Just How Versatile Is A Modern Wooden Barstool Anyhow?

In these days of contemporary design and unusual materials you’d be forgiven for thinking that the good old fashioned wooden bar stool is a little ‘old hat’ particularly when any new cafe restaurant or bar ideally wants to stand out from the crowd. However what you might not know is that a modern-day bar stool is not only a thing of beauty, but is also incredibly versatile too. For this reason it’s best not to discount it just yet. Let’s take a closer look at what the wooden bar stool can bring to a modern-day establishment.

Strength and durability

There’s a common misconception that wooden bar stools are far less hard-wearing than their metal or polypropylene cousins, however this couldn’t be further from the truth. Quality modern day bar stools are made from hard-wearing woods such as oak, maple, cherry, teak and mahogany and are designed specifically to withstand the tests of time.

Easily revamped

Another great aspect of a wooden bar stool is that if you’re going for a stylistic change in your venue and your existing wooden stools no longer suit then you could always paint them. Clearly this is something that you can’t do with a aluminium bar stool.

Fits in with many styles

From rustic through to modern classic, from boho chic through to fun and funky, wooden bar stools come in a variety of shapes and designs which make them an easy fit for a wide variety of styles. What’s more their non-fussy styling makes them the perfect hosts for adornments such as stylish cushions and coverings to take them to another level.

Some get better with age

When you purchase a quality wooden bar stool you’re purchasing a piece of furniture that looks rugged, sturdy and most importantly well built. What’s more over time some stools, particularly those made from cherry wood only improve with age as they develop a richer, darker sheen to them. This is in contrast to other types of stool in different materials that have a tendency to fade or loose their shine over the same period of time.

So there you have it, the true versatility of the wooden bar stool! Here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne, we like to combine the old and the new and as such have a wide variety of bar stools on offer, all at great value-for money prices. From ultra sleek modern stools through to classic varieties, come and see what we have to offer. Alternatively if you’re in the Campbellfield area of Melbourne and would like to pop into our showroom to view our items personally, then you can do so Monday to Friday or for a Saturday visit, call us on 0401 487 295 to arrange an appointment.


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