How To Choose Dining Tables For Your Home

brown wooden table with chairs

The star of your dining space is your dining table. In most cases, it is the heart of your home. At the dining table, friends and family can communicate and enjoy various tasty meals.

If you feel your dining room needs a makeover, you are in the right place. This article will give you answers to all your dining table questions.

Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Dining Table For Your Home

If you’ve started browsing through the numerous varieties of dining tables, you would have realised that there are many choices available, but do not be overwhelmed. 

Ask yourself these questions below, and note them down; chances are there will be a dining table that will tick all the right boxes.

1. How Many People Do I Want To Sit Around My Dining Table?

2 – 4: Many two-seater tables can seat up to four people; this is a great option, especially if there’s extra space.

4 – 6: If you have the space, it’s a great option to have a dining table that seats six people when you, on average, only have four.

6 – 8:  Do you know what will be a significant piece in your home – having a six – eight-seater dining table? Trust us, it is an investment piece. 

2. How Do I Want To Use My Dining Table?

Hub Of My Home:  You’ll want a dining table that will bring everyone together in a welcoming and warm environment. 

Everyday Dining: Your main priority should be a dining table that is easy to clean and one that is durable. 

Doubling As A Desk Or A Workstation: You’ll want a dining table spacious enough for your books, laptops, and other devices and one with a durable surface.

Mainly For Special Occasions: To impress your guests, go for a premium table with a wow factor. Also, dining tables with extensions will be handy. 

3. What Shape Of Dining Table Will Be Best?

Square Shaped: This table shape gives a spacious and open feel with enough tabletop surface. You can quickly turn an unused corner of this table shape into a cosy dining spot. 

Oval Or Round Shape: This dining table shape is excellent for maximising any space; it is also great for socialising. It takes up less room and offers enough seating flexibility. 

Rectangular Shaped: This dining table shape has numerous choices; it easily fits inside most rooms and is an excellent match for dining benches. 

How To Choose Dining Tables For Your Home 

1. Choose The Right Materials.

Deciding on the suitable material can be challenging; to choose the right one, weigh the price, your style, care, and simplicity. Anything short of these criteria may result in your regretting later. Here are a few material ideas;


This material is mostly less expensive than genuine wood. A thin natural wood veneer is attached to another wood core or plywood. 


This material is timeless as it is simple to repair and long-lasting. Ebony, teak, mango, and pine are all low-cost alternatives. It is the most common and yet the most expensive. 


Dining tables made from glass are in transparent, coloured, and frosted varieties. They provide a sense of openness and are pretty affordable. 

2. Choose The Right Shape.

The most common dining table shape is the square and rectangular shape. The appropriate size is determined by the number of dining chairs you intend to place around it. 

The following are some rules when it comes to your dining table;

  • No rectangular dining table should be in a square space.
  • No round dining table should be in a rectangular space.
  • If your dining space is rectangular, a less frequent oval table will be a great option.
  • If you want to grow your family, get the most prominent dining table your space allows. 

On A Final Note;

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