Seasonal Christmas Menus

assorted drinking glasses on brown wooden surface

Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Christmas is here again, an excellent opportunity to attract new customers and make massive sales. 

The Christmas season is a hectic time for restaurateurs and it’s the most challenging time to juggle the needs of staff, customers, and the restaurant’s bottom line.

Despite the busyness, you must take advantage of this festive season because people want to share delightful meals and memories with family and friends. 

After investing in your décor and carolling playlists, the next thing to do should be to make your customers feel more at home by getting into the yuletide spirit; this means putting out a special seasonal Christmas menu for your customers.

Tips To Build The Perfect Seasonal Christmas Menu

Christmas is the best time to showcase your restaurant’s creative menu ideas and show off your seasonal ingredients. 

From festive drinks & desserts to twist-on Christmas classics, a seasonal Christmas menu is a smart way to maximise profits during this time of the year, especially when your customers are willing to give themselves a special treat.

1. Don’t Shy Away From Luxury.

During the Christmas season, customers will be more than willing to spend more, so be available to accommodate them. For example, offering quality seafood is an excellent way to add elegance to your restaurant’s menu.

Additionally, augment your desserts and drinks so your customers can feel like they are living their best lives in your restaurant this festive season. Ensure to position your profitable menu items at the top & bottom of your menu- this will attract more attention.

2. Pick Your Christmas Flavor.

Christmas has unique scents from the hallmark flavours of Christmas – cinnamon, orange, gingerbread, rum, and roasted chestnut. 

One easy way to prepare your menu for the Christmas season is by adding drinks and dessert specials with most of these flavours. 

For example, try a hot chocolate with a small dash of ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon or a mocktail/cocktail combined with orange and spiced rum.

3. Get Crafty.

You might not be able to make things taste like Christmas or change items on your menu, but you can make things look like Christmas. 

If you have a big budget, you should consider having special menus printed for the season. Still, if you’re low on budget, you could consider adding some fun Christmas information on your chalkboard menu or your specials board- it might be a simple sketch of Santa or a cardboard cutout of Rudolf.

4. Include A Vegan Christmas Menu. 

It’s the season of giving, so nobody should feel left out, especially Vegan customers. Dazzle them by serving a vibrant selection of sides & mains, meat-free starters, and dairy-free desserts.

On A Final Note;

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