Buying Commercial Grade Furniture – Top Tips

At Cafe Furniture Melbourne, we’re passionate about helping customers find the right type of furniture for their venue – furniture that shows off their brand and gives customers an idea of what to expect from their cafe. Successful styling is the key to a successful cafe so it’s important to know more about buying commercial grade furniture to ensure you carry your project through and achieve the ambience you were hoping for. Here are some top tips to help you on your quest for success.

Buying commercial grade furniture – Top tips

Do your due diligence

There is a myriad of retail furniture suppliers to choose from so it’s important to carry out some basic research before rushing into a decision you may live to regret. The obvious questions to ask any commercial furniture supplier relate to their delivery terms and returns policy. You should also ask the lead time and whether a manufacturer’s warranty is included in the purchase. It doesn’t hurt to check out their social media why you’re about it to see what experiences other people have had with this particular supplier.

Make sure the furniture is commercial-grade

It may sound obvious but do check that you are indeed buying commercial-grade furniture and not furniture designed for residential use. The former is manufactured differently and is designed to be long-lasting and durable. After all, it will be used frequently throughout the day and needs to be fit for its purpose. Wood and metal are two of the strongest materials and are both popular choices with cafe owners.

Easy maintenance and care

If you’re running a busy cafe then you don’t want all of your time tied up with caring and maintaining your furniture. Cleanliness and hygiene are key factors within the hospitality industry so make sure your furniture is easy to clean and sanitise particularly with regards to the current covid pandemic. If you’re opting for upholstered furniture then make sure that the covers can be removed for machine washing or that you choose a material that can be wiped clean, such as faux leather.

Less is more

Nowadays, it’s more about the whole experience of going out as opposed to how good the food or drink is. Comfort is key, particularly if you’re hoping that customers will linger for longer. When buying commercial grade furniture, therefore, try and test it out yourself to see if you find it comfortable and if the seat feels a little hard, then consider adding seat cushions. A happy comfortable customer will spend more time and money with you and will likely visit again.

Be consistent

The last tip is to remain consistent in all of your choices, whether it be food, furniture, or décor. Try and tie your choices in so that they represent your brand and who you are. I guess, what we’re saying is to choose wisely and try to incorporate some personality into your venue – this is what makes it unique and stands it out from others. Here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne, we carefully handpick our commercial grade furniture to ensure its quality and are always adding to our inventory. So if you don’t find something you like the first time around, it’s always worth checking back periodically.