Communal Dining Is A bit Like Marmite! You Love It Or Loathe It

Personally, I’m not a fan of marmite and I don’t particularly like communal dining either but that said, there are occasions where this casual style of dining works well and others where it simply doesn’t. But could communal dining tables work for you? Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of communal dining to help you decide.

Let’s start by looking at the concept of communal dining

Communal dining literally means a large table whereby several people can be seated in one go. As soon as one or more of the diners leaves, their place at the table is quickly filled by a waiting customer/s.

The advantages of communal dining

The major benefit of communal dining for a cafe or restaurant owner is the ability to seat customers quickly. There is no waiting for an empty table to become available, instead, as soon as a diner vacates a communal table, someone else can take their place. This concept works well, particularly in a small dining area, as more people can be accommodated compared to conventional seating where space is left between each table, taking up more room.

Another benefit of communal tables is that it negates the need to push tables together to seat large groups giving a hassle-free solution to what can often be a problem.

Communal dining also has a social element that appeals to many customers. It’s particularly popular with millennials who enjoy chatting, grazing and lingering and they can be left to do this. It’s also popular with solo diners who don’t want to eat on their own and likes to meet new people instead. If you’re new to town, then it’s a good way of making new friends.

Okay, so that’s the advantages of communal dining so it’s only right we delve into the disadvantages of this style of dining.

Disadvantages of communal tables

Firstly, they’re not to everyone’s liking nor do they fit every venue. In fact, they’re not always the best choice on a practical or personal level.

If your cafe, for instance, attracts families, then while communal dining may seem a good option on paper, the height of the tables and chairs may not be suitable for younger children. Furthermore, other diners may prefer not to be seated with a family they don’t know, so wherever possible it’s always best to offer a variety of seating options.

Other customers including business associates or couples may prefer privacy and peace of quiet, rather than the more boisterous and noisy communal dining experience. Should you decide to try out communal dining, then limit it to one table at the end of your dining space and provide other table and chair options alongside. Here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne, we have a wide choice of dining tables for you to choose from, so why not browse our online store or visit our showroom to see them up close.