Reasons to Consider Tolix Chairs for Your Café

If you’re looking to upgrade your café chairs, then why not consider Tolix chairs? Not original ones, for of course these are hard to source and will cost you a lot of money, but replica ones which look just like the real thing.

We know that you’re probably thinking but these chairs are pretty common, and you find them everywhere, but have you ever stopped to think there’s a reason for that?

Replica Tolix chairs give you the opportunity to create a designer look on a relatively small budget. Considering their history dates back to 1939, and these chairs are just as popular as they were then, it just goes to show the power of a good design. Not just this, but because the design is timeless, you’ll never need to upgrade your chairs again because they’ve gone out of fashion.

Let’s take a look at some other reasons for choosing Tolix chairs for your café.

Lots of colours and styles to choose from

One of the things we love best about Tolix chairs is the great choice of colours and styles. Black and white chairs are always popular and fit into virtually any décor but why not be more imaginative and use your Tolix chairs to add some colour to a neutral palette?

If you love metallic sheens then you can choose from antique copper, gold, or silver which look fabulous with timber table tops for a warm, and welcoming vibe. If you tie them in with metallic sconces on your walls and perhaps a statement wallpaper on just one wall, the effect can be luxurious and decadent.

Other colours in the Tolix range include apple green, orange, red, sky blue, and yellow all of which could be used to add an accent colour. Just imagine if your café is mostly white with soft beech table tops, adding orange or green chairs will make your design pop.

When it comes to styles, you can choose an all metal chair, one with a timber seat, or our latest addition, Tolix chairs with cushioned vinyl seats.

Easy maintenance

If you run a busy café then you probably don’t have much time for maintenance, so you don’t want to have to regularly remove chair covers to put them in the wash. Instead, you want a chair that can be easily wiped over with a damp cloth to remove any stains or debris. What’s more, with its simplistic style, there are very few places for dust to accumulate on a Tolix chair which makes it easy to keep them looking fresh and clean.

Lightweight and stackable

You know how it is when customers insist on moving the furniture around to include an extra person. Thankfully Tolix chairs are lightweight and easy to move without anyone hurting themselves. Furthermore, they stack for storage which is particularly handy if your storage space is limited.


Last, but certainly not least our Tolix chairs are made from steel which is well known for its strength and durability. Even if your chairs do receive the odd dent, you know what, it just makes a Tolix chair look more charming 😊

We’re currently offering several of our Tolix chairs at an amazing sale price of just $39.60 so if you want to grab yourself a bargain, you’d better be quick!