Opening A Cocktail Bar? We Have All the Bar Furniture You Need

The easiest way of knowing what bar furniture works in cocktail bars is to take a look at some of the best cocktail bars in your area for inspiration.

Visiting a cocktail bar with friends is a fun way to spend an evening. A cocktail bar should be comfortable and inviting and including some plush tub chairs and elegant tall stools will also make a good first impression.

Modern bar furniture works well with virtually any cocktail bar theme. For example, tall Tolix stools can form part of a retro cocktail bar theme even when you buy them from new.    

This way you can create the ambience and look of one of the best cocktail bars with the functionality and durability of modern-day replica bar furniture that is constructed to a high quality using sturdy materials and methods.

Seating at the bar

Like any bar, it’s normal for cocktail bars to provide various types of tables and seating, including taller bar tables adjacent to the bar counter.

For example, tall bar tables or poseur tables as they are also known can be used for customers to stand around chatting and provide a place to set down their drinks. Alternatively, they can be paired with tall stools. This way they provide an area for customers to sit that is close to the bar to place orders but does not get in the way of waiting staff needing access to the bar itself.

For smaller venues, taller bar tables and stools help maximise floor space which might otherwise look crowed if rectangular table and chair sets were used. Furthermore, the height of this type of bar furniture looking down to a lower lounge area is aesthetically very pleasing.

Seating in outdoor areas

Often cocktail bars double up as casual bistros or cafes during the day. Even if this isn’t your plan, some kind of outdoor seating area is a good idea particularly during the summer months and on balmy evenings.

Similar to the bar furniture inside, there are several options for outdoor seating ranging from composite tables that give the appearance of timber and are extremely hard-wearing and attractive to Parisian style nylon rattan chairs and small circular bistro tables.

If you need to bring your furniture in overnight, then it’s a good idea to consider bar furniture that is stackable or folds and can be stored away in minutes at the end of the day.

More cocktail bar themes

Choose the theme for your cocktail bar before you start decorating and that way you can ensure that your interior design and furniture complement one another.

This could be a retro theme as mentioned above with luxurious wallpaper, comfortable sofas, and leather bar stools.

Or you could choose a more contemporary look with a brighter, lighter theme accompanied by zoned lighting that can be dimmed later in the evening.

Bar furniture is intended to be versatile and whether you choose wood, metal, leather or furniture with tailored upholstery options, there is something for all tastes and budgets when it comes to opening a new cocktail bar that’s poised for success.

Here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne, we have a wide range of bar furniture in different sizes, materials, and colours. Why not browse our online store or visit our showroom where you can view its quality up close.