4 Cafe Design Tips to Consider When Opening a New Cafe

The design of your cafe is an important one to get right since it can impact on the success of your cafe. However, knowing what to points to consider when planning your design can be tricky. We’ve helped many cafe owners plan and design their interior space which is why we thought we’d share some cafe design tips with you today.

So, pull up a chair and let’s get started. Speaking of chairs …..

Your choice of chair really does matter

Choosing furniture for your cafe goes way beyond aesthetics. Before selecting chairs to use in your cafe, think about the experience you want to offer your customers. Whether that’s a comfortable tub chair and sofa setting, designed to entice your customers to hang around longer and order more drinks and snacks; or a smaller space intended to meet the needs of those needing a quick coffee-fix, with a simpler more rustic chair that still offers comfort but is more appropriate.

So having decided on the experience you want to offer your guests, let’s look at a few other cafe design tips.

Zone your area

One of our main recommendations would be to zone your area wherever possible. This enables you to provide different styles of seating with more intimate areas. If you’ve ever walked into a cafe with a vast area filled with tables and chairs you know how uncomfortable this can feel – and how noisy it is too!

Consider creating zones within your space. These could be a mix of areas such as:

  • booth seating for families running along one wall
  • communal dining areas for millennials who love to talk and graze
  • standard table and chair sets
  • bar counters with stools,
  • a work area for freelancers

People love choice and zoning your space will make your cafe more flexible and provide a lively vibe throughout the day.

See your initial concept through to the end

A lot of times in design and construction, budgets get blown out of the water and your opening date is delayed time and time again. In times like these, it’s easy to lose sight of what your original concept was.

But what matters most is the final layer – that of accessories and artwork – and this is something that’s extremely difficult to document or decide upon right at the beginning of your project. Styling and layering is the fun part of the project and is what makes your space come to life in the end.

Cafe design tips – Create an Instagram moment

Our final tip is to take advantage of the free marketing that Instagram provides. Create something that your guests can interact with, grab a selfie, or take photos of. Naturally, you’d probably prefer to be remembered for your fantastic choice of coffee and friendly service. But you can’t go wrong with that must-see, knockout ‘living wall’ of foliage or lavish restroom to get a photo in front of.

So there you have it. 4 cafe design tips that are worth considering if you want to make a success of your cafe. Here at Cafe Furniture Melbourne, we don’t just give cafe tips. In addition, we stock an extensive range of affordable quality cafe furniture. Why not browse our online store or visit our Melbourne showroom to see for yourself.