Top Reasons For Considering Dry Bar Tables In Your Cafe

Just as it’s a good decision to utilise different types of seating to cater for a wider array of clientele, so we would suggest that it also makes sense to use a variety of table sizes and heights. With this in mind we’ve listed below some of the best reasons to use dry bar tables in your cafe or bar, but before doing so let’s take a look at what a dry bar table is exactly.

Dry Bar Tables Explained

Dry bar tables stand at roughly the same height as standard bar counters and were originally used as an extension to the bar area to hold such things as menus, condiments, napkins, plates, and cutlery. They were referred to as ‘dry’ because essentially they were a place to store dry items. Nowadays, however dry bar tables have become separate tables in their own right and because they stand at a height of 1115mm including the base and top, they tower above most other cafe tables.

So, now you know what a dry bar table is, let’s dive into the reasons for choosing to use them in your cafe.

Additional tables for your busiest times

Dry bar tables are supplied with round or rectangular table tops and usually in a size of 600mm. One of the best ways to use them are as platforms for customers to place their drinks or plates of food on when they’re standing together in a crowded area. To this effect they can be used both indoors and outside and bought out at your busiest times of the day.

Maximise your floor space

Another way is to use them is paired with bar stools where they will comfortably accommodate 2 people. Not only does this provide a cosy seating space for two, but it also means that these tables can be slotted into awkward spaces such as small recesses or tight corners, where there isn’t sufficient room for a standard table and 4 chairs.

As a feature

Because of their height dry bar tables create an elegant feature and could be used to line one side of a window wall, enabling customers to sit in an elevated position where they can see outside as well as observe what’s going on inside.

Highly durable and easily moved around

Another feature of our dry bar tables is that they are suited to indoor and outdoor use. Manufactured to a commercial standard they can withstand the harsh Australian climate and won’t warp, fade, crack, or rust whatever the weather happens to be doing. They’re also lightweight and easy to move around to suit the needs of your business.

Finally, one of the best reasons is that we’re currently offering dry bar packages at a great price of just $99 including GST. Buying as a package saves money and includes selected 600mm Isotop table tops and a stunning matte black Roma bar base.


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