What Are the Interior Café Trends for 2019?

It’s true that furniture can make or break a space so if you’re planning a makeover for your café this year then it’s important to choose the right pieces. Since we’re well into the new year, we thought we’d look at the trends you can expect to find in cafes and restaurants in 2019. From patterns, textures, and colours, we’ll be giving you a few hints and tips on the materials to choose for your café chairs and the designs that will be the most fitting for your walls.

Soft blush tones

Blush has come into its own as the new neutral and pairs well with grey and white to create a calming ambience. It also looks great with bold colours such as green and navy to create an art deco feel which is also bang on trend this year

It’s all in the detail

There’s nothing nicer than a café chair which showcases detail. The smallest of details can have a huge impact on the overall look of your interior space. Consider chairs with intricate backs or colour dipped legs.

Sumptuous materials

Velvet is the most highly searched fabric and is sumptuous and seductive. You could take the most boring booth seating and upholster it with velvet and buttons or studs and suddenly it appears decadent and appealing.

Sustainable and natural materials are also big this year so keep an eye out for these materials when choosing your café furniture. While metal furniture is still “in” and fits well into an industrial theme, it will also be used in more innovative ways such as a laced design to add detail to furniture and even as art work on walls.

Embrace curves

Soft curvy lines are also expected to replace some of the more rigid lines which have held centre stage for several years. For example, café chairs with rounded backs and comfortable padded seats. Look out for curves on café tables too.

Liven it up with geometrics

Geometric patterns are back in fashion (did they ever go away?). Warm and bold, geometric patterns are great for minimal rooms and can bring them to life.

Make a statement on your ceiling

Everyone is familiar with statement walls, but statement ceilings?  Now that’s a new one on us. Actually, it’s quite an interesting concept and we can see how a wallpapered ceiling or one adorned with ornate mouldings is something to get excited about. It can make a room appear larger, brighter and more memorable that’s for sure.

Mid-century modern

This trend is one that never goes away and provides inspiration for many hospitality settings. Natural woods and low-slung lines, reminiscent of 1950’s chic, never go out of fashion and still influence modern day designs.

It’s great to be inspired by trends and it’s good to use them as a guide when you’re considering giving your café a makeover. But the most important thing to remember about your café’s interior design is that it should be about you. Put your stamp on it to make it your own. Love your interior café space and enjoy spending time there. If you’re comfortable and happy there, then so too will your customers be. Don’t just include trends for the sake of it.