How To Add Colour Effectively To Your Cafe Space

adding colour to yiour cafe space using chairsThere’s nothing better than when creating a good first impression and one way to do this is through your cafe décor. After all it’s the first thing a new customer is going to see, so get it right and you’re on to a winner, but get it wrong and it could send them running for the hills, even before they’ve tasted your great coffee and delicious home made cakes.

Of course one way to create a good first impression is to say it with colour. That said, make it too garish and more often than not it’s just as bad as having a room full of hardly any colour all. So just how should you make the most effective use of colour to enhance your cafe space? Let’s take a closer look.

Be bold but apply it sparingly

There’s nothing wrong with vibrant splashes of colour especially when used sparingly, so why not create a feature wall to make a statement. In its simplest form it can be painted, or how about adorning it with colourful artwork or a large statement piece. Either way it’s likely to draw the diner’s eye to it and at the very least even if it isn’t their bag, should spark some kind of debate.


Aside from paint why not match differing colours through texture. For example, how about mixing rich chocolate brown seating with burnt orange or sage green cushions or scatter rugs to give a sophisticated 1970’s feel. Alternatively crisp white furniture with cool green planting in the form of pots and box hedging gives a great Mediterranean look that’s bang on trend.

Make your furniture the stand out pieces

Instead of adding your furniture and then thinking about adding art-work, textiles, etc why not make your furniture the colourful focal pint you need. Polypropylene chairs for example are a far cry from the battleship grey type that every child was forced to sit on when at school. Nowadays they come in a wide range of gloriously garish colours and designs. Try seating 4 or 6 chairs all with differing colours round a crisp white table. You’ll be amazed at the look that they produce.

Remember colour doesn’t just have to be about adding paint and by creating splashes of colour with your furniture, textile,s and a few selected fittings you can create a fabulous space that really does have that wow factor.

At Cafe Furniture Melbourne we supply a wealth of commercial grade cafe furniture many of which contain striking colours and designs. We invite you to browse our website to find out more. Alternatively if you’re after a particular colour or style and can’t find what you’re looking for, then our friendly and experienced team would love to help you source exactly what you need. Contact us today on 1800 657 327 and start the ball rolling towards a brighter, better cafe interior.


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