Why Are Stainless Steel Benches A Good Choice In The Kitchen

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Are you looking for a material to use for your kitchen surfaces? Do you want a kitchen surface that can last over time? Or are you still wondering if it is right to redesign your kitchen surfaces with stainless steel? If yes, I’ll enlighten you on why stainless steel benches are an excellent choice in your kitchen. 

Your kitchen surface needs to be able to withstand daily wear and tear over a long duration. Benches made with stainless steel are corrosion-resistant, durable, perfect for busy kitchens,  easy to clean, and come with versatile surfaces. 

Benefits Of Stainless Steel Benches In Your Kitchen 

1. Enjoy A Long Lifespan.

When evaluating your kitchen design options, the lifespan of all the items is essential. Nobody wants to invest in a kitchen item that they’ll replace after a short while.

Purchasing stainless steel benches means you won’t visit the market soon for replacement; they are more durable than plastic and wooden benches. Trust us, you can rely on stainless steel benches in tough times; they won’t disappoint you. 

2. Minimal Maintenance.

One unique benefit of stainless steel benches is that they are resistant to corrosion from the numerous chemicals in your kitchen. Therefore, your benches need very little maintenance for them to keep sparkling.

All to do is soak a piece of cloth in warm water and wipe dirt and greases away. The corrosive particles collect in crevices at the joints and edges of the bench. 

Failure to clean spillages and greases will build up on your stainless steel benches and might erode them. Regular cleaning will save you lots of resources (time & money)that would go into cleaning your kitchen.

But with stainless steel in your kitchen, grime, chemicals, specks of dirt, etc., will be gone as they do not adhere to it. To easily remove stubborn stains, use warm water, soap, and a sponge to do the trick. Your last step should constantly be wiping with a soft towel until dry. 

3. Sanitary And Bacteria Resistant.

Unlike wood or stone, commonly used to make kitchen benches and countertops, stainless steel offers a non-porous surface. It offers cleanability and creates conditions that prevent organic matter buildup and moisture, making it impenetrable to bacterial growth. 

4. Durable And Robust.

Stainless steel is resistant to cracking and chipping, which makes it suitable for use in any kitchen environment. Its overall strength makes it excellent to withstand heavy loads. 

Types Of Stainless Steel Benches

The most common stainless steel in kitchens are type 316, type 304, and type 430. Although they have their similarities, let’s check out their differences; 

1. 304 Stainless Steel Bench.

This stainless steel bench is the most common bench for food preparation. This type of steel bench is highly resistant to corrosion  & rust; it is iron alloyed with significant levels of nickel and chromium and can easily be formed into numerous shapes for different uses.

The chromium layer that protects the steel underneath is resistant to acids from organics like vegetables and fruits, as well as chemicals from cleaning solutions. Its weakness is that it is sensitive to chloride and acidic environments.

2. 316 Stainless Steel.

This steel also has a nickel and chromium content. However, it contains molybdenum, which is resistant to acid & chloride attacks and gives it extra strength.

This makes it suitable for use in the most corrosive food preparation environment; this stainless steel can also be used in medical implants and marine environments. Its disadvantage is its cost; it is a little pricey. 

On A Final Note;

All the stainless steel benches in Cafe Furniture Melbourne are made of 304 & 316 stainless steel. They are durable and of high quality. Visit us now through our website to see our sophisticated stainless steel benches.