How to give your Industrial Furniture A Modern Twist

industrial furniture

Many bars and cafes in Sydney turn to industrial furniture to furnish their venues. While it’s true that interior design trends come and go, the industrial style shows no sign of going anywhere quick. It’s had a huge rise in popularity over recent years, even venturing into offices and stores.

The hallmark of industrial furniture

The appeal of industrial furniture lies in its stripped-out raw and simple appearance. While styles can vary a lot from simple minimalist styling to more aesthetic designs, in essence the ethos is always less is more.

The style of industrial furniture we love the most is that which combines wood and metal. The warm tones of wood contrast beautifully with the coolness of metal to bring a feeling of calm and relaxation to any space. When combined with warm rich colours on your walls and a variety of lighting, you’re on to a guaranteed winner.

Why industrial furniture is so popular in commercial spaces

The type of robust materials used in industrial furniture guarantee durability and longevity which makes it a great value for money investment. When you purchase industrial furniture, you don’t have to worry about replacing it until you’re tired of it.

Another characteristic of industrial furniture is its simplicity. Nuts and bolts are often left exposed which is a sign of good build quality and also serves to add rustic charm. It really is the perfect choice of furniture in environments where the furniture will be used and moved around a lot.

Achieving an industrial style using commercial furniture

Industrial style is all about embracing rough and raw, ignoring a tidy finish, and emphasising imperfections. Even though you may not have a factory style conversion complete with brick walls and exposed pipes and girders, industrial furniture can help you achieve the look. Natural hard-wearing materials such as cement, brick, wood and metal are key to this look and can be easily introduced by using industrial style tables, benches, chairs and stools.

Although, its not typical of the industrial look, our tub chairs can complement the hard-industrial look and add an element of warmth and softness. With its charcoal fabric and simplistic style. It’s the perfect fit for an industrial themed café or restaurant.

Instead of just sticking rigidly to an interior design, try bringing in other styles and blending them with your existing style for a modern take on industrial. Soft furnishings combined with an urban vibe, lend a contemporary feeling while adding comfort which your customers will appreciate.

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