Cabaret Cafe Chairs – A Great Choice of Seating

Whether you are revamping your dining area or fitting out a cafe from scratch, our cabaret cafe chairs are sure to add the wow factor. Inspired by Michael Thonet’s No.18 chair, these colourful steel chairs will be a great asset to your business.

Cabaret cafe chairs – a little piece of history

The No.18 chair, also known as the Viennese chair, was designed and manufactured for the Bentwood Company by Michael Thonet, who was born in 1796 in Boppard/Rhine and opened his workshop in 1819.

He developed a means of steaming wood to make it pliable so that it could be bent into curves. Once it cooled down, the wood hardened and remained in place. Mass- produced in wood and sold globally in their thousands the No.18 chair was a huge success for Bentwood.

The chairs became widely known as ‘cabaret chairs’ following the success of the 1972 American musical drama film Cabaret which famously featured Lisa Minnelli performing  a risqué dance routine using a No.18 Bentwood chair as a prop.

Cabaret cafe chairs sold at Cafe Furniture Melbourne are made from tubular steel and powder coated in black, white, yellow, green, or red. They offer many benefits, including:


Because steel is a lightweight metal, these chairs are easy to pick up and move to meet customer demands. If you like to change your seating plan on a regular basis, then easy to move chairs are a must.


Our chairs are all commercial grade which means they are designed to withstand regular frequent use such as you would expect from a thriving cafe. Furthermore they have passed rigour testing for strength, comfort, stability, and safety from the AFRDI which is sure to give you added peace of mind.

Easy maintenance

The last thing a busy cafe needs is to spend time on maintaining cafe furniture. Fortunately, our cabaret cafe chairs couldn’t be easier to care for. They are supplied ready assembled and with welded joints instead of nuts and bolts which can loosen, maintenance is a breeze. All that’s necessary to keep them clean is a quick wipe down with a damp cloth and a non-abrasive cleaning agent.

They look great

The final benefit is their stunning good looks. With their slender legs and curved backrests they are the epitome of elegance. Furthermore, Thonet’s No.18 chair is one that has stood the test of time and shows no signs of going out of fashion – ever!

If you’re still undecided then perhaps the fact that they are currently discounted to just $59.40 may just sway your decision. You need to be quick as these cabaret cafe chairs won’t be hanging around for long at this price. Why not browse our online store and discover our wide range of cafe furniture or visit our Melbourne showroom where you can view our furniture up-close.