4 Coffee Shop Chairs Your Customers Will Love

coffee shop chairs

When you stop to consider the variety of customers that you serve, it makes sense to use a variety of coffee shop chairs to set the ambience and cater to their specific needs. While more and more people are choosing to have coffee on the go, choosing the right furniture to cater for everyone and getting customers to stay in your shop and come back again has never been so important.

When furnishing your coffee shop, it doesn’t have to be limited to shabby chic designs. Here at Café Furniture Melbourne, we have a wide range of coffee shop chairs to ensure all the needs of your customers are met. With many years of experience within the café furniture industry, we’ve used our knowledge to create a simple guide for choosing coffee shop chairs your customers will love.


Big sprawling sofas are great for customers looking to spend more time in your coffee shop or waiting to meet up with friends. They’re also a good idea for families allowing them to sit comfortably with their children and be out of the way of other customers.

Comfy coffee shop chairs

These can be tub chairs or coffee shop chairs suited to indoor and outdoor use such as our Parisian chair with arms. These chairs provide great versatility and can be used alongside coffee tables in areas designed for customers to sit and read the papers or with standard height café tables where people are working or eating.

Side chairs

Simplistic side chairs such as those normally reserved for use with a dining table are also an invaluable addition to other coffee shop chairs and help create a more formal seating option while keeping a relaxed atmosphere. Plain wooden chairs such as our Ladder Back chairs work really well and come in a variety of wood finish and cushion colours. This range also comes with matching bar stools for a seamless flow throughout your coffee shop.

Outdoor coffee shop chairs

Making use of any available outdoor space is key to attracting and retaining more customers. Our polypropylene chairs come in a rainbow of colours and a wide choice of styles, making it easy to catch the eye of passers-by. Better still, they won’t put a huge dent in your bank account either ?

Whatever the style of your establishment we have a wide choice of coffee shop chairs and other furniture to help you create a welcoming and functional space for all types of customers.

Why not browse our online store or visit our showroom in Melbourne where you can see our furniture up close.