Why Choose a Cast Iron Table Base for Your Café?

cast iron table base

Are you considering buying a cast iron table base? These incredibly heavy, bulky table bases have been around for many years and can be extremely simple or quite intricate in their design. Let’s take a look at the benefits they provide and why a cast iron table base could be right for you.

Cast iron table bases are easy to maintain and hard-wearing

Cast iron tables are extremely hard wearing and there are still some examples of original Victorian table bases being used in cafes, bars, and restaurants today. Because they last for such a long time, they’re ideal for most eateries since they can withstand plenty of foot traffic and be moved around when you fancy changing your layout, or for a function. Even better, they can be used outside and due to their weight can withstand gusty blasts of wind.

Cleaning and maintaining a cast iron table base is also very simple. All that’s required is a wipe down with a damp cloth to keep it looking pristine.


Because of its hard-wearing properties, many owners hang on to their cast iron table bases for years, which means a reduction in the amount of waste being generated. When it is time to replace your cast iron table base, it’s good to know that it can be recycled and made into something new.

The best base for heavy table tops

Many café owners like to use heavy wooden tabletops and naturally, these need the right support to prevent the table from collapsing when it’s loaded with food. Cast iron table bases are ideal for supporting heavy table tops made from materials such as wood, marble, granite and metal.

Can easily be customised

Cast iron bases have timeless appeal and fit easily into most decors, which is handy to know, considering their lifespan. You can easily change the appearance of your table by swapping out the top or, you could even paint your base to march it to your décor.

Won’t break the bank

Another advantage of a cast iron table base is the price. Considering you’re buying what is virtually an investment piece because of its longevity, cast iron table bases are surprisingly affordable. Here at Café Furniture Melbourne, our Venice cast iron table base costs just $82.50 and you can pick our decorative Paris base up for just $89.10.

If these weren’t enough reasons to invest in a cast iron table base, then how about the fact that they just look fantastic!