Want to Change Your Café Chairs and Save Money?

No 18 Cabaret Chairs

Making the right choice of café chairs is important for the success of your business. The chairs you have on view in your café can help form the impression that customers have of your venue, so make it a good one!

Currently, our No.18 cabaret chairs are on offer, but you’ll need to get in quick as the offer expires at the end of November. But why would you choose cabaret chairs, apart from saving yourself some money?

Standing the test of time

Cabaret chairs are instantly recognisable and that’s hardly surprising since this style of chair has been in creation for more than 100 years. Designed by Michael Thonet using bent wood, this chair has been one of the Bentwood factory’s finest achievements and is still being produced today.

A timeless design such as this is worth the investment and unlike trends which come and go is certainly not going anywhere soon.

Our replica cabaret chairs are similar in style, but they’ve been given a modern twist by being manufactured in steel. Available in plenty of colour options, these chairs provide many benefits, including:


These chairs don’t just look the part, they’re extremely functional too. Manufactured from tubular steel and powder coated, they’re lightweight and durable. If you like to change your layout on a regular basis then these chairs are easy to move around to suit your business needs.

The style has also been carefully considered. High backs provide good support for customers’ backs and the lack of arms means they take up less space around a table. Keeping them clean is a breeze, too, since all it takes is a quick wipe with a dry cloth to remove any dust and a damp cloth to remove any spills.


Our No 18 chairs are available in a range of gorgeous colours including green, yellow, white, black, and red with either a matte or a gloss finish which makes it easy to match them to most decors and themes.

There is also a certain elegance about the No 18 Cabaret chair which works with practically any style of table. If you have a minimalist interior then why not use white cabaret chairs. Clean and fresh looking, they also evoke a feeling of hygiene and cleanliness which is so important within a hospitality setting.

If, on the other hand, your décor is a little bland, then how about using our bright red Cabaret chairs to add a flamboyant burst of colour. You could pair them with glossy black table tops for an American diner feel or with timber tops for a more traditional aesthetic.

If you like all of the colours and are struggling to decide which is for you, then why not use a variety of coloured chairs placed around your tables to give a playful feel.


All of our café furniture is keenly priced, and our No 18 cabaret chairs are no exception. Having passed AFRDI testing, constructed to a commercial-grade, and at a discounted price for a limited period, they have to be a good investment, particularly if you’re looking to purchase in bulk.