Want Your Coffee Shop To Succeed? Here Are 3 Essential Tips

succeeding in businessThere’s no doubting that coffee shops are in the ascendancy right now and with a 7% increase in new venues opening year upon year across Australia, there’s certainly a demand. That said, before you go and rush out to secure your prime location it’s worth knowing that for every coffee shop that opens its doors, two close. In order to avoid being part of the statistic, here are three essential tips that you really should follow.

Aside from the obvious factors like managing cash flow, paying taxes, serving quality coffee and hiring great people, we’re going to talk about the stuff that nobody tells you. The stuff that makes a difference between running a ‘so-so’ cafe and running a great one. So without further ado, let’s kick it off…

Don’t get too sucked in by trends

The cafe industry is awash with latest trends. From newfangled grinding and roasting techniques to designer ‘must have’ cafe furniture. If you’ve got deep pockets then by all means purchase the latest $15,000 brewing machines or the latest bespoke cafe furniture. In fact if you want to make a statement then it’s a great way to do so.

The trouble is that many of these fads and trends are being fuelled by people who have a business interest in doing so and are not always necessarily what your customers want. Sure you can advertise ‘Coffee like you’ve never tasted before‘ but you have to ask yourself ‘does it really make it more delicious?’ The thing is that you do need to stand out from the competition, but not at the expense of alienating your clientele and that’s what many of these trends often do. Our advice therefore would be to be mindful of trends but don’t get too suckered in by them.

Be that knowledgeable coffee guy (or girl)

As the owner of your venue you really need to be the head barista. By truly understanding what makes a great cup of coffee you can set the standards and because of this you can drive the business forwards. Sure you can hire a top barista, but if you’re not up to scratch on knowing what makes the holy grail of coffee and instead rely heavily on someone else, how do you know if it’s right or wrong for your customers? It’s raw talent and hard work that delivers good results and inevitably that has to stem from you.

Building a ‘taking care of people’ culture

Let’s face it, presenting someone with food and drink that we’ve produced is one of the most intimate and caring of human interactions that we possess. If you truly care about your customers then you should strive to make the best coffee you can make. If you really want to make the best coffee, then you have to know what you’re doing and this involves continual evolution in your skills as a top barista. When you realise that for your customers, a cup of coffee is a savouring taste experience, one that becomes a daily ritual, one that fuels their day, and one that they hanker after, then that’s a big responsibility, If you can look at it like this, then you’ll have a thriving business that you’ll be proud of.

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