Do Wonders For Your Business With A Café Lounge

cafe lounge areaCafés are fast becoming referred to as that “third” place where you’re not at work, and you’re not at home, instead you’re comfortably settled in a café lounge. The thing is, if you don’t have a coffee lounge then you could really be missing out on a trick. Café lounge areas don’t just provide your customers with a comfortable place to sit but they lend that sort of ‘homely feel’ which makes them want to hang around a little longer to unwind or meet up with friends.

So where do you start? Well the obvious starting point is with your décor. Don’t go jumping in ahead before that is finalised otherwise you could get it all horribly wrong.

Once you’ve finalised your décor you can start to think about café furniture. Style and comfort are the most important factors to consider when adding these finishing touches. Tub chairs and sofas are a great choice and if you want to go beyond this you can think designer. Adding a couple of designer pieces can inject a little more class and sophistication into your lounge area which will also reflect well on yourself and your business. It sounds a little crazy but people will build a perception of your café and you as a person, from the very first step through your door. So go on, impress them with your classy décor and furniture.

Since the idea is to make your customers feel welcome and comfortable in your lounge area it stands to reason that it need a nice homely feel about it. People will want to use it as a meeting point with friends or clients where they can chat over a hot cup of their favourite brew. Others may use it to conduct their freelance writing business and may spend hours in there, typing away and sipping on their favourite coffee. Let’s face it would you walk into a dark and dingy café to meet your friends or business clients? The chances of you walking into a comfortable, nicely furnished and welcoming café are considerably higher.

Think modern. Think to yourself what would you want as a customer. This is key to your success. Know your client base and put yourself into their head to conjure up the perfect vision for your café lounge. Better still visit a few successful cafés in your local area to see what they’re supplying their customers, that you aren’t.

Here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne we’ve got an extensive range of furniture which will give you unlimited options. From tub chairs to Ottomans, we’ve got it covered. If you’re in the Preston area why not pop into our showroom and see for yourself or alternatively visit our online store.



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