getting your lighting right is an important element of creating a welcoming ambience for your customers.

Typically as a business, you probably need more than one type of lighting – technically termed as ‘layered lighting’ this is because you’ve probably got several different areas within your cafe and restaurant, all requiring different types of lighting and at different levels. We’re going to concentrate on pendant lighting which is extremely versatile and works well alongside other types of lighting such as inset LED ceiling lights and wall sconces.

Breaks up the monotony
Pendant lights help break up the monotonous of just one main light hung in the middle of a ceiling and the best thing is that they don’t leave a ‘footprint’ behind by taking up valuable countertop space. In fact, it helps to think of pendant lights as offering a big ‘pool’ of light since in the main their light is directed down to illuminate a larger area.

Task lighting
Pendant lights are often considered a useful source of task lighting and in a cafe or restaurant, they can be used to great effect to light up workstations where condiments, cutlery, and serviettes, etc may be displayed. They’re also great for lighting up a buffet table so that customers can see quite clearly all of the different dishes that have been set out.

High ceilings
Another benefit of pendant lights is that they can be suspended on long cords to bring your lighting down to your customers and look fabulous in an industrial space with high ceilings where they can be used to make a bold statement.

Modern and classic
Another thing we love about pendant lights is their versatility. They come in a huge range of styles, sizes, and colours. Traditionally pendant lighting was considered as a contemporary addition to the home or business but nowadays there are vintage styled pendant lights which fit equally as well with classical furniture and fittings.

Pendant lights can be fun as well as functional and people feel comfortable with them because they throw out a light which is soft and not as harsh as a spotlight. Why not use coloured shades to create a sculpted piece of artwork which not only reflects on objects below but on your customers too? You can also use pendant lights to divide up certain areas of your cafe instead of screens which can make smaller spaces feel a little claustrophobic. The variety of sizes from pendant lights as small as a wine glass to gigantic vertical shades means that the only limitation is possibly your imagination.

Why Materials Are So Important For Outdoor Cafe Furniture

If you’re looking for outdoor cafe furniture then it stands to reason that it needs to be durable, attractive, and convenient. Furniture that is kept outside needs to be able to withstand harsh weather. Heat from the sun can break down the fibres of natural materials while humidity can cause corrosion and mould. Chairs and tables for outdoor use need to be resistant to these factors and able to be stacked for storage. We’ve put together a quick overview of points to consider when choosing your outdoor cafe or bistro furniture.


Furniture for outdoor cafe use needs to be sufficiently light that it’s not difficult for members of staff to move it around. Typically outdoor furniture has to be packed up at the end of the day and stored under cover or in a secure place to avoid theft, and then in the morning it needs to be set out again. If furniture is heavy and difficult to move, then there is a chance of staff hurting themselves in the process. Fortunately, outdoor cafe chairs are lightweight and available in a wide range of styles and colours, making set up and put away, an absolute breeze.

Non corrosive

Corrosion can be a major problem with outdoor furniture. Untreated wrought iron for instance produces a reddish powder as it starts to rust, and becomes weaker. As well as looking unsightly, this reddish powder can rub off from tables and chairs on to peoples hands and clothing. Aluminium is a sleek modern alternative for those that like the look of metal cafe furniture and thanks to powder coatings, it can even be made to look like wrought iron.

Fungal resistant

Mould and mildew are types of fungal growths which set up home in the irregularities of wood that hasn’t been treated. Spores in the air land on the wood and this begins a decaying process which makes the furniture start to look weathered. The majority of soft woods used for indoor furniture aren’t suitable for outdoor use, with the exception of teak. This beautiful wood has always been popular for its weather resistant qualities and offers a wonderfully warm and natural aesthetic. Teak can be left to weather to a lovely silvery colour or you can oil it a couple of times a year to retain its colour.

Resistance to ultra violet light

The effects of ultra violet rays from the sun can be damaging to chairs made from natural materials such as wicker and can break down the structure of their fibres. Fortunately there are many “resin wicker” chairs on the market which are made from synthetic materials but still have that authentic French or Parisian chair aesthetic. These can withstand the sun and are lightweight and low in maintenance too. Another fabulous material for outdoor use is polypropylene. This comes in a huge range of designs and colours, allowing you to be as bold as you like with your outdoor design.

At Cafe Chairs Melbourne we have a wide range of stylish outdoor furniture so why not take a look and be inspired. You can browse our online store, download our latest furniture catalogue, and even visit our showroom to try out our products yourself.

Exploring The Pros and Cons Of Stainless Steel In The Kitchen

Whether you’re planning a cafe makeover or starting out from scratch, as well as your cafe furniture you’ll also need to consider kitchen essentials such as shelving and a sink. One of the most common and popular choice of materials for cafe and restaurant kitchens is stainless steel, and this is mostly because of its durability and affordable price tag. That said, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of this popular material.

Stainless steel pros

Durability – Stainless steel has the ability to retain its good looks for many years. It doesn’t suffer from exposure to heat or cold and impacts are unlikely to mar or chip its surface. In addition, stainless steel is stain, rust, and corrosion resistant.

Affordability – When compared to many other materials stainless steel is usually the most affordable option for a sink. Although the price will vary according to the size and configuration, stainless steel is likely to be cheaper than most other materials.

Versatility – Stainless steel fits effortlessly into most decors and styles of kitchen. What’s more stainless steel can be easily shaped to fit into a customised space. You’ll also get a choice of finishes to match your other appliances and equipment.

Easily maintained – It’s easy to clean a stainless steel surface without using any special cleaning procedures. In addition, this type of surface does not harbour bacteria.

Stainless steel cons

Scratching – With continued use you may notice tiny scratches appearing in your stainless steel. Although they’re not extreme they are noticeable. In addition, if tiny droplets of water are left to linger, they can cause slight imperfections over time to the stainless steel surface. The solution is to ensure that your stainless steel surface is dried after use.

Colour – If you’re looking for a bold colour for your sink or shelves then unfortunately stainless steel probably won’t deliver. Although there are several finishes to choose from, the colour is ultimately silver.

Noise – Because stainless steel is relatively thin, you may notice notice levels increase when items bump against each other in the sink. Some higher quality steels do have an additional coating which prevents noise from vibrations.

Now you know more about the advantages and disadvantages it will help you decide whether stainless steel is the choice for your kitchen sink and/or shelving. To help your money go a little further, we’re currently running a promotion on our ‘Supremely Stainless’ range of sinks, benches, and shelving solutions, so why not take a look. If you need more information on our products please browse our online store, download our furniture catalogue, or visit our showroom. You can also call us on 03 9357 9688.

5 Cafe Food Trends That Will Reign Supreme in 2018

Just for a bit of fun we thought we’d focus this blog on the food trends that the experts predict will be happening in cafes all over Australia in 2018. Some of them sound more appealing than others, but hey it would be a boring place if we all liked the same things!

We’ve probably all had our fill of kale and chia, the 2 superfoods which ran rife in 2017, but the good news is that they’re having to move over to make way for the new kids on the block which are standing in the shadows and ready to burst into the limelight.

So, take a look, come up with some delicious recipes, and be ahead of your game. Good luck!

  1. Edible flowers – Yes, we’ve all seen these in some of the more posh restaurants but now it’s anticipated that they’re likely to be found in the local cafes in and around Melbourne as well as at home in your kitchen. In case you’re wondering which flowers to give your customers to nibble on ….. well lavender is the one to embrace.
  1. Functional mushrooms – Different from the normal field mushroom that you toss into your pasta or fry for your breakfast, these mushrooms have mostly been used as dietary supplements. They include those with exotic names such as lion’s mane, chaga, cordyceps and reishi, and will be making their debut in coffee cups and bottled drinks.
  1. Super powders – We’ll all be able to feel fighting fit in the mornings thanks to the addition of super powders such as turmeric, matcho, and cacao appearing in our smoothies and juice drinks.
  1. Tacos – The 2018 taco is likely to be a far shout from your average fast food variety. Expect to see taco shells made from seaweed, as well as paelo friendly and grain free creations.
  1. Plant based meat alternatives – Vegetarians rejoice. Plant based alternatives to fish and meat are going to bring happiness to vegetarians. Look for such things as sushi made from tomatoes instead of tuna and veggie burgers which ‘bleed’ like real meat.

So there you have it. I can’t wait to try some of the tomato sushi, myself. What about you?

If you’re looking for some swish new cafe furniture to set off your exciting new meals to your customers, then that’s something we can certainly help with. We stock an extensive range of cage tables, chairs, stools, and much more besides. Why not download our new furniture catalogue and browse our online store. Alternatively, you can always drop by our showrooms to try our furniture for yourself.

What does that symbol mean?

You may have noticed the FSC logo on some of our products and be wondering what it means?
The Forest Stewardship Council is an international association of members consisting of a diverse group of representatives from environmental and social groups, the timber trade and the forestry profession, indigenous people’s organisations, responsible corporations, community forestry groups and forest product certification organisations from around the world.

But why should you care?

It is important to us that the timber that we sell is sourced in the most responsible way possible, not only because its better for the environment but also because you as the customer have the right to know where your purchases are coming from.

FSC has a global forest certification system to provide a guarantee that forest products come from responsibly managed sources. The system has two key components:

• Forest Management (FM) certification shows that forest managers or owners are managing their forests in a responsible way. forest management certification is a guarantee your processes and operations meet FSC standards;
• Chain of Custody (CoC) certification provides a guarantee about the production and source of FSC-certified products. it is for for businesses manufacturing or trading forest products. Chain of Custody certification verifies that products are handled correctly at every stage of production – from forest to shelf.

We have made many changes to our sourcing processes to ensure we are in accordance with FSC principles and criteria. This means following exact social and environmental guidelines, and often requires adaptation and evolution to our existing management and operational practices.

Exploring The Benefits Of Pendant Lighting In Your Cafe

Pendant lighting is more popular now than ever before as both home owners and businesses are discovering their many benefits. In fact the advantages of pendant lights over other types of lighting may be your motivation to use them in your venue. So, without further delay, let’s take a look at the benefits you can enjoy from installing pendant lighting.

Defines areas of a room

Pendant lighting is perfect for defining specific areas of a large room and can be suspended in such a way that they become a focal feature. For example, if you have a bank of tables along one wall, you may want to hang a line of pendants to shine down on the tables. Or, if you have a central station where plates, crockery, condiments etc. are placed for customer to help themselves then you could hang various sizes of pendant lights at different lengths to again be both functional and decorative.

Focus lighting

Since pendant lighting is suspended from the ceiling and can be hung to virtually any length they serve the purpose of acting as focal lighting. For instance, they work really well suspended over an island flooding it with light concentrated solely on that area. Because the lights are conical they also direct a lot of light downwards covering a large area, meaning that you don’t need to invest in so many lights thereby saving you money too.

Wide variety of styles

Pendant lights are available in a wide range of colours, sizes, and styles so you can mix and match them to give a bespoke look to your venue. The latest trend is to ditch the lampshade and hang just the bulbs which gives a modern, edgy look.

Easy to maintain

Since pendant lighting hangs relatively low, it’s far easier to keep them free from dust and to change a light bulb than it would be if you were dealing with a light fitting attached to a high vaulted ceiling.

Transforms your décor

Pendant lights also have the ability to transform your décor since they come in many different finishes and colours. In addition you can switch out your bulbs to add either a soft warm glow for a more intimate ambience or a brighter bulb for an area where good light is essential. Pendant lighting works really well in an industrial themed setting since you can find them with metallic finishes. On the other hand, you can use brightly painted pendants such as red to add a pop of colour to a neutral palette.

At Cafe Furniture Melbourne we’ve recently taken delivery of large black metal pendant lights with either a matte or gloss finish, so why not pop by our showroom in Campbellfield to see them for your self or browse our online store. We have an extensive range of affordable cafe furniture too. If you need any further information on any of our products then please feel free to call us on (03) 9088 4163 and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist.

Guide To The Various Types Of Cafe Chairs

Cafe chairs are one of the most important items of cafe furniture that you’ll need to buy and since your customers will be sitting on these chairs when drinking their coffee or dining, it’s important that they’re both durable and comfortable.

Once you’ve planned your seating area you’re ready to start choosing your cafe furniture but before splurging your cash on the first chairs you see, let’s take a look at some of the different styles that are available.

Wood shell chairs

These chairs are most commonly used in minimalist modern venues since with their uncluttered sleek lines they portray a contemporary feel. Our Madeline chair is a prime example and is made from beech wood. Available in a variety of colours including brown, mahogany, black, and vibrant pink, it will complement any décor.

Wooden chairs

These have more of a traditional feel to them since they’re constructed completely from wood and are often seen more in restaurants than cafes or bistros. They come in a range of woods and different finishes with some of them being upholstered too. Classic examples include our ladder back chairs and our Bentwood chairs.

Aluminium chairs

Typically you’d expect to find these chairs sitting outside on the pavement edge or terrace since they’re weather proof and rust resistant. Often they stack for convenient storage, and some may fold. They offer a great way of extending your external dining area or creating a smoking area. One of our best selling aluminium chairs is our aluminium chair with double legs which also comes with a rattan shell.

Polypropylene chairs

Manufactured from durable polypropylene these chairs come in a wide range of colours and styles and are normally used outdoors because they are light and easy to move around, they stack, they’re weatherproof, and they’re easy to clean. Their vibrant colours are great for adding a bold splash of colour to attract the attention of passers by and most of these chairs are fade resistant too. Some of our best selling plastic chairs include our decorative Stephanie chair and our Premium chairs with arms.

Rattan/wicker chairs

Typically these chairs are what we’d describe as faux rattan and wicker since mostly they’re constructed with a nylon rattan for its durability and ease of use. These stylish chairs are lightweight and easy to move around and are resistant to heat and moisture too. Paired with a steel or aluminium frame, they lend a light contemporary look to your outside space.

Steel Chairs

Steel chairs are hugely popular with cafe and restaurant owners alike looking to create an industrial feel to their venue. Lightweight and durable these chairs are perfect for adding character and personality to your dining area. Our most popular steel chairs are our replica Tolix chairs which are available in a variety of colours, styles, and finishes.

Why not browse our online store or visit our showroom to see our extensive range of cafe chairs for yourself. For more information on any of our products please call us on 03 9357 9688.

Commercial Cafe Furniture – What Does ‘AFRDI Tested’ Mean?

When doing extensive research for commercial-grade cafe furniture, you’ll probably come across a whole load of incomprehensible acronyms for codes and standards you may never have heard of. One of those you’ll find pretty much everywhere throughout Australia and New Zealand is the term AFRDI. So what does it actually mean when a piece of furniture is ‘AFRDI tested’ ? Let’s take a closer look….

The Australian Furnishing Research and Development Institute (AFRDI) are a body of people designed to research and develop furniture for use within the workplace and hospitality sectors. In addition to researching the best designs they also run a series of stringent tests for a wide variety of manufacturers to ensure that their furniture meets the highest safety and quality standards. Any commercial-grade furniture that has passed these tests and met these standards is certified by a blue tick with the words ‘AFRDI tested’. I guess you could say that it’s a seal of approval and shows buyers that a particular piece of furniture is going to last.

So what type of tests do the AFRDI carry out?

They carry out a wide variety of tests including

  • Stability

  • Strength

  • Durability

  • Functionality

  • Workmanship

  • Flammability

Each piece of furniture is put through all of these tests and it needs to pass everyone with flying colours to be awarded the AFRDI tick of approval. If for example a piece of furniture passes every test yet it doesn’t make the grade on the final test, it will be rejected and won’t pass. For this reason when you buy commercial grade cafe furniture that’s been AFRDI tested, you know that you’re purchasing a piece of furniture that’s going to last.

Is there anything that isn’t tested?

The only thing that the institute doesn’t test for in circumstances such as these is the ergonomics and comfort of any furniture. So what does this mean to any cafe owner looking for new furniture? Even if you are considering buying furniture that’s AFRDI tested, don’t assume it’s comfortable. Instead you really should still sit on it and test it out before making your final decision. This is highly important because research shows that uncomfortable cafe furniture can be a real deal-breaker for customers. More so in fact than bad coffee or rude staff. Here At Cafe Furniture Melbourne as well as purchasing AFRDI Furniture online, we also have a Campbellfield depot where you can see the furniture first hand and of course..try before you buy!

The main point is that AFRDI certified cafe furniture doesn’t have to be expensive and in fact some of the cheapest commercial-grade furniture is AFRDI tested, so why not log on and take a closer look at what we have to offer. At Cafe Furniture Melbourne we guarantee you quality furniture and seriously competitive prices so call us on 03 9357 9688 for further information.