Introducing Our Matte Replica Tolix Bar Stools

46-round-blackA successful company always takes heeds of what its customers are saying which is why we’re pleased to announce the arrival of our matte Tolix bar stools. As much as many of our customers are huge fans of our replica Tolix stools with their glossy finish, there were many also said that for them, a matte finish stool would work much better in their venue. Well voilà, now you can find them here in all their glory.

So what makes Tolix bar stools so popular?


Made from powder coated steel these retro style stools are strong and robust and yet light enough to be moved with ease from one place to another. The best thing about Tolix stools is that if they get a little dented or scratched, they actually look better since it adds to their character. You can’t say that about many modern furniture designs. The rectangular cut out in the seat isn’t just a design whim or an easy way of picking up the stool as some people may think, but was actually intended to be a drain hole as cafe owners used to leave their stools out in all weathers.


Another great reason for buying Tolix stools is their versatility. They first became synonymous with French cafe culture in the 1930’s when they were originally made in gun metal grey and could be found in all of the bars and cafes in Paris. However, these stools have the ability to look good in all types of designs, whether it be an industrial theme, French country farmhouse, or a contemporary kitchen, and if you use copies, then you can save yourself a packet.

Retro design

People just love the retro design of these stools with their clean lines, integral foot rests, and legs that protrude at a sight angle. The fact that they can slot into all sorts of spaces to maximise your floor space and be stacked away for storage, all adds to their appeal.

Great range of colours

Finally, our replica Tolix stools are available in three different sizes and a great variety of colours. Whether you’re looking for black or white, metallic hues, or vibrant purple, orange, red, yellow, green, plus lots more, there’s a colour to suit all designs and décor. Although our matte replica stools are intended for indoor use, you can pay an extra $20 to have them upgraded for external use, in any colour of your choice.

How long will their popularity last? It’s difficult to say but based on durability and stunning good looks, not to mention the affordable price of replicas, it’s our guess that bums will be sitting on these stools for many years in the foreseeable future.

To find out more about our stools or any of our other products please don’t hesitate to call us on 03 9357 9688. Meanwhile if you happen to be in the Campbellfield area of Melbourne, then why not pop into our warehouse where you can see these stools for yourself.


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