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At Cafe Furniture Melbourne we believe in giving our customers a great choice of affordable furniture, which is why we offer an extensive range of café tables in a variety of sizes, colours, and materials. In fact, it’s fair to say that we have a table for every occasion and style. Whether you’re looking for coffee, dining, or poseur table height, we have an exciting selection of wood and metal tables and bases from you to choose from.

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Naturally each café, bar, or bistro is different and has their own particular style and ambience, which is why we’ve divided this section into table packages, table bases, and table tops, to create a mix and match experience where you can custom a table to fit your space. Choose from complete table sets, or select the base of your choice and a table top to match. Easy isn’t it!

What size table?

Many cafe or restaurant owners choose a variety of table sizes since doing so helps to maximise floor space and appeals to a wider customer base. For example, 600 x 600mm tables are for solo dining or couples and as such are useful for slotting into corners and awkward recesses where a larger table wouldn’t fit. Our 700 x 700mm tables are a standard size of cafe table that comfortably seats 4 people, whereas our 800 x 1200mm tables are more suited to small groups and families. They’re also an ideal match for our booth seating.

In addition, we also stock poseur or bar tables which, with their elevated stance, add visual interest to your venue. These are usually located near to the bar, and accompanied by tall chairs or stools. However, it’s not uncommon to stand them apart from other furniture as places to rest a drink without sitting down.

What style of top?

Whether you’re looking to create a traditional, contemporary, or retro look for your venue, we’ve got you covered. Traditionalists will like our beautiful wood finishes, including rich mahogany and deep walnut; whereas our stainless steel and sleek Alcantara ranges will appeal to those looking for something more modern. With a choice of shiny silver or matte black bases, you can create just the table you had in mind.

Intuitive bases

Speaking of table bases, we also stock FLAT technology bases, which totally eliminate the curse of the wobbly cafe table! Available in stainless steel or black options, the bases are supplied with the technology installed and out of view. It works by a method of self levelling to ensure that your tables stand flat and secure on any surface. It also makes easy work of aligning table tops in the event that you wish to push several tables together to accommodate a large party.

Browse and shop our extensive range of tables and if you need any assistance or advice, then please just get in touch.