Communal Dining Is A bit Like Marmite! You Love It Or Loathe It

Personally, I’m not a fan of marmite and I don’t particularly like communal dining either but that said, there are occasions where this casual style of dining works well and others where it simply doesn’t. But could communal dining tables work for you? Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of communal dining to help […]

Buying Commercial Grade Furniture – Top Tips

At Cafe Furniture Melbourne, we’re passionate about helping customers find the right type of furniture for their venue – furniture that shows off their brand and gives customers an idea of what to expect from their cafe. Successful styling is the key to a successful cafe so it’s important to know more about buying commercial […]

The Benefits of Tolix Stools And Why They Are So Popular

We’ve all seen them – those colourful chunky replica Tolix bar stools that pop up in bars and cafes no matter what city or country you’re in. With so many types of stools available on the market, perhaps you’re wondering what are the benefits of Tolix stools and why are they so popular? Let’s start […]

Parisian Furniture – The Hero of Outdoor Cafe Furniture

We’re now well into autumn and as the days roll by, perhaps you’re thinking of ways to create a cosy outdoor space for people to continue making the most of opportunities to spend time outside both during the day and into the evenings. Adding comfy Parisian furniture to your outdoor space together with patio heaters […]

Why Online Furniture Shopping Is The Way To Go

These days you can buy pretty much anything online but you may be wondering why online furniture shopping is so popular and what are the benefits. The obvious benefit is convenience. If you’re busy running your cafe business then you probably don’t have time during the day for furniture shopping. Fortunately, online shopping can be […]

Restaurant Patio Ideas For Winter That Bring In The Customers

Now we’re well into autumn, the window for comfortable outdoor dining is nearing its closure. This is why it’s essential to consider restaurant patio ideas that will keep your customers warm and entertained and encourage them to come back throughout the winter months. With the challenges we’ve all been facing due to Covid-19, more restaurants […]

Why Are Tolix A Chairs So Popular and What’s Their History

You probably recognise Tolix A chairs because of the simple fact that they can be found in cafes, bars, and restaurants in most European cities. Many people regard them as modern furniture so it often comes as a surprise to learn that they were created back in 1934. Who would have guessed back then that […]

Restaurant Booths – 5 Top Benefits of Choosing Booths

Nowadays, most restaurants have mixed seating arrangements to give their customers a choice. One of the preferred options for customers is restaurant booths or fixed seating as it’s often referred to. Booths give a restaurant a refined elegant look and provide the ultimate in comfort. Not only are they a great addition to a restaurant […]

Replica Tolix Chairs – A Great Way To Add Colour to Your Palette

Does your cafe or bar lack colour? Does it look a little bland or even, dare we say, boring? If the answer is, yes, then we’ve got just the solution by way of our colourful replica Tolix chairs. Currently, many of our all-metal replica Tolix chairs are being offered at a fantastic price below AU$40 […]