How To Create That Mediterranean-Style Look In Your Cafe This Summer

mediterranean-style-cafeAs the days are drawing out and the summer is fast approaching, what better way to embrace it than by giving your cafe a Mediterranean makeover. The good news is that it doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. All you need is a little imagination and a great deal of inspiration, so without further ado, let’s get started.

In homes across the Mediterranean outdoor spaces are designed to reflect the look of the indoor space. The idea is that you have this continual flow from the indoors to the outside and vice versa. While it mightn’t always be practical to keep terrace/patio doors open, in having a continual flow from inside to outside you can easily recreate this look. Tips such as:

  • Using the same furniture throughout your indoor and outdoor space

  • The clever use of planters and lattice work structures to provide that much needed Mediterranean shade and…

  • Seamless lighting effects that equally illuminates both the inside and outside space

are a great way to achieve this in relatively easy fashion.

What about the furniture itself?

Look for light ash colours and stainless steel for a relaxed Mediterranean vibe, ideal for a beach side cafe/bar. Alternatively if you want to go more up-market, (I’m picturing a high end Cotê d’Azur venue) then sleek white tables and seating gives a crisp flawless look. Throw in some white table cloths, white crockery, and a tasteful candle or two and your guests might be forgiven for thinking that they’re on the French Riviera. For that finishing touch don’t forget some box hedging in wooden planters to give that contrasting vibrant green appeal.

Colour scheme

In terms of colour when it comes to Mediterranean styling the most important factor is to be able to maximise the entry of light. So keep walls light, soft pastel shades are good, or even white for that summery feel. Throw in some splashes of accent colours in the form of art work or decorations to give it a grown up but funky feel. Windows should also be free from drapes and netting, instead relying on wooden blinds or shutters if necessary.

So there you have it, a quick guide to creating a Mediterranean feel to your cafe this summer. Here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne, we have a wide variety of affordable commercial-grade cafe style furniture that you can use to create this look. From chrome tables that glisten in the sunlight, to crisp white tables and chairs for that upmarket feel we can help. Take a look at our website where you can browse and buy, or call us directly on 03 9357 9688 for further assistance. Alternatively if you’re in the Campbellfield area of Melbourne then you can always visit our showroom where you can take a closer look at the quality cafe furniture we have to offer first hand.


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