How To Pick Bar Stools That Will Enhance Your Cafe

Bar stools make a great addition to any cafe. Not only do they offer your customers a different experience, but they can also help you make the best use of your space. Follow our tips and learn how to pick bar stools that will enhance your cafe.

How to Pick Bar Stools

With a huge range of bar stools available on the market, it can be hard knowing which is right for your cafe. Ultimately, the choice comes down to a few key factors.

These are 4 questions to consider before parting with your cash.

What type of bar stools will suit my venue?

Your cafe may already have a theme and this needs to be taken into consideration so that your bar stools are a good match. Try looking for colours and designs that complement your theme. For instance, if you have an industrial theme, metal bar stools will fit in perfectly as well those made from a combination of timber and metal. If you have a traditional theme, then wooden bar stools would be a better choice. For a European theme, our Parisian stools look elegant and charming.

Is comfort important?

When wondering how to pick bar stools, you also need to consider whether you want your customers to be in and out quickly or whether you want them to stay longer and spend more money with you. This is likely to depend on how comfortable your bar stools are. Backless stools are less comfortable than those with backrests since they tend to cause people to slouch and sometimes don’t support their legs.

How much space do I have?

Smaller, backless stools naturally take up less space and can often be stacked for convenient storage. They are also easier to move around. If space is tight, then we recommend you avoid high backed stools or stools with arms and keep things simple. Be sure to measure the height from the bottom of your counter to the top of your stool to make sure they will fit beneath the counter and provide sufficient room for your customer’s legs.

Who will use your bar stools?

Pay attention to who is likely to be using your bar stools. You might want to avoid swivel stools as children are likely to use them for play. Equally, avoid stools that are too bulky and heavy and could hurt a child if they got knocked over.

Hopefully, once you have answered these questions you will have a better idea about how to pick bar stools.

Our friendly team are always on hand to answer your questions and help you choose the right bar stool for your venue.

We stock a wide range of bars stools in 3 different sizes, so why not browse our online store or visit our showroom in Melbourne to see them for yourself.