How To Create A Great Café Experience With Café Tables and Chairs

If you’re looking to make your café the ‘go to’ café in town, then you need to do all you can to create a pleasing ambience in your café. Delicious food, a good layout, and nice furniture should all work well together so that your customers have a great experience and recommend your café to all their friends and family. It’s all of these things that help to build customer loyalty.

From planning the layout of your café to ensuring the interior is warm and inviting, a lot of time is usually spent in planning a successful café. It’s well worth the investment in your time since people go to cafes to catch up with friends and loved ones as well as to try the latest coffee. Consider the following factors to make your café stand out from the crowd.

Well planned and convenient dining area

Planning the interior of your café carefully is critical to your bottom line. Your seating area is what defines the comfort and privacy of your customers which is where the importance of choosing the right tables and chairs comes in.

Some of the ways customers perceive if a layout is well designed is the space left between the tables, how comfortable the chairs are to sit on, what their view is, and how attractive the general décor is.

The material and style of your café furniture can make or break the ambience of your café. For instance, if customers are paying City prices for coffee and snacks, they would not be happy to find cheap plastic chairs and tables once they walked through your doors.

Attractive outdoor areas

Does your café have an outdoor space that could be better utilised? Why not maximise its potential and increase your revenue by sprucing it up with some fabulous outdoor furniture?

If basic plastic chairs and tables are not in keeping with the style of furniture you have inside, then perhaps it’s time to dispose of them and revamp your space?

Try replacing your tired old furniture with innovative designs in chairs and tables. There’s a huge choice of quality lightweight chairs that are all designed for outdoor use in metal, plastic, rattan, and aluminium. The range of bright colours and options in plastic chairs alone is staggering. Resin tables are highly durable for outdoor use and also come in a wide choice of designs, colours, and sizes. Many of them are designed to look like other materials such as wood, granite, and marble and look extremely lifelike. You can even find sofas that are designed for outdoor use. In fact, your options when creating an outdoor dining are only limited by your imagination.

Revamp problem areas

Overfilling your indoor dining space may seem like a good idea to make room for more customers but often it has the opposite effect. If your customers feel cramped and that there is no privacy when they’re conversing, then even if your food and coffee is the best in town, they’re unlikely to return.

Problem areas include those tables that are too close to the toilets, in a hot or cold entryway, or too close to a noisy kitchen. Focus instead on placing the right size of furniture in awkward spaces. For example, a small 600 mm table placed in a tight corner with a candle on top of it, could make an inviting and intimate area for a romantic couple.

It really doesn’t matter whether you’re running a small café of a large fine dining restaurant. Your intention should still be to serve your customers in the best possible way which is why investing in good quality, comfortable, and durable furniture matters to your bottom line.

At Café Furniture Melbourne we can provide you with a huge choice of furniture and any design and layout assistance you may need. Why not drop by our showroom and take a look for yourself?