How To Give Your Cafe That Industrial Makeover

Small Detroit Adjustable Drafing StoolThe Industrial look is an on-trend décor style that’s exciting for it’s uniqueness. By taking elements from industrial settings such as warehouses and factories and placing them into social spaces such as cafes and restaurants it creates a great effect. So just how do you give your cafe, bistro, or restaurant an industrial makeover that doesn’t look naff?

Exposing the details

One of the first tricks that you can use is to strip back your area to the bare bones. Remember that a factory environment isn’t a particularly pretty place because covering up piping, brickwork, nuts, bolts, and beams, weren’t seen as important, or particularly practical. So take off that plaster and expose the brickwork, rip up the modern flooring to expose the hard wood underneath, or take away that covered false ceiling to reveal those oh so sexy oak beams underneath.

In with the old and out with the new

When looking to furnish your cafe then try using re-purposed items. For instance upturned barrels make great coffee tables, old drafting stools make the perfect seating. Old pipes make excellent door handles or free standing coat racks and best of all, old timber sleepers make an excellent bar. In fact when it comes to re-purposing, if it’s normally found in a warehouse or factory environment, then it’s perfect for your industrial look, so get creative.

Light it up like an industrialist

Arguably one of the most striking elements of any industrial look is the lighting. The insertion of lighting that was once the exclusive domain of loud, dirty, factories, being placed into a truly social space like a cafe can bring about a great look. How about grouping clusters of naked light bulbs suspended from chains, or copper piping? Alternatively what about obtaining some gorgeous oversized brass lampshades? You know, the type that used to get seriously dusty! You can even place some of those metallic style floor standing lamps in various corners of your room to give off a great lighting ambience.

Now brighten it up…a little!

Okay, so now you’ve got your industrial look, you don’t actually want it to look too much like a dark and dingy factory. Too many dark tones will make your space look really sombre. Instead for best results try to capture the real essence of the industrial look but brighten it up with some accents of colour. How about hanging up some contemporary art work with vibrant splashes of colour, or alternatively what about placing fresh cut flowers on the table for that cosy, homely feel. Alternatively copper add a glorious warmth to the overall look so why not introduce it in the form of tables, mirror frames, signs, or trinkets.

So there you have it. Hopefully by following this design you have all the knowledge you need to create your own industrial space. Here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne we don’t promise to be expert interior designers but what we do know about is cafe furniture. Fortunately we stock a wide range of Industrial style cafe furniture that’s just right for the look you want to achieve. To find out more log onto or alternatively if you can’t find what you’re looking for then contact us on 03 9357 6988 and our experienced team can help.


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