How to Decorate a Tea House – Top Tips for Happy Patrons

We’re always nattering on about cafes and coffee but today we thought we’d change tack and talk about how to decorate a tea house taking ideas from our design team as well as inspiration from some of the places we’ve visited. While Melbourne is known for its speciality coffee culture, fortunately, tea lovers aren’t short […]

How to Maintain Commercial Furniture – Top Tips

Commercial furniture differs from residential furniture in the way it is manufactured. It’s designed to withstand frequent regular use which is why it’s the choice of busy hospitality venues. However, excessive use and lack of maintenance can lead to your furniture becoming scruffy, dirty, and unsafe with cafe and bars being particularly vulnerable. To prevent […]

What’s the Difference Between Commercial Furniture and Residential Furniture?

It may seem a simple task to buy commercial cafe furniture, but it requires a quite different approach from buying furniture for your home. It needs to meet certain requirements for your business. Let’s take a closer look at what we mean. Commercial interior design vs residential interior décor While the interior of your home […]