Is There Still A Need For A Traditional Café In Today’s Modern Times

cafe coffeeIt’s fair to say that café’s have evolved in the past twenty years or so and are now no longer seen as a place where you go to grab a quick cup of coffee before a meeting, picking up the kids on a school run, or going to or from work. Instead the modern cafés are seen as convenient and versatile spaces where both work and social based activities regularly take place. With this in mind, is there still a need for the traditional café?

Before we answer this question, let’s take a look at what’s expected of the 21st century contemporary modern café The first thing to take notice of is that many modern café’s are kitted out just like an office away from the office. There’s obviously Wi-Fi (usually free of course) and the relevant furniture and fittings to accommodate laptops, MP3 players and Blackberry’s. So rather than the smell of old wood, sturdy laminate or melamine table tops are normally the order of the day. Add to this the polished chrome or powder coated table bases and it’s easy to see how it could easily resemble a busy office except there’s usually a gorgeous aroma of Blue Java lingering in the air.

Conversely, traditional cafés tend to resemble a place that you would go to grab yourself a coffee and a scone rather than to work or have a meeting and as a result it immediately gives off a more relaxing vibe, a place where the rigours of the day finish and relaxing, quality time begins. For this reason there’s something about the smell of old wooden ladder-back chairs that makes you simply want to relax with a coffee and contemplate life. There’s not a laptop in sight, so rather than the constant clattering of keyboards, all you can hear is the soothing banter of friends talking and the clattering of spoons against steaming cups of cappuccino.

So what’s the answer?

Clearly an office away from the office in the form of a contemporary café isn’t going to suit every technophobe, just as a café without mod cons won’t be of much use to someone who has a presentation to deliver and is fast running out of time. Therefore more and more cafés are offering the best of both worlds, and zoning is now the order of the day. Warming and homely café snugs complete with books and newspapers sit side by side with contemporary work spaces to produce a café that suits all tastes.

So in answer to the question, is there a need for a traditional café in today’s modern times, it has to be a yes but in a slightly different format.

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