The Importance Of Investing In Good Quality Commercial Restaurant Furniture

black tub chairLet’s face it, running any business is hard enough these days and getting customers to buy your product or service isn’t always easy. This is why first impressions really do count. For example you could have the best product in the world, but if the impression you give out truly sucks, then your potential customer isn’t even going to entertain buying from you. Instead they’ll probably go someplace else. For any new café’s, restaurants, and bistro’s that ‘good first impression’ almost always starts with your furniture.

Purchase cheap quality furniture and chances are that your potential clientèle are going to be put off long before you’ve had a chance to take their order. That said if you plan to be busy, then you probably don’t want to be buying top of the range antique furniture either. That is unless you’ve got a bank balance the size of a small country! Therefore you should be looking to strike a happy medium. In other words what you need is good quality furniture that’s going to last.

Okay so where do I start?

Always buy commercial grade?

Furniture that looks great in your home just isn’t going to cut it in a (hopefully) busy environment. Just imagine having 300 plus people a day (day in and day out) sitting on your furniture in your kitchen. Chances are that it would soon wear out right! Conversely, commercial grade furniture is made specifically to withstand high levels of customer footfall.

Have a theme, style or design in mind

Even what at first may appear to be random collections of furniture that are casually arranged in some of the more whacky places, tend to conform to some type of theme, style or design. If not it would just be some random mis-match of furniture that just doesn’t go and I’m sure you’d agree that this isn’t a great look. So even if it’s subtle there needs to be some kind of a theme running through. Whether it’s colour, texture pattern or era (think vintage) it needs to be thought through. If you’re in dire need of inspiration, then Pinterest is great for getting design ideas, as are popular websites such as

Try searching online

There are a wide variety of places that sell furniture specifically for café’s, restaurants, bars and bistros. However by purchasing online you can often buy furniture for less that you can if you were to buy it in a ‘bricks and mortar’ store. With this in mind, take the time to look around and make sure that the photo examples are to a high specification. Also check out the photos on one site against an identical item on another site. This way you can see if there are any differences in the colour/shade. Finally many online sites offer deals such as free shipping or VIP programs which all offer the potential purchaser incentives to buy.

Remember if you invest in good quality commercial furniture at the right price then you’re onto a winner. All you’ve got to do then is serve the best coffee and food in the area. Simple!

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