Why Lighting Is Such An Important Aspect Of Your Cafe To Get Right

types of lightingNo matter what style or size your café or restaurant, one of the most important aspects of planning your décor is to get the lighting right. All too often lighting is regarded as an after thought whereas in terms of ambience and food, nothing sets or kills the mood faster than the style and placement of your lights.

Nowadays it’s easy to find a plethora of creative lighting solutions in all types of colours, materials, shapes, and sizes which can provide a warm and intimate environment or a touch of drama, depending on the mood you’re looking to create. Regardless of the type of atmosphere you’re trying to create there are a few key points to consider, so let’s take a look.

Top dark or too bright?

One of the main priorities when considering café or restaurant lighting is to make sure that your customers can see the food and drink that is placed on the table in front of them. If they’re having to fumble around in the dark, they’re not going to be impressed. Leave dimly lit corners for nightclubs.

On the other hand, if the lighting is to bright then it will make the environment appear harsh and won’t create a favourable setting in which to relax over a coffee or glass of wine. Since lighting plays an important role in how your customers perceive your décor and colour scheme, then why not invest in some dimmer switches so you can adjust your lighting at different times of the day.

Use your lighting to help customer flow

Lighting can be used to direct your customers to where they need to be and to help with the flow of their movements. For example, if you operate a buffet where customers help themselves, then the buffet area needs to be well lit so they can see where to go. Similarly lighting can be used to highlight where the toilets are located. Additionally, some cafes and restaurants use lighting strategically placed to highlight special offers of the day, or to show off their finest wines. In this way lighting can be used to influence the purchasing behaviour of your customers.

Don’t commit to just one style of lighting

Cafes and restaurants face a lot of competition so as well as updating their menus on a regular basis they also need to refresh their interior design occasionally to give it an exciting new look. Because of this it’s wise not to install lighting which may restrict you changing your interior. Instead consider LED lights which are very flexible and don’t produce a light which is too intense. These also come in a range of colours which can give you even more control of the ambience of your café, and since they’re energy efficient, will keep your costs down too.

Don’t forget outside

Making good use of your exterior lighting is as important as getting it right inside. Well placed exterior lighting can entice customers to come inside as well as showing them that you’re open for business. It also provides security to the business and prevents anyone from tripping in the dark. Think about your customer demographic and choose lighting accordingly. For example younger customers will be lured by modern designs or low levels of lighting which suggest chic or fashionable. Older clientele will be more inclined to enter if your lighting is more on the traditional side.

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