When to Use Low Café Stools and Why We Know You’ll Love Them!

If you’re not already using low stools in your café, then you’re missing a trick. These great little items of furniture are extremely versatile, and we know that once you know where to use them and for what purpose, you’re going to love them 😊

Group them around your communal tables

Communal dining has been embraced by Australians and is a trend which shows no sign of going anywhere soon. We love to see low stools replacing bulky bench seating for a couple of reasons: firstly, they make communal tables appear visually more spacious; secondly, they’re easier to use and manoeuvre than benches. With their simplistic styling and lack of back rests, they lend a casual air – which is surely the intention of communal dining?

What’s more, a low stool is so much easier to pull out and sit on, especially if you’re wearing a skirt, rather than having to clamber over a bench seat on which other people may already be seated.

Perfect for high traffic areas

Low stools are often paired with small bistro tables to lend a non-verbal indication that people seated at these tables are expected not to linger for any longer than necessary. This makes them a good option for convenient seating applications. This type of seating can usually be found in small narrow areas either near the doorway, or at the back of a restaurant or café, where people are waiting to pick up their orders. Lending a small footprint, low stools are ideal for people waiting to collect a cup of coffee or slice of hot pizza.

Great for multi-use spaces

Cafes need light weight furniture that can be easily moved around to accommodate varying customer needs. Low stools are small in stature and are easy to arrange or rearrange according to the situation. Heavier, bulky chairs are not intended for this type of use and can cause damage to other furniture when moved around haphazardly by customers or staff. Low stools, on the other hand, are easily portable.

Adds personality

Small stools come in a pleasing array of styles, materials, and bold colours and normally with a lower price tag than larger items of café furniture. Low stools can be used to add a burst of colour within your interior and breathe new life into an awkward or dull space, making it one of the areas that customers are immediately drawn too.

Perfect for kids

Low stools are also great for kids, especially if you have an area where parents can leave their children to sit and read, colour, or play with Lego bricks, while the adults enjoy a catch up.

At Café Furniture Melbourne, we have a wide range of attractive low stools at very affordable prices, so why not take a browse, and look at exciting ways that you can utilise them in your café or bistro.