The Benefits of Tolix Stools And Why They Are So Popular

We’ve all seen them – those colourful chunky replica Tolix bar stools that pop up in bars and cafes no matter what city or country you’re in. With so many types of stools available on the market, perhaps you’re wondering what are the benefits of Tolix stools and why are they so popular? Let’s start with a brief history and how they became so popular.

Tolix stools were designed by Xavier Pauchard and first made their debut in Paris in the early 1930s. While they have a vintage retro look about them, they somehow feel contemporary so it’s hard to believe that they’ve been around for so long.

So why are they so popular?

European furniture in the 1930s was very heavy and elaborate in its design and being made from solid dark wood, not only was it difficult to move but it wasn’t that appealing either.

The concept of furniture made from steel was something quite different and because Tolix furniture was so light and designed for indoor and outdoor use, it was also very practical. Better still, Tolix furniture could be stacked so it was also very convenient to store. It quickly became extremely popular in bars and cafes and people couldn’t get enough of it.

Tolix stools are instantly recognisable thanks to their iconic status and their popularity ultimately boils down to their many benefits.

What are the benefits of Tolix stools?

Simple but stylish

Tolix stools may be simplistic in style but they have a retro-chic feel about them. The A- frame is finished with slender legs that bear the weight while an X-frame beneath the seat supports and strengthens the structure. Meanwhile, horizon struts act as convenient footrests while giving overall stability to the stool. It’s a well-considered design that has stood the test of time.

Wide colour range

Our replica Tolix stools come in a wide range of delightful colours and 3 different sizes, meaning that whatever your décor and wherever you intend to place your stools, there’s an option to meet every need. Furthermore, our metal stools are powder coated to provide additional protection from marks and scratches. You’re sure to find a Tolix stool that you’ll love.

Affordable designer look

While you can pick up an original Tolix stool for around AUD350, that’s hardly practical when you need several to furnish your cafe or bar. Our replica Tolix stools are manufactured from steel in the same way as the originals with the only difference being the price point. Designer looks at a fraction of the cost. Affordability without compromising on quality is one of the main reasons that replica Tolix stools are so popular.

Are you ready to shop? So now you have the answer to your question “what are the benefits of Tolix stools and why are they so popular? “ there’s every reason to consider investing in a few. Why not browse our online store or visit our Melbourne showroom to see them up close.