Restaurant Furniture – 6 Things to Consider Before Settling the Bill

restaurant furniture

While it can be tempting to rush into buying restaurant furniture it’s best to take your time. Whether you’re starting out from scratch or undergoing a fit-out, you probably already have a few ideas in mind about what type of chairs work best for you and your patrons. That’s all well and good, but there are 6 things you need to consider before settling your bill. So, let’s dive in and take a closer look.

Your restaurant furniture must match your restaurant style

While this sounds pretty obvious, it’s true. Once you’ve decided on your theme, go for it and stick with it. Most of Melbourne’s successful restaurants and eateries have built up good solid themes over several years. Take a look at your space and even the type of food that you’re serving. Wherever possible avoid clashes and settle for a harmonious flow.

Buy different but complementing restaurant furniture

Following on from the first point, there is a danger of going too simple and playing it safe with the same tables and chairs throughout – which can look a little bland and boring. Instead, consider offering your customers a variety of seating options by making furniture choices that complement each other. For instance, you could choose more than one style of chairs but keep them all the same colour.

Always choose quality of quantity

Again, this point ties in with what we’ve already said above and it’s always the best idea to purchase the best that you can within your budget. Any restaurant furniture supplier who knows his trade, will encourage you to go for quality first.

Chairs should be easy to clean

In any restaurant, there are always going to be spillages. Make sure that the chairs you purchase are easy to keep clean. If they’re upholstered then make sure the covers can be removed and washed in a washing machine or, if that is not the case, choose a fabric that can be spot cleaned. Vinyl cushioned seats are always a good choice because they can be wiped down and dried insitu.

Comfort first

The comfort of your customers should always be at the front of your mind when purchasing restaurant furniture. If your customer isn’t comfortable then they will be in a hurry to speed up their dining experience and get out – and chances are they will never return again.

Buy everything from one supplier

For consistent service and quality, it’s always best to purchase your restaurant furniture from one supplier. At Cafe Furniture Melbourne, we’re proud to supply hundreds of Melburnians with affordable and high-quality restaurant and cafe furniture. We also stock a wide range of cafe equipment too.

Now you know the 6 things to consider before purchasing restaurant furniture, why not browse our online store or visit our showroom to see the quality of our furniture for yourself.