At Cafe Furniture Melbourne our focus is on providing a wide range of café furniture without compromising on quality. Cafe furniture is probably one of your largest outlays as a café or restaurant owner, and it’s understandable that you need top quality furniture which is safe, comfortable, and durable that can be used frequently all day, every day. As a result, we’re working hard to add new products to our ever expanding list of AFRDI certified café furniture.

To this end, we’re working closely with the Australian Furnishing Research Development Institute (AFRDI), an international organisation which provides standards, testing, product certification, and research for sellers and buyers of furniture. As a Platinum Member, we have gone from having just one single product tested in 2009 to gradually adding more and more products over the years.

What exactly is AFRDI testing?

Basically it’s a scheme that has been introduced by Furntech-AFRDI which certified products
that perform well during a variety of tests. This strict criteria allows designers and manufacturers to develop new innovations and fresh ideas which incorporates the robust performance needed in café furniture while also

Our range currently includes:

  • highlighting furniture that meets AFRDI strict guidelines
  • giving confidence to specified users
  • acting as a great marketing tool for both suppliers and retailers

What exactly is AFRDI testing?

In order for furniture to have been certified by the AFRDI, each product will have been tested for its performance relating to the following factors:

  • Stability
  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Workmanship and finish
  • Function (including ergonomics and safety criteria)
  • Flammability (where applicable)

As a result it means that our customers can buy from us with confidence knowing that their chosen items of café furniture have met with AFRDI approval, and meet the standards of durability and safety, that a bustling cafe or restaurant environment demands.

We’re constantly adding to our list of certified AFRDI products so it pays to keep checking back. Remember, the blue logo with the white tick next to a product means that the item of furniture fully complies with all safety aspects, giving you total peace of mind

To date our list of certified products includes: